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Rachel does marketing at SpareFoot. Her favorite movie is The Big Lebowski, favorite color is black, favorite food is cheese, and favorite band is the Pixies. She aspires to make self-storage fun and to make her dog and cat cuddle each other.

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Get Instant Notification of New Customers: We’ll Text You!

By Rachel Greenfield   March 28, 2014

mysparefoot update

We just added a convenient new feature that was widely requested by SpareFoot facility clients. Now you can get alerted about new reservations via text message.

Most MySpareFoot accounts now have a new “Cell Phone Number” field in MySpareFoot; you can find it in the Details tab of your facility view. Simply enter the cellphone number of your best contact person for that location. This should be whoever normally handles follow-up calls for the facility.

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Hats Off to a Mentor: 7 Reasons This SpareFoot-er Loves ‘The Hat Lady’

By Rachel Greenfield   June 19, 2013


There is a certain mentor in my life with an affinity for fabulous millinery. I treasure her for being so inspirational and relevant to me in a ton of ways. Anne Ballard, president of Universal Storage Group, is known in our industry as “The Hat Lady.” You might even call me obsessed with this legendary figure, to the extent that one of my own nicknames at SpareFoot is “Mini Hat Lady.”

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SpareFoot Goes Out On Limb, Expands Business To Offer Orthopedic Prosthetics

By Rachel Greenfield   April 1, 2013

SpareFoot Prosthetic

AUSTIN, Tx.— In a move that toes the line of innovation, tech startup SpareFoot announced it will add prosthetic feet to its self-storage marketplace offering. The cutting-edge prostheses feature exclusive transtibial technology developed to serve the millions of Americans who suffer moving-related injuries annually.

The idea has legs, according to biomechanics expert Donovan Sherkofsky of the Real Estate Medical Research Center:

“With its self-storage industry expertise, SpareFoot is a shoe-in to corner the underserved market of those who accidentally drop heavy boxes on themselves during a move.”

Moving for household or business reasons is at the heels of elevator repair when it comes to high Amputation Risk Level— “we’re talking like an 11.5,” Sherkofsky said.

SpareFoot began cobbling these plans together last April, when Founder and CEO Chuck Gordon considered why the sole purpose of SpareFoot was to make finding storage units easy for customers. That wasn’t enough.

“Prosthetics felt like a natural extension of our brand,” Gordon said. “We’re putting our best you-know-what forward into this kick-ass new venture.”


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Attention Storage Friends! SpareFoot Fun + Value In Vegas This Week:

By Rachel Greenfield   March 29, 2013


The SpareFoot team is heading to Vegas for the ISS Expo, and we’re beyond excited. Will you be there? Let’s meet up! We love working with you, and always like to see you in person. I promise your trade show will be more valuable and fun if you do at least one of these:

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The Scariest Real-Life Horror Movie Houses

By Rachel Greenfield   October 25, 2012

[ by Deanna Lawley, Homefinder ]

Buying a home can be scary enough— loan applications, bidding wars, closing costs and moving can make you want to pull the covers over your head and hide. And according to a Gallup poll, 37% of Americans believe houses can be haunted. As you navigate through the homebuying process, have you checked to see if your new neighborhood is home to any infamous haunted houses? We’ve compiled a list of the scariest real-life horror movie home addresses; are any of them your neighbors?

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Awesome Free Data: Storage Trends Quarterly

By Rachel Greenfield   October 2, 2012

Ever wondered what really motivates storage customers, or how well your city/state performs compared to the rest of the industry? Can you guess what percentage of storage renters are women?

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Facility Client Contest! Share Your Idea, Win SpareBucks.

By Rachel Greenfield   September 27, 2012

Reservations are nice, but move-ins are SO much better. So we’re running a contest to learn from our facilities— how do you make sure that new customers who reserve your units actually move in and start paying you rent?

Help out by giving us your best idea for converting reservations into tenants. The best idea will win a $75 credit in “SpareBucks” that will be added to your account and be applied against your next bill. Woo hoo! Simply type up your idea in a comment below, and be sure to include your facility name and city.

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StorageMart Facebook Fans Raise $1K For Kure It Cancer Research

By Rachel Greenfield   September 3, 2012

One of our clients, StorageMart, announced a donation of $1,000 to one of our favorite nonprofits, Kure It Cancer Research.

StorageMart Gives posted a challenge to its Facebook community, promising a donation of $1 for every like and share (up to 1,000) generated by a posted image of the Kure It logo. The goal was reached with more than a week’s time to spare.

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Life Lesson: Downsizing Childhood Possessions

By Rachel Greenfield   August 27, 2012

As incoming college freshman nationwide pack up for their first major move away from home, they face a real-life lesson in downsizing childhood possessions. For help, we turned to Chris Seman, president of Caring Transitions, a franchise that helps people de-clutter and downsize during difficult transitions. His ideas are useful for anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to memory-laden belongings.

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SpareFoot Voted “Best Online Directory” 2nd Year In A Row

By Rachel Greenfield   August 17, 2012

For the second year in a row, SpareFoot has been voted “Best Online Directory” in the Inside Self-Storage Best of Business reader-choice poll. Launched in 2011, the poll solicits online votes from industry professionals, who elect their favorite vendors in about 30 categories. SpareFoot will be honored with a feature profile in ISS magazine, as well as during a special ceremony at the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas in April.

“It is awesome to be chosen for Best Online Directory for the second year in a row. Our clients and friends in the industry made it happen, so we thank them for their vote and ongoing support,” SpareFoot CEO Chuck Gordon said.

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