Do You Need Heated Storage for Your Belongings?

By Rachel Hartman   January 30, 2015


If you’re looking for self-storage and live in a cool or wet climate, a unit that keeps items warm and dry might be a solid fit.

For certain items, “heated storage units are needed to prevent mold and mildew,” said Jessica Ultes, manager of Greenwood Heated Storage in Seattle, WA.

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How SpareFoot Uses A/B Testing to Optimize the Storage Shopping Experience

By Barry Finder   January 28, 2015


A/B test

SpareFoot is a fast-moving technology company, so software development is at the core of what we do. Our engineers constantly release new features and optimize existing ones to make our storage marketplace even better for both our facility clients and storage-seeking customers.

But as you know, the Internet is tricky, and consumer behavior is even more unpredictable. When we make a change to the website, we need to be absolutely certain that it will yield positive results. For example, what would happen if we made a change that decreases reservations? This would negatively affect both SpareFoot and you—our clients.

To take the guesswork away and ensure we’re approaching every decision with a data-driven mindset, our engineers use a method called “A/B testing.” → Keep Reading

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Smart Strategies for Room-by-Room Decluttering [Infographic]

By John Egan   January 28, 2015


Let’s be honest: Decluttering your home is almost on par with getting a tooth pulled. Both are a real pain.

But you can ease the pain of decluttering your home by taking a room-by-room approach, rather than tackling the task all at once. (Sorry, we can’t help you with that dental work.) → Keep Reading

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Don’t Jeopardize Your Gems: How to Store Jewelry

By Tamara E. Holmes   January 26, 2015

jewelry storage

Whether you received a piece of jewelry as a romantic gift or you inherited a valuable heirloom that has withstood generations, here’s how to store it so it stays safe, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come. → Keep Reading

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Three-peat! SpareFoot Captures Gold (Again) at Startup Games

By John Egan   January 26, 2015

RJ Gossett

Move over, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. There’s a new three-peat team on the scene. On Jan. 24, SpareFoot captured the gold medal at the Austin Startup Games for the third year in a row.

SpareFoot achieved the three-peat feat by trouncing teams from 15 other Austin startups in the 11-game clash, featuring ping pong, foosball, beer pong, flip cup, Pop-A-Shot, darts, shuffleboard, Connect 4, trivia, liar’s dice and a mystery event. SpareFoot took home gold medals in five of the 11 “sports” and racked up 28 points overall. → Keep Reading

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SpareFoot Bulks Up Team With ‘The Mountain’ From HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

By Matt Stites   January 23, 2015

The Mountain from Game of Thrones

AUSTIN, TX—SpareFoot, the nation’s largest marketplace for finding and booking self-storage, announced today that Icelandic strongman Hafþór “Thor” Björnsson has joined the company as senior vice president of Icelandic business.

Björnsson, who’s known for his role as Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane on the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones,” brings a wealth of knowledge about Iceland and‚ on an unrelated note, bar-game skills. → Keep Reading

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Pile Prevention: 3 Ways To Cut Your Paper Clutter

By Mridu Parikh   January 22, 2015

crumpled paper

No matter where or how you live, there’s one type of clutter that plagues nearly everyone: paper clutter. The constant influx is overwhelming. Before you can deal with one pile, another one builds. Here are three ways to get a handle on your ever-growing collection of paper. → Keep Reading

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Are You a Match? SpareFoot Hosting Speed-Dating Event for ACE Team Applicants

By John Egan   January 22, 2015

Jeremy Vandermause

Forget and We’ve got a better dating opportunity for you—and it could land you a job at SpareFoot.

On Feb. 11, SpareFoot will host a “speed dating” event in our quest to find 30 amazing new members of our Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Team. Members of this team (like Jeremy Vandermause, pictured above) take calls from consumers around the country who are looking for self-storage.

The addition of 30 people will take the ACE Team from 75 to 105 members. SpareFoot plans to have all of the new ACE Team members on board by late April. → Keep Reading

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America’s Top 20 Cities for Storage Auctions

By Nick DiUlio   January 19, 2015

Storage auction

Thanks mostly to reality TV shows like “Storage Wars” and “Storage Hunters,” millions of Americans have been swarming auctions at self-storage facilities in hopes of unearthing treasures. But data compiled by SpareFoot shows that storage auctions are more popular in certain parts of the U.S. than others.

To come up with our list of America’s Top 20 Cities for Storage Auctions, we matched U.S. Census Bureau population data with data from regarding the number of storage auctions that were advertised in more than 800 U.S. cities in 2013. We then ranked the cities—with populations of at least 50,000—by the number of storage auctions per capita. → Keep Reading

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6 Accessories to Help You Get Organized in 2015

By Kerrie Kelly   January 16, 2015


The new year is here, and it’s a good time to get organized. This is the time to tackle unkempt closets and bathroom storage, and get the junk out of the junk drawer. There are so many stylish solutions available to get your home organized and looking good quickly, simply and inexpensively.

We’ve got six tips to get rid of the clutter and get your bathrooms, closets and kitchens looking fabulous in no time. → Keep Reading

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