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Remodeling Your Kitchen? Don’t Ignore These 5 Technology Trends

By Allie Johnson   October 8, 2014

LED kitchen lighting

Planning a kitchen remodel? Make it high tech, and you’ll be able to turn on a faucet with a wave of your hand, boil water in 90 seconds and zap germs before you clean.

“Technology is cool in the kitchen,” said Sandra Brannock, owner and principal designer at Expert Kitchen Designs in Rappahannock County, VA. But, she said, don’t incorporate pricey new products just for the “wow factor.” → Keep Reading

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After Health Scare, Dan and Laura Dotson of ‘Storage Wars’ Tout Importance of CPR

By Allie Johnson   October 3, 2014

Dan and Laura Dotson

When “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson collapsed at home from a double brain aneurysm on a Monday morning in June, cameras from the A&E reality show missed his brush with death.

But later, Dotson’s wife and co-star, Laura Dotson, invited a camera crew to the hospital to do some filming for an episode titled “The Daneurysm,” which premiered Sept. 8.

In that episode, Laura told a doctor she performed CPR on her husband after he fell. She learned the lifesaving skill as a Girl Scout in the sixth grade, she told The SpareFoot blog. Now, the Dotsons have become CPR advocates.

“I owe her my life,” Dan Dotson told The SpareFoot Blog. → Keep Reading

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‘Storage Wars’ of Words: Dan Dotson Says Dave Hester ‘Is Definitely a Villain’

By Allie Johnson   September 29, 2014

Dan Doston Dave Hester

It’s not just fans of the A&E reality show “Storage Wars” who love to hate cast member Dave Hester. Another star of the show, Dan Dotson, can’t stand the belligerent buyer either.

“Dave is definitely a villain,” Dotson (at left in top photo) told The SpareFoot Blog. → Keep Reading

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Abby Vasek: Ditch ‘Unexpected Clutter’ When Staging a Home

By Allie Johnson   September 16, 2014

Abby Vasek

Getting ready to sell your home and wondering how you can make it look like those beautifully staged homes you see on TV? In a word: declutter.

The SpareFoot Blog talked with Abby Vasek, an Austin, TX, interior designer and home stager, as well as a star of “HGTV Star,” to get some tips on clearing out your home for staging. → Keep Reading

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Storage Auctioneer Shannon Schur: How ‘Storage Wars’ Changed the Business

By Allie Johnson   September 11, 2014

Shannon Schur

The A&E show “Storage Wars” thrust storage auctions into the spotlight and brought out newbies hunting for deals. But what’s a storage auction really like, from the viewpoint of an insider who was in the business long before the show debuted? The SpareFoot Blog decided to find out by talking with professional auctioneer Shannon Schur, president and CEO of Monument, CO-based Storage Auction Kings. → Keep Reading

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8 Tips for Saving Money on Your Move

By Allie Johnson   July 21, 2014

moving truck

Trying to stick to a tight budget for your move? You might be wondering how you’re going to transport all your stuff—from your apple corer to your zero-gravity chair—without breaking the bank.

The good news is that moving companies know all the secrets for keeping costs down. Here are eight tips from pro movers for saving money on your move. → Keep Reading

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Fashion Stylist Kirsten Angeli: How to ‘Re-Energize’ Your Closet and Your Wardrobe

By Allie Johnson   May 29, 2014

Kirsten Angeli

Tired of digging through ill-fitting clothes, broken jewelry and old shoes every time you want to put together an outfit? A messy closet can cause stress, make you late and keep you from looking your best.

To steer you toward shutting the door on closet chaos, SpareFoot chatted with New York fashion stylist Kirsten Angeli, who specializes in helping people “re-energize” their closets. Here, she tells you how you can give your closet—and your wardrobe—a fresh start. → Keep Reading

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A Room-by-Room Guide to What You Should Get Rid of

By Allie Johnson   May 13, 2014

trash bins

Do you have useless items—chipped mugs, rusty tools or old bubblegum lip gloss—cluttering your home?

Just about every house, apartment and condo in America contains some stuff that should be headed to the trash, donation bin or consignment shop. Here’s a room-by-room list of items that organizing experts say you should get rid of (and why).

→ Keep Reading

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Want to Feng Shui Your Home? Here’s 9 Tips for How to Do It

By Allie Johnson   April 28, 2014

Chinese compass

Is your house a little out of whack but you’re not sure exactly why? Your space might need some help from the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.

“The bottom line is, feng shui is the oldest system of environmental psychology in the world,” said Cathleen McCandless, a feng shui consultant and author of the bestselling book “Feng Shui That Makes Sense.”

With just a little bit of effort and some tried-and-true feng shui principles, you can add harmony to your home. Here are nine feng shui tips.

→ Keep Reading

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Professional Organizer Linda Rothschild: Keep an Inventory of Items You’ve Stored

By Allie Johnson   April 25, 2014

Linda Rothschild

Overwhelmed by stuff and just want to toss it in storage? First, you should sort, properly pack and label your things, according to professional organizer Linda Rothschild, founder and chief executive organizer at Cross It Off Your List. Rothschild is an organizer to the stars and is an organizing expert for TV personality Heidi Klum.

The SpareFoot Blog asked Rothschild for some tips and tricks on organizing items that are headed for storage.

→ Keep Reading

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