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Here’s How to Harmoniously Use a Self-Storage Unit as a Band Rehearsal Space

By Jay MacDonald   March 12, 2015

band rehearsal

Turn that down!!!!

Those three words, directed at a high volume and often with venom at bands that rehearse at home, gave birth to a niche market: the self-storage unit as rehearsal space. → Keep Reading

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Company Takes Old Shipping Containers to New Level

By Crystal O’Gorman   November 12, 2014


From the moment you pass through the standard brick-front façade—the face of every building at Woodland Business Park in Charlotte, NC—and enter Boxman Studios, you step into the experience.

A shipping container frame used as a canvas for graffiti art by local artists hangs in the waiting area. Reception desks are outfitted with the ends of shipping container, and the walls in the office corridor pay homage to Malcolm McLean, a North Carolina native known as the “father” of the shipping container. Around the world, ship, rail and truck cargo such as food, furniture and electronics is stored and transported in these hulking metal boxes. → Keep Reading

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Condos Made of Shipping Containers: The ‘Love Child’ of IKEA and LEGOs

By Jay MacDonald   August 8, 2014

Rosa Parks condo project

Leslie Horn realizes it sounds nuts. The CEO of San Diego-based developer Three Squared plans to transform 93 of those hulking overseas shipping containers into the first container-built condo complex in the U.S. Construction on the four-story, 20-unit Rosa Parks project (artist’s rendering at top) is set to start this fall near Wayne State University in downtown Detroit.

Horn said “cargotecture” cuts housing construction costs in half; trumps traditional construction for strength, durability and versatility; and offers recycling for millions of steel cargo containers that arrive at U.S. ports each year. The SpareFoot Blog talked with Horn about the advantages and challenges of living spaces made from shipping containers. → Keep Reading

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Bands Sing the Praises of Practicing in Storage Units

By Jay MacDonald   March 7, 2014

band in storage unit

Keef West was driving north on Interstate 5 approaching Everett, WA, early Christmas Eve morning in 2011 when he spotted smoke and brake lights ahead. As traffic crawled forward, West could see flames leaping from The Storehouse, a storage facility just off the interstate where the drummer once rehearsed for his gigs with the Seattle punk band Aiden and other groups.

“I literally had moved my drum set out about a week before that and knew everybody in there,” West recalled. “I started calling everybody and they thought I was kidding. I said, ‘No, you need to call Phil (the manager) right now because your stuff’s on fire!” It was heartbreaking.”

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Lars Fisk of ‘Phish’ Explores Self-Storage

By John Donegan   December 16, 2013


Given the ubiquity of self-storage, it’s no wonder that Lars Fisk, the former creative director for Phish, chose it as the subject of his latest art project.

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The NeverEnding Storage: How Self-Storage Would Change These 4 Movies

By Jenny Zhang   September 26, 2013

There’s plenty of self-storage in movies and television (see “Breaking Bad,” “Arrested Development” and the slew of horror movies made in recent years set at storage facilities). There are also a lot of movies about moving that don’t mention self-storage once. What gives, filmmakers of the world?

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10 Awkward Stock Photos of People Moving

By Jenny Zhang   August 7, 2013


If you’ve ever moved in your life, then you know that all of the stock photography out there featuring young, happy people lifting boxes and flashing exaggerated smiles is just photographic propaganda. No one can look that enthusiastic while lifting a sinking mattress. No one drinks wine in a fort of cardboard boxes while cradling the head of a generically attractive significant other. Oh, and packing peanut snow angels? They’re a lie.

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Storage Rocks: Stolen Format and Alternative Storage

By Jenny Zhang   February 12, 2013

Something other than couches, coffee tables, and memory-filled boxes inhabits the depths of Affordable Storage Solutions’ storage units in Pueblo, CO. Meet Nate Alcon, Zach Young and Nate Ward, otherwise known as Stolen Format. The band, an alternative rock group similar to Chevelle and Trapt, has been practicing in a storage unit at Affordable Storage Solutions since it came together two years ago. SpareFoot loves alternative uses for storage space, whether it be for art or storing vinyl records, so when we heard of Stolen Format, we had to get the inside scoop.

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Think Outside The Box: Shipping Container Homes

By Guest Contributor   January 22, 2013

[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

SpareFoot is a big proponent of finding new uses for otherwise traditional self-storage spaces. From turning your garage into a living space to keeping Star Wars memorabilia in check, there are all kinds of ways to get creative with how you store your stuff. The next unusual installment in that series? Shipping container homes.

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Even More Self-Storage References In TV And Movies

By John Donegan   November 6, 2012

After our readers noticed glaring omissions from our initial Top Self-Storage Moments in Film and TV round-up, we decided to create another list highlighting even more great cinematic self-storage scenes.

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