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Jenny is part of the marketing team at SpareFoot. She currently lives in Austin, TX and likes sushi, Faulkner and Asian horror movies.

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Great 8: Top Cities for Cyclists in the U.S.

By Jenny Zhang   May 15, 2014

cyclists in austin

Austin repeatedly has been named one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. by everyone from CNN to The Huffington Post, and for good reason. With a vibrant bike culture, huge student population, and citywide dedication to health and fitness, it’s hard for the average Austinite to resist the hundreds of spinning wheels that pass them by every day. → Keep Reading

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MySpareFoot Update: It’ll Be Easier Than Ever to Make Customers Happy With Promos

By Jenny Zhang   February 26, 2014


Do you love making customers happy with promos and discounts? Do you not love adding them one by one to each of your units in MySpareFoot?

Now, we’re taking the hassle out of adding special offers to your units with our shiny new promos layout in the Units section of MySpareFoot!

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Get Your Freakum Dress On: RSVP for The SpareFoot Party!

By Jenny Zhang   February 11, 2014

The SpareFoot Party

Where were you last year when Ryan Gosling showed up to the coolest startup party of 2013 and dissolved everyone into punch-drunk love? If your answer doesn’t involve some form of “at The SpareFoot Party,” then you need to ask yourself the following questions:

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Welcome to Our Latest Edition of Storage Trends Quarterly

By Jenny Zhang   January 10, 2014

quarterly 5 preview

What were the biggest storage acquisitions of 2013? Where should you build your next facility? What are the biggest disparities in storage rental prices, and where are they?

You’re about to learn all this and more in our latest Storage Trends Quarterly. We’re sharing results from our surveys of thousands of tenants, plus pricing and reservation data from our network of more than 6,500 facilities.

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Meet the SpareFeet: Amazing Customer Experience Team

By Jenny Zhang   December 27, 2013

ACE Team

Once upon a time, our exceptional call center team (the Customer Experience Team) clocked in at a hefty three reps: Melissa, Albert and Jenelle. How times flies when you’re a startup! Now, almost a year later, our CET team has been refurbished with a shiny new name (the Amazing Customer Experience Team, or ACE Team), a new home in our office and 18 new members, all of whom are experts in customer service and storage.

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The Big Boozy Book of SpareFoot Cocktails: Volume 1

By Jenny Zhang   December 18, 2013

SpareFoot cocktails

In honor of our epic “work hard, play hard” culture and the holiday season, we present The Big Boozy Book of SpareFoot Cocktails: Volume 1. Here you’ll find SpareFoot favorites, staples, mistakes and confections that have triumphed through happy hours, sake bombs and boat parties. Enjoy responsibly, y’all!

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SpareFoot’s Best of 2013: A Look Back at Our Year

By Jenny Zhang   December 10, 2013


What a year. It seems like the tail end of 2012 was just yesterday and we were walking into the kitchen to find five pies waiting for us, courtesy of our ACE Team rockstar and baking goddess Melissa van de Putte. We ate with gusto and looked forward to celebrating the advent of 2013 in style. How much a year has changed…

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Where Your Client Relations Friends at SpareFoot Go Home for the Holidays

By Jenny Zhang   November 25, 2013

SpareFoot Client Relations Team

While everyone at SpareFoot now calls Austin home, our team members came from far and wide to get here. Now that the holidays have arrived, many SpareFeet are planning voyages back to their hometowns to visit family, old friends and favorite nostalgic spots. This includes our Client Relations Team, the friendly folks you talk to whenever you call or email SpareFoot. They’re always here to help our facility clients, like you!

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SpareFoot’s Most Outrageous Storage Requests

By Jenny Zhang   November 15, 2013

outrageous storage requests

SpareFoot’s ACE (Amazing Customer Experience) Team, previously known as the Customer Experience Team, is dedicated to helping our customers find the best storage units for their needs. Sometimes, just sometimes, those needs are unheard of. But who are we kidding–we’re not really ones to judge.

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An Ode to Cheesy Goodness: SpareFoot’s Favorite Chile con Queso in Austin

By Jenny Zhang   November 7, 2013

torchy's queso

SpareFeet are a hungry bunch, and we love professing our love of food. After all, we are a startup bred to ox-like strength by a consistent diet of beer, champagne and breakfast tacos. Beer for our brains. Champagne for our hearts. Breakfast tacos for our bones. And the blood that runs through our veins? It’s cheese—chile con queso, to be exact. How else are we going to win the Austin Startup Games again next year?

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