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SpareFoot-Sponsored Store Offers Clothing — and Dignity — to Austin’s Homeless

By John Egan   April 24, 2015

Street Store

SpareFoot’s Dee Dee Dial with one of the store’s happy shoppers.

On April 22 just outside Central Presbyterian Church in downtown Austin, TX, a homeless man arrived at The Street Store in search of a special pair of pants. The man wanted just the right attire to wear to his mother’s funeral.

SpareFoot employee Kacy Jones helped the man, who’s in his 50s or 60s, pick out a freshly laundered pair of dress pants from Banana Republic. Knowing that he’d be dressed appropriately to honor his mother, the grateful man broke down into tears. He became even more emotional after being able to select another pair of pants, along with a button-down shirt, a polo shirt and an undershirt.

For this grieving man, the sentiment seemed to matter more than the clothes, according to Jones. “I feel that the human connection we provided by being there for him in his time of need is what resonated with him,” Jones said. → Keep Reading

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Share in the Glory of SpareFoot’s Victory at the Startup Games [Video]

By John Egan   February 27, 2015

Chuck Gordon SpareFoot

It’s one thing to tell you that SpareFoot grabbed the gold at the recent Austin Startup Games, as we did in a recent blog post. But it’s another thing to show you the excitement, almost as if you were right there.

Here, we present for your viewing pleasure a Hollywood-worthy video recap of SpareFoot’s triumph at the Startup Games.

→ Keep Reading

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It’s Time! SpareFoot Rolls Out ‘2015: Choose Your Own Storage Adventure’ Calendar

By Barry Finder   February 16, 2015

sparefoot calendar 2015

SpareFoot is proud to introduce you to our third silly self-storage wall calendar—“2015: Choose Your Own Storage Adventure.” → Keep Reading

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Three-peat! SpareFoot Captures Gold (Again) at Startup Games

By John Egan   January 26, 2015

RJ Gossett

Move over, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. There’s a new three-peat team on the scene. On Jan. 24, SpareFoot captured the gold medal at the Austin Startup Games for the third year in a row.

SpareFoot achieved the three-peat feat by trouncing teams from 15 other Austin startups in the 11-game clash, featuring ping pong, foosball, beer pong, flip cup, Pop-A-Shot, darts, shuffleboard, Connect 4, trivia, liar’s dice and a mystery event. SpareFoot took home gold medals in five of the 11 “sports” and racked up 28 points overall. → Keep Reading

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Under Where? SpareFooters Launch Boxer-Briefs Business

By John Egan   January 13, 2015

Zach Bird and Matt Ward

Briefly, here’s the big problem with guys and their underwear: They hate shopping for new pairs.

Count SpareFoot’s Zach Bird among those haters. One summer day in 2014, Bird was pondering his underwear drawer at home and realized he probably needed to toss some of the older pairs.

“Of course, I knew I’d have to replace my old ones, and I figured that that was one of the reasons I’d held onto them for so long—it’s so inconvenient for me to make a trip to Target or Macy’s or wherever to actually go buy underwear in person,” said Bird, a member of SpareFoot’s Sales Team. → Keep Reading

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Cathy Guthrie: Carrying the Torch for SpareFoot’s Culture

By John Egan   January 5, 2015

Cathy Guthrie

When you think of a torchbearer, what comes to mind? The Statue of Liberty? Somebody carrying the Olympic torch? To be sure, those are valid answers. But here at SpareFoot, the word “torchbearer” applies primarily to one person: Cathy Guthrie.

As the leader of SpareFoot’s People Department, Guthrie carries the torch for our workplace culture—a workplace culture that’s been hailed as one of the best in Austin, TX. The torch’s flame was lit by SpareFoot co-founder and CEO Chuck Gordon.

“What this means is that I’m responsible for protecting this unique environment for the really special people here, even through times of rapid change and constant growth,” Guthrie said. → Keep Reading

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Through Operation Swag Bag, SpareFoot Helps Austin Youths

By John Egan   December 29, 2014

Operation Swag Bag

When Vanessa West, a member of SpareFoot’s Amazing Customer Experience (ACE) Team, read an online article about foster kids, it inspired her to take action. The article, “The Trash Bag Kids,” delves into the life of a typical foster child.

“It touched my heart, because I was once a homeless teen mother, and I know what it’s like to come from nothing and have nothing of your own,” West said. (West is pictured at top with fellow SpareFooter Amelia Oliver and Jake Millward’s dog, Freddie). → Keep Reading

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Tampa Storage Facility Being Reborn as Business Incubator

By Jay MacDonald   December 22, 2014

tampa coworking project

In an industry built around moving in, moving out and moving on, a few visionaries are making room within self-storage facilities to help entrepreneurs move up.

In the spring of 2015, a vacant storage facility in Tampa, FL, will reopen as the 5508 Co-working & Collaboration Exchange, a business incubator for startups operated by the nonprofit Tampa Hillsborough Action Plan (THAP). → Keep Reading

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Smooth Sailing: How to Keep Your Startup Afloat [Infographic]

By Ivan Serrano   December 17, 2014


If you work at a startup like SpareFoot, you might have heard people toss around the word “scalable.” But what does it actually mean?

In simple terms, “scalable” refers to the potential for a business to become a market leader and to bolster its revenue at a comparatively small cost. You might think you’ve got the next big idea, but unless you’ve planned for growth, you’ll wind up struggling to meet increased demand from customers. → Keep Reading

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How CEO Chuck Gordon Pumps Up the Award-Winning Culture at SpareFoot

By John Egan   November 19, 2014


For two years in a row, SpareFoot has been named among Austin’s best employers in the Austin American-Statesman’s Top Workplaces program. And for two years in a row, co-founder and CEO Chuck Gordon has been singled out by the program to receive a special award for leadership.

It’s no coincidence that SpareFoot and our CEO have been recognized in 2013 and 2014 by the Top Workplaces program. When it comes to fostering a top-quality workplace culture, SpareFoot and Chuck Gordon go hand-in-hand. → Keep Reading

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