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As a member of SpareFoot's SEO team, Tony writes columns about the best way to store commonly-stored items. He also writes about marketing, technology, and other fun stuff like zombies and IKEA furniture.

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Pictures From SpareFoot’s SXSW Storage Facility Party

By Tony Emerson   March 16, 2011

SpareFoot Storage Facility Party

The SpareFoot Storage Facility party was a success. As the Startup Crawl buses dropped people off, the crowd grew and Cartright went on to play an outstanding performance. I guess throwing an event falls under one of the ‘odd’ reasons to need space, but the acoustics at Morningstar Mini-Storage were great for a live show.

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SpareFoot at the ISS World Expo

By Tony Emerson   March 15, 2011

Members of the SpareFoot team have taken to Las Vegas for the 2011 Inside Self-Storage World Expo. Britney, Chuck, and Sara, pictured above, are working with storage facilities managers and owners at the conference to get them signed up for SpareFoot storage search – right then and there. Stop by our booth to learn about some of the exciting things we are doing or, if you are an exhibitor, look for members of our team going mobile and signing up facilities via an iPad.

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SpareFoot’s Storage Facility Party

By Tony Emerson   March 7, 2011

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The Top 10 Things You Can’t Put In Self-Storage

By Tony Emerson   December 14, 2010

Self storage companies have specific rules and guidelines that spell out the things you can and cannot put into public storage. Some of these are no-brainer items, and although we’d like to think that most people out there have an inherent understanding that self-storage is for purposes like furniture storage, car storage, and storing boxes of household items, sometimes it’s best to spell it all out. Below is a list of the top 10 things you positively, absolutely should never put in public storage.

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Storage Units As Workspaces?

By Tony Emerson   December 9, 2010

Everyone knows that people aren’t allowed to live in self storage units— and if you didn’t already know that, you do now. But does the same necessarily go for using your self-storage rental as a workspace? Interestingly enough, there are self-storage rental companies that offer units designed specifically to operate as workspaces. These units are priced higher than standard storage units, and are intended for commercial use. But why would you want to rent office space at a self-storage facility? Here are the top three reasons why this might just be a great idea:

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Save Your Stuff From Self-Storage Auctions

By Tony Emerson   December 7, 2010

Clinton "Ton" Jones and Allen Haff of Spike TV's Auction Hunters

The A&E television series “Storage Wars” and the SpikeTV series “Auction Hunters” have helped bring light to the world of storage auctions. They depict the plight of people who, for various reasons, haven’t been able to keep up with the monthly payment for their storage unit rentals, and have had their abandoned belongings auctioned off. If you rent self-storage and find yourself in this predicament, what are your options and how long do you have before your stuff is put up for storage auction?

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