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SpareFoot Customers Gain Exclusive Self-Storage Savings Through AAA Discounts & RewardsSM

By John Egan   March 26, 2015

SpareFoot + AAA

Longtime AAA member Karen Kasl of Phoenix, AZ, cares for three adult children who are disabled. Given the time and energy that consumes, “it’s hard to work outside the house,” Kasl said.

This month, she’s starting a business from home, renting out inflatables such as water slides. Since there’s not enough room to store the inventory in her house, Kasl rented a 7×14 storage unit. Kasl was able to keep the costs of her new business low through a new SpareFoot program that gives AAA members access to exclusive discounts on self-storage rentals.

Kasl is one of more than 1,000 AAA members who already have reserved self-storage units through the new program, which launched earlier this year. → Keep Reading

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Staying in Tune: 4 Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

By Jay MacDonald   March 24, 2015

Trial band

Drummer Patrick Drohan and his four mates that make up a fast-rising Southern rock band liked honing their skills in a 10×15 storage unit in Columbia, SC so much, that they named their band after the street where they jammed: Atlas Road Crew.

“It was an awesome experience,” he recalled. “It made us buckle down and get at least good enough to play live.” Now, they tour the East Coast.

What was not so awesome was the toll their non-climate-controlled unit took on their musical instruments. → Keep Reading

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7 Steps to a Cleaner, More Organized Garage

By Cynthia J. Drake   March 21, 2015


Chances are, your garage is not one of the most organized parts of your house.

A survey by The Lehigh Group shows that only 27 percent of Americans reported feeling confident that their garages were “very organized.” And given the amount of potentially dangerous equipment stored there, garages aren’t just eyesores — they can pose “a potential safety threat,” said Stephanie Leichtweis, vice president of sales and marketing for The Lehigh Group.

So, now that spring is upon us, it’s time to tackle the garage. We asked some experts how to do it in the least painful way possible. → Keep Reading

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Messy Minds: Inside the Psychology of Clutter

By Anne Wynter   March 13, 2015


Nearly everyone has dealt with clutter at one point or another, but certain people struggle greatly with it. While some might chalk it up to a matter of will power, a study by the Yale School of Medicine revealed that when asked to decide whether to keep or throw away items, some participants showed higher activity in the parts of their brains associated with pain and conflict.

Find out what experts say about why some of us have so much trouble letting go of excess clutter. → Keep Reading

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Here’s How to Harmoniously Use a Self-Storage Unit as a Band Rehearsal Space

By Jay MacDonald   March 12, 2015

band rehearsal

Turn that down!!!!

Those three words, directed at a high volume and often with venom at bands that rehearse at home, gave birth to a niche market: the self-storage unit as rehearsal space. → Keep Reading

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Check Out SpareFoot’s New Guide to Self-Storage

By John Egan   March 9, 2015


Perplexed by self-storage? We’re here to help. SpareFoot just published the Ultimate Guide to Everything Self-Storage, designed to answer an array of questions you’ve got about self-storage. → Keep Reading

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Money Matters: 7 Tips for Storing Financial Documents

By Tamara E. Holmes   

tax returns

Whether you’re being audited, applying for a loan or simply looking to get a better handle on your day-to-day finances, you need an effective way to store financial documents so that you can achieve financial success. → Keep Reading

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Hoarding Problem? Here Are 8 Steps to Deal With It

By Allie Johnson   March 6, 2015


Compulsive hoarding can turn your home into a disaster zone and interfere with your life: You might not be able to cook in your kitchen, eat at your dining room table or sleep in your bed.

But how do you know if you’re slightly disorganized, just a bit of a packrat or actually a hoarder? When you can’t function in your living space, that’s a big sign of a potential hoarding problem, said psychologist Fugen Neziroglu, director of the Bio-Behavioral Institute in New York and author of “Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding: Why You Save and How You Can Stop.” → Keep Reading

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12 Decluttering Blogs You Should Be Following Right Now

By Rachel Hartman   March 5, 2015

Mridu Parikh

If you’re ready to clear out the clutter, you don’t have to start the journey on your own.

The following experts are ready and eager to walk you through the process. In addition to listing practical advice, these blogs offer encouragement, how-to guides, and overall inspiration for an orderly home and life.

Here the top 12 decluttering blogs to follow right now.

Clutter Busting with Brooks Palmer

Brooks Palmer

I write about my experiences on the clutter-busting front lines by sharing inspiring stories about how my clients were able to let go of their clutter. I encourage kindness when clutter-busting.

—Brooks Palmer, Clutter Busting with Brooks Palmer @BrooksSaysHi 

Becoming Minimalist

Becoming Minimalist inspires others to live more by owning less. There are life-giving benefits to owning less. And each of our lives is far too valuable to waste chasing material possessions.

—Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist @joshua_becker

The Seana Method

Seana Turner

These days, many people are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in their lives, and need some guidance and encouragement to make a change. I write to help readers erase the slate of self-recrimination and implement strategies that result in predictability, flexibility and joy.

—Seana Turner, The Seana Method @TheSeanaMethod

A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons is a lifestyle blog that helps a growing community of people who aspire to get their lives in order. We share tips on how to declutter your homes from top to bottom, teach cleaning tips and tricks, help you get on a budget, and everything in between.

—Toni Hammersley, A Bowl Full of Lemons @abowlfulloflemons (Instagram)

List Producer

Paula Rizzo

I’m a TV news producer by day, and make tons and tons of lists to get stuff done and stay organized. was born out of my own experiences struggling to declutter every aspect of my life. I share life hacks and shortcuts that will make your life easier, one list at a time.

—Paula Rizzo, List Producer @ListProducer 

A Slob Comes Clean

At A Slob Comes Clean, I share reality-based cleaning and organizing tips, based on my reality! As I get my home under control through my own deslobification process, I tell the truth about which methods work in real life for real people who don’t necessarily love cleaning and organizing.

—Dana White, A Slob Comes Clean @ASlobComesClean

Peace of Mind Organizing

Janine Adams

I share lessons learned from clients, and I share my enthusiasm about various organizing solutions and strategies. With this blog, I try to help people who struggle with getting organized find an easy way to feel more at ease.

—Janine Adams, Peace of Mind Organizing @janinea

Smart – Happy – Organized

We write about ways to organize, declutter and manage your home, your kids, your time and more. We like to write about new products, apps, and books to help you live smarter. We include real-life personal stories and struggles of what we as parents and adults go through on our life journeys.

—Autumn and Natalie, Smart Happy Organized @smarthaporg

Simplified Bee

cristin simplified bee

As a wife, mother and interior designer, I knew homes could be orderly without sacrificing beauty. Launched in 2009, Simplified Bee is an inspiring, educational home decor blog with a focus on beautiful yet organized interiors.

—Cristin Bisbee Priest, Simplified Bee @SimplifiedBee 

Life Is Organized

Getting organized doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. In fact, it can be easy and fun. Curl up with my blog and learn how to declutter your home, get more time, reach your goals and have a blast along the way.

—Mridu Parikh, Life Is Organized @LifeIsOrganized (pictured at top)

Simply Organized

Simply Organized blog

The mission of the blog is to help the lives of my followers by providing simple, innovative and do-it-yourself solutions for organizing and beautifying their home, garden and children’s lives. I’m a professional organizer and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, so I also bring in the real info that digs deeper into helping people get and, more importantly, stay organized!

—Samantha, Simply Organized @simplyorganize1 


Join me on my journey from cluttered to clean as I transform my home with easy and inexpensive organizing solutions! Each week, I share real-life tips and tricks that have helped me to keep my home clean and clutter-free, even with three little kids, two cats, a dog … and a husband!

—Cassandra Aarssen, ClutterBug.Me @Malitose

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6 Simple Habits for Keeping Your Home Clean

By Anne Wynter   March 3, 2015

cleaning the house

Living in a clean home can make you more productive, boost your mood, and eliminate all those frenzied cleaning sprees you resort to in the hours before guests arrive. These benefits might sound great in theory, but if you fall within the messier segment of the population, keeping your home clean can feel like the ultimate uphill battle.

The good news is you don’t have to transform into a full-fledged neat freak to enjoy a more organized, less cluttered existence. You can get the living situation you want by adopting these six simple habits of people who maintain clean homes. → Keep Reading

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