Murder Mystery: Hallmark Movie Features Self-Storage Owner as Key Character

By John Egan   August 29, 2014

Lori Loughlin

The owner of a self-storage facility plays a central—and deadly—role in a Hallmark made-for-TV movie coming out in October.

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SpareFoot Launches Blog on

By John Egan   August 29, 2014

military storage blog

Through a new blog, SpareFoot is lending a hand to military families. → Keep Reading

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Integrated SiteLink Promotions: SpareFoot Just Got Even Easier to Use!

By Barry Finder   August 28, 2014

SitelinkLogo-800x300-WebMany SpareFoot clients are using SiteLink Web Edition to manage operations at their facilities. The integration syncs a facility’s units from SiteLink to SpareFoot, and updates unit availability and pricing automatically on the SpareFoot listing. Our clients love how easy and seamless this integration is!

Many of you have been asking us to kick it up a notch and also automatically sync discounts and promotions from SiteLink to SpareFoot. We’ve got good news… → Keep Reading

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The 12 Hardest-Working Towns in America

By Elizabeth Whalen   August 26, 2014


With everything Labor Day has come to symbolize—the end of summer, the beginning of the school year, a weekend of good deals at the mall—it can be easy to forget its purpose: to celebrate workers’ contributions to America.

Americans everywhere work hard, but in honor of the holiday, we wanted to crunch some numbers and find the metro areas where the hardest-working Americans live. Here is SpareFoot’s list of the 12 Hardest-Working Towns in America. → Keep Reading

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6 Tips for Moving and Storing Your Electronics

By Silvia Navejar   August 26, 2014

smart TV

If you’ve ever moved, you know that moving electronics can be stressful. Just one misplaced cord or cable can make the difference between a smooth move and a big headache. Here are six tips to help ensure that your electronics arrive at their destination safe and (with functioning) sound. → Keep Reading

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Welcome to the ‘Pandemonium’ of College Junk Season

By Jay Fitzgerald   August 25, 2014

College Hunks Hauling Junk

Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman co-founded College Hunks Moving in 2008 after they realized there was a market for moving students’ belongings to and from college dorms, off-campus apartments and storage facilities.

Today, College Hunks Moving has 55 franchises across the U.S. employing hundreds of young students and recent grads. They help lug around sofas, lamps, mattresses, boxes full of books and other items.

While expanding College Hunks Moving, the duo noticed another nationwide business opportunity: junk. That junk includes trash, beaten-up furniture and other remnants of students’ college lives that they don’t want to deal with and often abandon in unsightly heaps at dorms and private apartments or, too often, along city sidewalks and curbs. → Keep Reading

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Best Places in the U.S. to Cool Off Before Summer Ends

By Matt Schexnayder   August 22, 2014

200196324_00a68d6c74_z 2

The neighborhood pool is nice and all, but where are the really cool places you can cool off? SpareFoot was wondering this very thing, so we scoured the Internet to come up with the answer.

Taken from numerous “Best of” lists, we found the top spots all over the U.S. that are ideal for taking a dip. Find the one nearest you and go make a big splash before Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer!

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‘Professor Dumpster’ and the Art of Downsizing

By Veronica Meewes   August 22, 2014

Professor Dumpster

Major life changes, a shift in living situations, a new season approaching—these are all factors that compel us to re-examine our lives and pare down the belongings we’ve collected. But Jeff Wilson took his “spring cleaning” to the extreme when he sold all his belongings for $1 and moved into a 33-square-foot dumpster in February.

However, change did not come overnight. Wilson first left his 3,000-square-foot house to live in a 600-square-foot apartment, then stayed in his 144-square-foot office before relocating to Austin, TX. In Austin, he couch-surfed before settling into his current abode. “I had a slow-trickle transition,” said Wilson, associate professor of biological sciences at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin. → Keep Reading

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76-Year-Old Woman Looks Back on Two Months Living in a Storage Unit

By John Egan   August 21, 2014

Minne Fire

Winter isn’t kind to Minnesota. So imagine what 76-year-old Minne’ Fire was coping with when she lived in a storage unit for a couple of months last winter in the Minneapolis area.

In an interview, she told Minnesota Public Radio that during a period of homelessness, she made her home in a storage unit that she’d rented. She put her $721 a month in supplemental income toward storage rent, food and other expenses. → Keep Reading

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Investigation Into LEGO Thefts Leads to Storage Facility

By Alexander Harris   August 20, 2014

stolen legos in phoenix

A stash of allegedly stolen LEGOs valued at $200,000 was recovered from a suspect’s garage and storage units in Phoenix as part of an investigation into a local crime ring accused of swiping the plastic building blocks from several Toys “R” Us stores.

The LEGOs were discovered in three 10×10 self-storage units in Phoenix, as well as in the home of local real estate agent Troy Koehler. Police have arrested Koehler and three other people in connection with the alleged scheme, according to → Keep Reading

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