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Itimizit Web App Aims to Simplify Self-Storage

By Rhonda Owen   July 28, 2014


Since taking the reins of Storage Solutions eight years ago, Noah White had toyed with a variety of ideas for expanding the Winchester, VA, company without adding space. The answer, he discovered, turned out to be as plain as the moving boxes his customers put in storage units: Apply the principles of business-records storage to better use existing space and make it easier for his self-storage clients to keep track of their ever-burgeoning belongings. → Keep Reading

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ServiceMaster Sets Up First Nationwide Cleanup Program Aimed at Hoarders

By Jay MacDonald   July 23, 2014

Matt Paxton

Did you ever watch the reality TV show “Hoarders” and wonder why someone didn’t just take a fire hose to the place?

“Because it doesn’t work,” said Matt Paxton (top photo), who hosted the now-canceled reality TV show. “Most people think it’s about cleaning, but it’s really not; it’s about communication, understanding and trust.” → Keep Reading

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No Reality TV Here: Inside a Real Storage Auction 

By Nick DiUlio   July 22, 2014

storage auction

Patty Maddox rolled up the blue metal door of the storage unit. Sunlight washed over the piles of disorganized stuff she had just purchased for $120 at this morning’s auction. A wooden dresser. Patio furniture. An old VHS player. A pair of brown work boots. Tupperware bins. Gym bags. And boxes. Lots of boxes.

“It was the boxes that interested me,” Maddox said as she began rifling through the personal belongings left more than two months earlier by a delinquent tenant. “I was hoping they’d have something interesting in them.” → Keep Reading

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8 Tips for Saving Money on Your Move

By Allie Johnson   July 21, 2014

moving truck

Trying to stick to a tight budget for your move? You might be wondering how you’re going to transport all your stuff—from your apple corer to your zero-gravity chair—without breaking the bank.

The good news is that moving companies know all the secrets for keeping costs down. Here are eight tips from pro movers for saving money on your move. → Keep Reading

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Yuuup! Dave Hester Returning to ‘Storage Wars’

By Alexander Harris   July 17, 2014

Dave Hester

Storage-auction “mogul” Dave Hester will return to the A&E reality series “Storage Wars” when the next season debuts in August. → Keep Reading

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6 Ways to Help Your Aging Parent Move to a New Place

By Rachel Hartman   July 16, 2014

daughter with senior mother

If you have a parent who’s lived happily in a spacious home for years, there’ll probably come a time when a change in living arrangements is in order. You might notice your parent has a hard time keeping up with household maintenance. A small fall—even if it doesn’t result in an injury—could be a sign that a new living situation would improve safety.

Moving an aging parent requires more than just packing up boxes, though.

“There are both physical and emotional aspects of transitioning to a new home as we age that must be addressed carefully,” said long-term care specialist Nancy Butler, author of “Above All Else: Success in Life and Business.” → Keep Reading

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Is the Price Right? Greg Strahm Helps Determine Whether You’ve Got Trash or Treasure

By Jay MacDonald   July 14, 2014

Greg Strahm

What prompted veteran ballet dancer and choreographer Greg Strahm to make the leap from head of marketing and communications at New York’s famed Joffrey Ballet into an unlikely second career appraising other people’s stuff?

Chalk it up to his eye for detail, his artist’s sensibility and his partner, Tim Luke, the master appraiser and auctioneer often featured on PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” and HGTV’s “Cash in the Attic.”

Together, “the Fric and Frac of Knick and Knack” operate Treasure Quest Appraisal Group of Hobe Sound, FL, with one goal: to help everyday people empty out storage units and liquidate the estates of their departed loved ones—without being taken to the cleaners. → Keep Reading

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5 Old Things You Can Repurpose for Your Home

By Lauren Haber   July 9, 2014


Summer is in the air, and it’s time for a fresh new look. No need to spend a pretty penny when you have all you need right in your house. Look around at all your “junk” and envision the possibilities. Here are a few ways to repurpose old items to decorate your home. → Keep Reading

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3 Essentials for Outfitting Your Bachelor Pad

By Kerrie Kelly   July 8, 2014

living room furniture

Good news for bachelors: When it comes to your bachelor pad, simplicity is in.

A simple bachelor pad is a clean and organized space—and that’s the impression you want to give to any guests who may be over for the evening (or the weekend), right? Take a little time to plan, and you’ll have a great looking space that’s functional, too. It’s all about furniture, color and lighting—the biggest bangs for your buck. → Keep Reading

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What Happens to a Storage Unit When the Renter Dies?

By John Egan   July 7, 2014


When the renter of a storage unit dies, the aftermath can be almost as messy as a Tom Cruise divorce. What happens to the contents of that storage unit depends on an array of factors.

Typically, the contents of a dead tenant’s storage unit become part of the tenant’s estate, and a judge decides what happens to them. → Keep Reading

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