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Storage 101: SpareFoot’s Most Frequently Asked Questions [Infographic]

By Matthew Stites   April 6, 2015



We aren’t ashamed to say it— when it comes to storage, we wrote the book. When we released our Ultimate Guide to Everything Self-Storage last month, we wanted to answer all of your burning storage questions and provide a few neat tips to help you move in and move on.

Now, we’re jump starting your storage experience with the top 10 most frequently-asked storage questions, all in a beautiful, SpareFoot-yellow infographic! Check it out below. → Keep Reading

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Austin Startups + Entrepreneurs You Should be Following on Twitter

By Matthew Stites   December 11, 2013


The Austin tech scene is a constant buzz of activity, and it’s a daunting task to stay current with all the startup crawls, happy hours, acquisitions and emerging companies. If you’re like me, you’re part of the growing number of Americans who know the value of social media platforms like Twitter as a fast, personalized source for news. It’s the key for every Austinite who considers him or herself in the know.

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SpareFoot Self-Storage Selfie Photo Contest

By Matthew Stites   September 3, 2013


You know we all have that one weird item, that one thing you just can’t bring yourself to throw away because it holds some bizarre memory. You know it probably should be kept out of sight, away from your home and office.

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How to Make Your Industry Sexy on Social Media

By Matthew Stites   August 5, 2013


Let’s face it. Despite the inherent sex appeal of each and every SpareFooter (see above), self-storage can be a decidedly non-sexy industry. Just look at Darrell on Storage Wars. So how does SpareFoot get our fans and followers as excited as we are about all things storage? As SpareFoot’s Social Media Dude, I’ll answer that question with the four tenets of social media sexiness.

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SpareFoot’s College Mini-Fridge Giveaway

By Matthew Stites   May 7, 2013


Is it summer already? With final exams and summertime plans, the month of May promises to be frantic. Fortunately, SpareFoot is making college finals and move-out season fun by giving away The Ultimate Mini-Fridge on Facebook! One lucky student will win a retro-inspired fridge designed by Nostalgia Electrics, decorated with custom SpareFoot decals and loaded with Monster energy drinks!

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Declutter SpareFoot’s Swag Closet Giveaway

By Matthew Stites   March 18, 2013


It’s Spring Cleaning time here at the SpareFoot office, and as much as we hate to admit it, we have a problem: our Swag Closet is overflowing! From snapbacks to backpacks, we simply don’t have enough room for all this awesome merch, a.k.a. “swag.” There’s even a VISA gift card in here, somewhere. But since we’re already decked out with all the SpareFoot gear we need, it’s up to you to take it off our hands. Introducing the “Declutter SpareFoot’s Swag Closet” giveaway!

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How To Store A Chicken Inside A Duck Inside A Turkey

By Matthew Stites   November 21, 2012

The original American holiday has arrived. The winter winds are bringing a flurry of family fun. The Macy’s Day Parade floats are out of storage and meandering through New York in anticipation of the holiday harbinger, Santa. There will soon be a parade in your own home— the relentless parade of relatives through your front door. There’s pressure to impress, but never fear! We’re here to show you how to release some of that stress by unleashing it on the U.S. bird population.

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Summer Storage Triage For College Students

By Matthew Stites   May 10, 2012

There’s probably some luxurious destination waiting for you once the semester ends. A comfy pair of flip-flops and your finely sculpted beach body are all you’ll really need this summer, and the last thing you want to think about is all the rest of your stuff. How will you go about clearing out your dorm or apartment and carting it all home? A self-storage unit in your college town is the perfect solution to simplify your move and prevent your parents’ house from being filled with textbooks and Ikea furniture. So, what to bring home and what to store? Time for a bit of summer storage triage to mitigate costs and give structure to your move.

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Greenest Cities/States of 2012, So Far

By Matthew Stites   May 7, 2012

The green movement in 2012 is changing the way businesses all over the U.S. think about the global impact of their actions. But going green isn’t just for big corporations (and small startups). Through recycling, conserving energy, and cutting wasteful programs and habits, every day citizens and local governments can take steps toward eco-friendliness. We found some cities and states are setting impressive precedents for giving back to the Earth, and they deserve recognition.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Green Movement Status Check, Post-Earth Day

By Matthew Stites   April 30, 2012

Courtesy of Courtney Colwell/David Foster,

The U.S. green movement has been a rollercoaster of support, progress, opposition and steps backward. So what’s really going on right now? Studies have shown the growth of green initiatives, from alternative energy to sustainable building, has been almost stagnant since last year. The unstable economy has pressured many American businesses to tighten their purses and take a conservative, skeptical approach to implementing green initiatives in their operations. While working toward energy conservation means a more sustainable business and can lower long-term costs, financial payoff won’t necessarily come along for years, sometimes decades.

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