Entrepreneur’s Storage Unit Was ‘Steppingstone’ for Unique Furniture Store in L.A.

By Troy Anderson   February 3, 2014

Jacqueline Sharp

Some might say it’s magic. Transforming furniture of yesteryear into chic conversation pieces, Jacqueline Sharp’s business combines the childhood world of imagination with the mystery of nostalgia and times past.

Interestingly enough, Sharp’s innovative venture of making, designing and repurposing furniture was born in a storage unit.

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Entrepreneurs Rely on Storage to Grow Their Businesses

By Kerry Curry   September 18, 2013

business storage unit

Entrepreneur Cheri Garcia invented a tanning bed that floats and was keeping her inventory of about 1,000 beds in a spare bedroom. But as her company grew and a major pool supply company agreed to carry her invention, Garcia needed to find another option for storing her inventory.

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World’s Fanciest Storage: Geneva Freeport Stores Art, Cigars, Lamborghinis (Mercy!)

By Jenny Zhang   November 29, 2012

Most of the stuff we put in self-storage is pretty pedestrian: Bed frames, unused furniture and boxes of magazines probably make up the majority of storage units in America. Who would have known that in Europe, self-storage has evolved into a place where millions of dollars worth of art and collectibles are being stored?

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A Home For Your Home: Reducing The Pain Of International Relocation

By Jenny Zhang   November 8, 2012

If you’ve seen Toy Story, or any variation of a moving away story made by Disney/Pixar/Nickelodeon/etc. – yes, Homeward Bound counts – then you know that inevitably, you always leave something behind when you move away. When you’re young, your Buzz Lightyears and Mr. Potatoheads are the most important things in the world (alternatively, maybe you had a Chance or Sassy that you loved more than life). You simply couldn’t imagine a future without them. “Mom, did you check to make sure we packed my Barbie and my Beanie Baby?”

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INFOGRAPHIC: Self-Storage Explodes!

By John Donegan   June 13, 2012

The $22 billion self-storage industry is a hidden giant among us. You probably drive past at least one storage facility on your daily commute, with or without realizing it. They’re everywhere, but you don’t notice because self-storage is boring— a boring goldmine, that is. It’s one of the fastest-growing sectors of commercial real estate, with the amount of storage space in the U.S. doubling to 2 billion square feet in a mere five years from 2000-2005.

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5 Business Relocation Tips From Our Alter Egos, The Square Foot

By Rachel Greenfield   May 25, 2012

by Justin Lee, The Square Foot (unaffiliated real estate startup)

So you’ve signed an office lease on a new hub for your business. Tip of the cap to you, because that’s no easy feat. Hopefully you didn’t procrastinate and went through the proper steps on your way to finding the perfect space for your business. Now comes the really fun part— moving. It’s universally considered one of the worst activities known to man, yet we all have to go through it, whether it’s to a new home or new place of business. We can’t tell you we can magically make relocating your business fun, but we can give you a few tips on how to make it as painless as possible. Follow these five basic tips to guarantee a smoother transition.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Green Movement Status Check, Post-Earth Day

By Matthew Stites   April 30, 2012

The U.S. green movement has been a rollercoaster of support, progress, opposition and steps backward. So what’s really going on right now? Studies have shown the growth of green initiatives, from alternative energy to sustainable building, has been almost stagnant since last year. The unstable economy has pressured many American businesses to tighten their purses and take a conservative, skeptical approach to implementing green initiatives in their operations. While working toward energy conservation means a more sustainable business and can lower long-term costs, financial payoff won’t necessarily come along for years, sometimes decades.

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5 Ways Self-Storage Studios Work For Artists

By Matthew Stites   March 27, 2012

If you’re an independent artist, you’re familiar with the difficulties of finding a place to work. Quiet, dedicated studios for artists are on the decline as properties trend toward live-work development, cooperatives, or just plain overpriced studio spaces. So where can you go to make art in peace? The answer might lie in your friendly neighborhood self-storage facility. → Keep Reading

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Self-Storage Musician Spotlight: Dave Gironda, Jr.

By Matthew Stites   February 16, 2012

Multi-instrumentalist Dave Gironda, Jr. (pictured on right) recently moved to Austin, but speaks fondly of his hometown Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix’s relatively unsung music scene is the birthplace of Dave’s band, The Whisperlights, whose fluctuating membership ensures the music is always evolving.

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A Greener Self-Storage Experience

By Rachel Greenfield   April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day, friends. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make the self-storage experience as environmentally friendly as possible. The storage industry is actually inherently greener than many others that utilize commercial buildings. Storage facilities are made of steel, which is a recyclable material. Facility offices produce less waste, as fewer employees are needed to maintain operations. And because storage units and lockers are not accessed very frequently, they use little energy— especially those that don’t offer climate-controlled self-storage.

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