Smells, Sneaks and Snakes: Auctioneers Reveal What Puts the Brakes on the Bidding

By Jay MacDonald   February 25, 2015

stop sign

Thanks to the “Storage Wars” craze, most of America now knows that if you don’t pay your self-storage rent, the facility operator can auction off the contents of your unit to the highest bidder.

That’s what starts most storage auctions. But did you ever wonder what might stop one? → Keep Reading

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Help Wanted: SpareFoot Adding 100 Employees in 2015

By John Egan   February 24, 2015

Help wanted sign

There won’t be much spare space at SpareFoot by the end of this year.

SpareFoot, which operates the country’s largest marketplace for finding and booking self-storage, is adding about 100 employees in 2015 to help fuel our rapid growth. About 20 of those employees already have been hired, leaving around 80 positions to be filled at SpareFoot’s headquarters in Austin, TX. → Keep Reading

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Storage Auctioneers Spill Secrets About Self-Storage

By Allie Johnson   February 23, 2015

Walt Cade

In their line of work, storage auctioneers know self-storage facilities inside and out—almost on par with the owners and operators of those facilities.

Yet for all that auctioneers know about self-storage, how much do we know about their storage habits and beliefs? Not much.

We asked four storage auctioneers to give us the inside scoop on self-storage, including which of their own belongings they may or may not keep in storage units. Here’s what they told us. → Keep Reading

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Prep Your Pantry: 5 Tips for Achieving Kitchen Contentment

By Cathie Ericson   February 18, 2015


As Jennifer Davis got ready to move her family from a temporary rental to a new home, she vowed that her new pantry would be the picture of organization.

“We recently spent two years in England where pantries—and packages—were so much smaller,” Davis said. “Moving back to Seattle reminded me of the peril of Costco-sized products, how I sometimes buy too much and then forget I have it.”

She’s correct that pantries have been supersized. In fact, pantries are a hot commodity. In a recent survey for the National Association for Home Builders, 85 percent of respondents put a walk-in pantry on their “most wanted” list. → Keep Reading

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Charles Marriott Joins SpareFoot as Vice President of Client Services

By John Egan   February 17, 2015

Charlie Marriott

SpareFoot, the largest marketplace for finding and booking self-storage, announced today that Charles Marriott has joined the company in the newly created role of Vice President of Client Services.

Most recently, Marriott was vice president of worldwide client services at Austin, TX-based Bazaarvoice. He brings more than 10 years of experience in client services, operations and public companies. → Keep Reading

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7 Ways to Ring in Chinese New Year With Feng Shui

By Allie Johnson   February 17, 2015

Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year! As we welcome the Year of the Sheep (also known as the Year of the Ram or Goat), it’s a good time to clear out, renew and spruce up your home.

That’s because the sheep is very feminine, or yin, and corresponds with the Western zodiac sign of Cancer, according to astrology and feng shui expert Susan Levitt. So, the sheep is the sign of home, family and roots, Levitt said. → Keep Reading

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It’s Time! SpareFoot Rolls Out ‘2015: Choose Your Own Storage Adventure’ Calendar

By Barry Finder   February 16, 2015

sparefoot calendar 2015

SpareFoot is proud to introduce you to our third silly self-storage wall calendar—“2015: Choose Your Own Storage Adventure.” → Keep Reading

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If Your Closet Could Talk, What Would It Say About You?

By Rachel Hartman   February 13, 2015


From messy to neat to somewhere in between, closets have a lot to say. By evaluating what’s inside, we can gain insight into various aspects of our lives.

Here, experts lay out eight scenarios for the status of a closet, and share what the arrangement might reveal about your lifestyle, fashion preferences and overall situation. → Keep Reading

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How to Store Batteries in a Self-Storage Unit

By Tamara E. Holmes   February 11, 2015


Batteries are unsung heroes. While we turn to them to power everything from flashlights to remote controls to cars, we think about them only when they need to be replaced.

If you have batteries that you’re not using, you want to make sure that you know where they are and that they’re in good working condition once you need them. Here’s how to protect batteries that are headed for a self-storage unit. → Keep Reading

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Exclusive: ‘Hoarders’ Set for Return to Cable TV

By John Egan   February 9, 2015


The reality TV show “Hoarders” is coming back.

Seattle, WA-based Screaming Flea Productions recently put out the call for real-life hoarders to appear on the program. The A&E cable TV network canceled the series in 2013 after six seasons, but sister network Lifetime did air a special in mid-2014 called “Hoarders: Where Are They Now?”

Now, A&E-owned Lifetime, which has been broadcasting “Hoarders” reruns, is resurrecting the show—apparently on a full-time basis. → Keep Reading

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