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How to Store a TV

By Brian Shreckengast   September 4, 2013

how to store a tv

Televisions are some of the trickiest items to store inside a self-storage unit. They’re often the size of furniture and appliances, but they’re much less sturdy. A TV has got a full face of fragile glass that can be ruined by a single scratch and complex interior electronic components that are vulnerable to temperature and humidity. In addition, TVs often are quite heavy. Meanwhile, newer sets are wide and thin, making it nearly impossible to put one in a standard moving box.

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The Complete SpareFoot Guide to Storing Ties

By Brian Shreckengast   July 23, 2013


When it comes to dress wear, we men seem to be starved of options. While women have an ostensibly infinite variety of dresses and gowns available for formal occasions, men have the suit.

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It’s About Time: Our Guide to Storing Watches and Clocks

By Brian Shreckengast   June 24, 2013

sparefoot watch

Our customers know that when it’s time to find storage, plugging into your address bar will let you compare facilities in your area in the blink of an eye and shave hours off of your storage search. In addition, we’ve written numerous times on this blog about how to know when it’s time to cut the clutter and rent a storage unit. What we seem to be missing, however, is how you would go about storing time—or at least your timepieces. It’s a topic whose coverage is long overdue: How do you store watches and clocks?

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For Consumers, From Consumers: Self-Storage Advice

By Brian Shreckengast   May 14, 2013


The SpareFoot blog is full of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your self-storage experience, from how to store furniture to how to avoid unexpected moving expenses. But being as close to the subject as we are, it’s not always possible for us to anticipate all of the problems that first-time storage renters might face. To get a better idea of issues faced by new renters and the solutions they came up with, we asked our customers a simple question:

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The SpareFoot Guide to Storing Books

By Brian Shreckengast   April 17, 2013


Here at SpareFoot, there’s nothing we’re more concerned with than the experience of booking storage. When it concerns the art of storing books, on the other hand, we’re concernedly less experienced—which is something we’re determined to remedy, here and now. That’s why we’ve brought in Richard Davies from Abe Books, an online marketplace that specializes in trading rare and collectible books, so that we can close the book on this missing chapter of the SpareFoot guide to storing (almost) everything.

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The SpareFoot Guide to Storing Beer

By Brian Shreckengast   March 28, 2013


Over the past decade, American beer drinkers have been fortunate enough to witness a brewing revolution, as evolving tastes and beer-making processes have pushed beer to a level of sophistication rivaling that of fine wine. As the over 2,000 breweries now making beer in America—up from 89 in 1979—compete to produce the most unique and sophisticated batches, some brewmasters have gone as far as to adopt a vital step of the winemaking process into their own craft: ageing. That’s right: while a driving force of the local-beer movement has been the need for fresh, crisp-tasting beer, some craft breweries have reversed this trend, producing beers that are meant to be kept for months or years—or even decades.

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