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How SpareFoot Uses A/B Testing to Optimize the Storage Shopping Experience

By Barry Finder   January 28, 2015


A/B test

SpareFoot is a fast-moving technology company, so software development is at the core of what we do. Our engineers constantly release new features and optimize existing ones to make our storage marketplace even better for both our facility clients and storage-seeking customers.

But as you know, the Internet is tricky, and consumer behavior is even more unpredictable. When we make a change to the website, we need to be absolutely certain that it will yield positive results. For example, what would happen if we made a change that decreases reservations? This would negatively affect both SpareFoot and you—our clients.

To take the guesswork away and ensure we’re approaching every decision with a data-driven mindset, our engineers use a method called “A/B testing.” → Keep Reading

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SpareFoot Launches Unique Software Integrations With OpenTech Alliance

By Barry Finder   September 30, 2014

Facility operators who use SpareFoot love getting new tenants from us. They also love that we’re a completely pay-for-performance partner. We make this all possible through MySpareFoot.com, our user portal where storage facilities keep inventory and pricing current. MySpareFoot.com also allows our clients to reconcile billing statements and remove charges for no-show customers.

For some of our clients, this process is entirely manual, which means that it’s also time-consuming. We recognize that pain and are working to make it easier. → Keep Reading

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Integrated SiteLink Promotions: SpareFoot Just Got Even Easier to Use!

By Barry Finder   August 28, 2014

SitelinkLogo-800x300-WebMany SpareFoot clients are using SiteLink Web Edition to manage operations at their facilities. The integration syncs a facility’s units from SiteLink to SpareFoot, and updates unit availability and pricing automatically on the SpareFoot listing. Our clients love how easy and seamless this integration is!

Many of you have been asking us to kick it up a notch and also automatically sync discounts and promotions from SiteLink to SpareFoot. We’ve got good news… → Keep Reading

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Introducing Emma Nostrand and Cory Michner: Your New Support Team Leads!

By Barry Finder   July 30, 2014

Cory Michner and Emma Nostrand

I’m excited to introduce two new leaders on SpareFoot’s Client Relations Team: Cory Michner and Emma Nostrand. Not only are they both wonderful people, but they’re also extremely passionate about the facilities that use SpareFoot. → Keep Reading

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How SpareFoot’s ‘Soft Reservations’ Get Tenants

By Barry Finder   June 27, 2014

soft reservations

Some people are hesitant to commit to a reservation. I’m sure you know the type of shopper I’m talking about—these are the people who “just want to check prices” or they “need to talk with their wife/husband” before they actually book a unit. → Keep Reading

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You Asked, We Delivered: 7-Day Reservation Window on Your Most Popular Units

By Barry Finder   May 27, 2014

186319449We’re happy to announce that starting in June, some units on SpareFoot can only be reserved seven days in advance of a customer’s move-in date. We’ve historically allowed customers to book as far as 60 days out. → Keep Reading

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Get Instant Notification of New Customers: We’ll Text You!

By Rachel Greenfield   March 28, 2014

mysparefoot update

We just added a convenient new feature that was widely requested by SpareFoot facility clients. Now you can get alerted about new reservations via text message.

Most MySpareFoot accounts now have a new “Cell Phone Number” field in MySpareFoot; you can find it in the Details tab of your facility view. Simply enter the cellphone number of your best contact person for that location. This should be whoever normally handles follow-up calls for the facility.

→ Keep Reading

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MySpareFoot Update: It’ll Be Easier Than Ever to Make Customers Happy With Promos

By Jenny Zhang   February 26, 2014


Do you love making customers happy with promos and discounts? Do you not love adding them one by one to each of your units in MySpareFoot?

Now, we’re taking the hassle out of adding special offers to your units with our shiny new promos layout in the Units section of MySpareFoot!

→ Keep Reading

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Where Your Client Relations Friends at SpareFoot Go Home for the Holidays

By Jenny Zhang   November 25, 2013

SpareFoot Client Relations Team

While everyone at SpareFoot now calls Austin home, our team members came from far and wide to get here. Now that the holidays have arrived, many SpareFeet are planning voyages back to their hometowns to visit family, old friends and favorite nostalgic spots. This includes our Client Relations Team, the friendly folks you talk to whenever you call or email SpareFoot. They’re always here to help our facility clients, like you!

→ Keep Reading

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New @MySpareFoot Twitter Account Says ‘We Love Our Clients’ in 140 Characters

By Jenny Zhang   October 28, 2013


SpareFoot is dedicated to supporting our clients and building a sense of community. That’s why we recently created the @MySpareFoot Twitter account. We know what you’re thinking: Another company jumping on the Twitter bandwagon? Hear us out…

→ Keep Reading

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