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The Best Coffee Shops in Austin

By Tony Emerson   April 17, 2014

coffee shops

If you ask a completely random Austinite about his or her favorite coffee shop, you’ll probably get a completely random answer. The cup runneth over with literally hundreds of shops in the city that get the job done. Usually, though, it’s the location, ambiance or availability of power outlets that sets these coffee shops apart. Since to most people coffee is coffee, your average Austin resident will tend to forgive–or at least place less importance on–the coffee itself and pick the nearest place to his or her home or office.

Fortunately for you, the reader, I’m no forgiving reviewer of coffee shops. To me and a small but adamant group of coffee enthusiasts (or snobs, depending on your disposition), some shops perform far above and beyond the norm in Austin.

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Austin Startup Games Preview: Shuffleboard Veteran Todd McClure on Playing Like a Pro

By Anne Wynter   January 24, 2014

Todd McClure

In advance of this year’s Austin Startup Games—which SpareFoot dominated last winter—we’re highlighting people who excel at the competition’s nine “sports.” So that we don’t lose our competitive edge, we’re featuring champs who you won’t see on the SpareFoot team (or any other team) Jan. 25 at the Austin Music Hall. Game on! 

As owner and founder of McClure Tables in Grand Rapids, MI, Todd McClure has been making and selling shuffleboard tables since the 1980s. In fact, you’ve probably spotted his handiwork if you’ve visited Red’s Porch in Austin or one of Austin’s Bikinis locations.

With more than three decades in shuffleboard table manufacturing, it should come as no surprise that McClure knows a thing or two about playing the game. We spoke with him to get his top tips for succeeding in shuffleboard.

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An Ode to Cheesy Goodness: SpareFoot’s Favorite Chile con Queso in Austin

By Jenny Zhang   November 7, 2013

torchy's queso

SpareFeet are a hungry bunch, and we love professing our love of food. After all, we are a startup bred to ox-like strength by a consistent diet of beer, champagne and breakfast tacos. Beer for our brains. Champagne for our hearts. Breakfast tacos for our bones. And the blood that runs through our veins? It’s cheese—chile con queso, to be exact. How else are we going to win the Austin Startup Games again next year?

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How Décor Can Inspire Creativity at Work

By Guest Contributor   November 1, 2013

creativity at work

[ James Anderson, ]

No matter what your job is, creativity in the workplace is a powerful thing. It can boost morale, encourage new ideas and bolster overall performance.

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We’re Heeeeere: Happy Halloween From SpareFoot!

By Jenny Zhang   October 31, 2013


If your office is anything like our office, you were probably a little afraid of coming into work today. Not because it’s Halloween (it’s Halloween?!), but because we had no idea what costumes the dark and twisted minds of our colleagues were going to come up with. Sure enough, SpareFeet did not disappoint.

We are SpareFoot. We bid you welcome…

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Patagonia Backpacks: We Get Around at SpareFoot

By John Donegan   September 9, 2013

598x399RJ Gossett_grand canyon

With a no-policy vacation policy firmly in place, SpareFooters take more vacation days than your average Joe. And when we do, we typically bring our SpareBags.

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“Corporate” Chefs + Productivity: The Startup That Eats Together Stays Together

By Jenny Zhang   August 1, 2013


About 65 percent of Americans eat lunch at their desks or don’t take a break at all, according to an online survey by human resources consulting firm Right Management. For growing startups in particular, where typical days involve meetings, emails, endless to-dos and random surprises solvable only with improvisation, having a “real lunch” is a pipe dream that only ever occurs once in a blue moon–or at least when the internet goes down.

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5 of Austin’s Best Business-Friendly Bars

By Veronica Meewes   July 25, 2013


Work-friendly coffee shops are scattered throughout the startup-nurturing city of Austin, TX, but sometimes a business get-together calls for something a little stiffer than Baileys Irish Cream-flavored coffee.

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4 Key Considerations When Searching for Office Space

By Guest Contributor   July 17, 2013


[ by Justin Lee, The SquareFoot ]

Finding office space in Austin, TX, or anywhere else can be complicated. It isn’t like looking for an apartment to rent or a house to buy. Prospective tenants—particularly less-experienced startups—must consider many variables, and they can get into deep financial trouble if they don’t comprehend them.

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Ruff Life: Owner-Tested Tips for Bringing Your Dog to the Office

By Jenny Zhang   July 8, 2013


One of the best things about working at SpareFoot is getting to bring our furry friends to the office whenever we want. The clickety-clack of canine toenails across the office floor has become as routine a sound as the flutter of fingers on keyboards, the occasional foosball-induced expletive and the roaring belly laugh of our editor in chief, the dog-loving but non-dog-owning John Egan. June 21 marked the 15th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day, but for us, the dog days are never over.

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