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Too Much Junk in Your Storage Unit? Here Are 6 Outdated Items to Clear Out

By Jay MacDonald   April 20, 2015

junk in storage unit

Is your storage unit cluttered with Mom’s polyester pantsuits from the ’70s or Dad’s cassette collection of greatest hair-band hits from the ’80s?

If so, you might be needlessly holding onto mementos of someone else’s past.

Storage units often are laden with a merry mix of outdated junk, whether it’s technological relics like “Seinfield”-era shoebox cellphones, VCR and eight-track players, Beanie Baby collections, period clothing or hopelessly homely furniture straight from Walton’s Mountain. → Keep Reading

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Are You a Shopaholic? 8 Tips for Bagging the Habit

By Allie Johnson   April 15, 2015

shopper with bags

If your closet is crammed full of clothes still bearing the original tags, your house is strewn with unopened boxes or you’ve rented a storage unit to hold all your unused purchases, you might be a shopaholic.

“A lot of people are embarrassed to admit they have a problem and are out of control,” said Terrence Shulman, founder of The Shulman Center for Compulsive Theft, Spending & Hoarding. → Keep Reading

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A Zone-by-Zone Guide to Storage and Organization in Your Kitchen Cabinets

By Kerrie Kelly   April 13, 2015

kitchen cabinets

Organizing your kitchen cabinets is like organizing your closet. You put it off and put it off and then, when it’s done, you wonder why you waited so long. You’ve seen all the tools and hardware available these days to get your kitchen ship-shape, so it’s time to make it happen. This is absolutely a simple one-day affair, but if you take the weekend and include a little time for experimenting, you’ll end up with a kitchen that really works like you do. → Keep Reading

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Don’t Give It a Break: 7 Tips for Storing Glassware

By Tamara E. Holmes   April 8, 2015


When it comes to storage, some things are more fragile than others. One of the most delicate—and sometimes valuable—objects you can store is glassware, which can easily crack, become scratched or even lose its color.

Finding a safe place to store glassware that’s not used every day can be challenging if you don’t know how to protect it. Here are seven tips for keeping your glassware safe, whether you’re storing it close at hand or out of sight. → Keep Reading

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Which Type of Storage Tenant Are You?

By Jay MacDonald   April 7, 2015


Speed Racer is a master of the drop-off-and-go. The Hoardinator hauls more out than he hefts in. Space Case always leaves her unit unlocked. The OCDiva’s got hers all mapped out. And Captain Chaos? Trust me, you don’t wanna know!

Which type of storage tenant are you? → Keep Reading

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Storage 101: SpareFoot’s Most Frequently-Asked Questions [Infographic]

By Matthew Stites   April 6, 2015



We aren’t ashamed to say it— when it comes to storage, we wrote the book. When we released our Ultimate Guide to Everything Self-Storage last month, we wanted to answer all of your burning storage questions and provide a few neat tips to help you move in and move on.

Now, we’re jump starting your storage experience with the top 10 most frequently-asked storage questions, all in a beautiful, SpareFoot-yellow infographic! Check it out below. → Keep Reading

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Self-Storage Transformations Into Marijuana Grow Houses Won’t Be Growing Like a Weed

By Jay MacDonald   March 28, 2015

Growing marijuana

For five years, Dave Jones managed All Storage in Elma, WA, a rural town of about 3,000 residents halfway between the state capital of Olympia and the Pacific Ocean. Even after All Storage closed and went on the block, he continued to live in the upstairs apartment, hoping to reopen any day.

That all went up in smoke when the facility was sold in January. It’s set to reopen as Blue Star, a state-licensed marijuana growing and processing plant. → Keep Reading

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SpareFoot Customers Gain Exclusive Self-Storage Savings Through AAA Discounts & RewardsSM

By John Egan   March 26, 2015

SpareFoot + AAA

Longtime AAA member Karen Kasl of Phoenix, AZ, cares for three adult children who are disabled. Given the time and energy that consumes, “it’s hard to work outside the house,” Kasl said.

This month, she’s starting a business from home, renting out inflatables such as water slides. Since there’s not enough room to store the inventory in her house, Kasl rented a 7×14 storage unit. Kasl was able to keep the costs of her new business low through a new SpareFoot program that gives AAA members access to exclusive discounts on self-storage rentals.

Kasl is one of more than 1,000 AAA members who already have reserved self-storage units through the new program, which launched earlier this year. → Keep Reading

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Staying in Tune: 4 Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

By Jay MacDonald   March 24, 2015

Trial band

Drummer Patrick Drohan and his four mates that make up a fast-rising Southern rock band liked honing their skills in a 10×15 storage unit in Columbia, SC so much, that they named their band after the street where they jammed: Atlas Road Crew.

“It was an awesome experience,” he recalled. “It made us buckle down and get at least good enough to play live.” Now, they tour the East Coast.

What was not so awesome was the toll their non-climate-controlled unit took on their musical instruments. → Keep Reading

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Tales of Extreme Collectors: From Barf Bags to Keychains

By Nick DiUlio   March 22, 2015

barf bags

Ever since Steve Silberberg was a boy, he’s had a desire to collect. The problem was he didn’t know what he wanted to collect.

During his youth, he tried amassing an assortment of stamps, but the life of a philatelist just didn’t hold his attention for very long. He then switched to coins, but that was simply too overwhelming—and “not that interesting.”

As a young adult, Silberberg even dabbled briefly in the collection of sardine keys, only to come to grim realization that “they all look alike,” making the assemblage rather unremarkable. → Keep Reading

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