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‘Storage Wars’ of Words: Dan Dotson Says Dave Hester ‘Is Definitely a Villain’

By Allie Johnson   September 29, 2014

Dan Doston Dave Hester

It’s not just fans of the A&E reality show “Storage Wars” who love to hate cast member Dave Hester. Another star of the show, Dan Dotson, can’t stand the belligerent buyer either.

“Dave is definitely a villain,” Dotson (at left in top photo) told The SpareFoot Blog. → Keep Reading

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CityStash Offers ‘Cloud Storage for Your Stuff’

By Kathryn Hawkins   September 25, 2014


Need a place to store some extra stuff while traveling or a spot to keep unwanted items until you have a chance to sell them?

If you’re running out of space, a traditional answer is to haul your boxes to a self-storage unit. Many people do: Nearly 10 percent of American households rent storage space. However, if you live in a big city, renting a storage unit isn’t always simple. → Keep Reading

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Should You Put Sensitive Documents in Self-Storage?

By Liz Wolf   September 23, 2014

Passport Birth Certificate Social Security Card

While self-storage is ideal for storing furniture, appliances and lawnmowers, what about sensitive information like tax records, bank statements, birth certificates and insurance policies? The answer depends on who’s answering the question. → Keep Reading

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7 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

By Anne Wynter   

storing holiday decorations

You’ve eaten the leftovers, the guests have departed and the last traces of holiday cheer are fading away. The holiday season may be over, but you still have to pack up all the decorations, and that’s no small task. If storing your decorations overwhelms you, consider these seven tips for simplifying this year’s post-holiday routine—and next year’s decorating process. → Keep Reading

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Some of the Oddest Finds Ever Made by Junk Removers

By Jason Steward   September 18, 2014

junk removal

Junk removal is a dirty job. It requires the right tools and processes to complete a cleanout in an orderly, timely fashion. These jobs sometimes run into speed bumps—like a refrigerator that hasn’t been opened in years and now is home to harmful mold.

Read on to find out about some of the oddest finds ever made during junk removal projects. → Keep Reading

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Abby Vasek: Ditch ‘Unexpected Clutter’ When Staging a Home

By Allie Johnson   September 16, 2014

Abby Vasek

Getting ready to sell your home and wondering how you can make it look like those beautifully staged homes you see on TV? In a word: declutter.

The SpareFoot Blog talked with Abby Vasek, an Austin, TX, interior designer and home stager, as well as a star of “HGTV Star,” to get some tips on clearing out your home for staging. → Keep Reading

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The Art of Storage, Lighting and Display 

By Kerrie Kelly   September 15, 2014


The final details you add to a room are what set it apart. Some are obvious additions, such as pillows, throws, mirrors and artwork. More subtle items might be books, family photos, plants or personal collections. Others are beloved keepsakes, whether family treasures, mementos from special occasions or special people, or souvenirs from vacations. All lend a personal quality to the living space. → Keep Reading

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Video Game Lets You Bid at Virtual Storage Auction

By Jay MacDonald   September 12, 2014

Auction Wars video game

Intrigued by the adrenaline rush of “Storage Wars” and other auction-themed reality TV shows but need a little practice before you put your own hard-earned cash on the line?

A new British video game called “Auction Wars: Storage King” can help you hone your storage auction skills at home or on the go. And it won’t cost you a dime, thanks to the free app available online at iTunes for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices. → Keep Reading

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Storage Auctioneer Shannon Schur: How ‘Storage Wars’ Changed the Business

By Allie Johnson   September 11, 2014

Shannon Schur

The A&E show “Storage Wars” thrust storage auctions into the spotlight and brought out newbies hunting for deals. But what’s a storage auction really like, from the viewpoint of an insider who was in the business long before the show debuted? The SpareFoot Blog decided to find out by talking with professional auctioneer Shannon Schur, president and CEO of Monument, CO-based Storage Auction Kings. → Keep Reading

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

By Hank McKinsey   September 8, 2014

Autumn red oak leaves

As the summer moves toward fall, it’s a good time to begin getting your home ready for the cooler weather. Planning ahead will make the task a little less daunting as the school year gets under way and a million other projects pile up. If your aim is to be a little more organized this fall, here are a few tips that’ll make that a lot easier without breaking your budget. → Keep Reading

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