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Breaking Up and Packing Up: Making a Move After a Divorce

By Deb Hipp   May 21, 2015

Helen Shultz

Helen Shultz moved 1,300 miles after her marriage ended.

When Helen Shultz and Tony Kamalduski married, neither expected to split their belongings and move hundreds of miles away when they divorced 18 years later.

But two years ago, when the marriage dissolved, Helen and their teenage daughter, Emely, relocated 1,300 miles from Auburn, WA, to Lakewood, CO. Tony moved to nearby Denver, CO, to be close to Emely. Though the marriage was over, Shultz and Kamalduski were determined to make the move from Washington to Colorado a smooth one.

“We wanted there to not be a lot of conflict, so basically there wasn’t,” Shultz said. → Keep Reading

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Exclusive: What’s Next for Brandon and Lori Bernier After ‘Storage Hunters’ Cancellation?

By Deb Hipp   August 11, 2014

Brandon and Lori Bernier

Brandon and Lori Bernier made a living as bidders at storage auctions for 15 years before reality shows like TruTV’s “Storage Hunters” convinced cable TV viewers that treasures await crafty bidders in the most unlikely storage units.

The Berniers, the stars of “Storage Hunters,” spent four drama-filled seasons bidding against a cast of oddball characters intent on outbidding and outsmarting “Team Brandori,” the couple’s television moniker. Now, it looks like Brandon and Lori Bernier are heading toward new entertainment ventures. → Keep Reading

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Not Gone With the Wind: Protecting Your Belongings in Tornado-Prone Areas

By Deb Hipp   June 25, 2014


Think your belongings will be protected during a tornado just because they’re locked up in a self-storage unit? Few buildings can withstand the 200 mph winds of an F4 tornado, but even lower-category tornado blasts can twist off roofs and blow your stuff around in pounding rain.

So, how can you choose a self-storage facility that offers your possessions a fighting chance of surviving a tornado? Check out these tips. → Keep Reading

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5 Signs That You Are an Extreme Collector

By Deb Hipp   June 18, 2014

Old Pocket Watches

It all started so innocently, just a Catwoman action figure to put on your desk. Before you knew it, though, you had all the Batman villains. Then you blew a lot of money on comic books, Joker statues and Batmobiles. Now, you’re running out of room to display and store them all.

Ever wonder whether you’ve become an “extreme collector”? Worse yet, could you be a hoarder? Below are some indications that your collecting hobby may be out of control. → Keep Reading

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Woman’s Moving Nightmare Offers Cautionary Tale

By Deb Hipp   June 16, 2014

frustrated woman

Before hiring a mover to pack everything you own and haul it to a new home four states away, you need to do a bit of research on the company you’re dealing with. That’s a lesson Rebecca Chambers likely won’t forget.

In April, Chambers filed a lawsuit against American Knights Moving & Storage, a Houston company she hired to move her belongings from North Carolina to Florida in February 2013. The suit claims American Knights was unable to perform the job, so the company referred Chambers to a disreputable mover with a criminal history who delivered her belongings a week late, damaged every item and stole her car. → Keep Reading

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Places for Pooches: 10 Tips for How to Find Pet-Friendly Cities

By Deb Hipp   June 9, 2014

Jack Russell Terrier

Not all cities break into a tail-wagging happy dance at the vision of Basset Hounds chilling with their owners at blues festivals or poodles sniffing tomatoes at farmers markets. But some do.

City living can be an adventure for both you and your pet, according to Rose Hamilton, chief marketing officer at Pet360, a network for “pet parents.” Doggie boutiques, off-leash parks and pet cafes are commonplace in plenty of cities, she said.

It takes more than pet stores and parks to make a city pet-friendly, though. Read on for 10 tips to determine how a metropolis really feels about furry family members. → Keep Reading

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9 Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Housing

By Deb Hipp   May 16, 2014

Golden Retriever

You look at your Golden Retriever and see a goofy face-licking companion. Potential landlords envision less noble traits that can cause ruined carpet, chewed door frames or barking that annoys the neighbors.

Finding a new place to rent with a furry companion isn’t easy. One major reason that renters surrender dogs and cats to shelters is because they’re unable to secure pet-friendly housing, said Brent Toellner, president of Kansas City Pet Project, a no-kill shelter in Kansas City, MO. About 30 percent to 40 percent of the owner-surrendered pets at the shelter end up there because people moved, he said.

You don’t have to give up your pet to find a great home. Here are nine tips to consider before embarking on the search for pet-friendly housing. → Keep Reading

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Nexthire CEO Bob Myhal: Traditional Résumé Soon Will Be a Thing of the Past

By Deb Hipp   May 14, 2014

Bob Myhal

Boston startup Nexthire isn’t your typical recruiter.

Rather than relying solely on résumés and interviews, NextHire works as a “digital hirer,” harvesting information from places like social media, published articles, even games you play online, to create digital profiles—warts and all—of job candidates for potential employers.

Plenty of NextHire’s first clients were startups, said Bob Myhal, CEO of Nexthire. Myhal is former president and chief marketing officer of Apollo Fitness, a packaged goods companythat he grew from a startup to more than $40 million in annual revenue in 12 years.

The SpareFoot Blog asked Myhal to share his insight into hiring practices at startups, and how the growing trend of digital hiring is changing the playing field when it comes to landing a job.

Why are digital hiring methods so appealing to startups? → Keep Reading

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8 Tips for Splitting Up Household Chores

By Deb Hipp   March 24, 2014

household chores

Tired of fighting with your significant other about dirty bathtubs and messy kitchens?

Even with millions of women working full-time, only one-fifth of men do housework such as cleaning and laundry, compared with 48 percent of women, according to the 2012 American Time Use Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s easy to see how that imbalance could lead to an argument or two.

→ Keep Reading

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Storing Artwork: How Safe Are Your Prized Paintings?

By Deb Hipp   February 4, 2014

Leroy Neiman artwork

Just because you take every precaution to safely store your fine art collection doesn’t mean a natural disaster can’t blow into town and do substantial damage.

→ Keep Reading

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