Choosing the Right Dog for Your Home

By Paula Pant   October 24, 2014


Trying to find your next furry friend?

You’re already thinking about the obvious questions: Do you want a pampered pooch that fits in your handbag or a mountain dog that’ll camp with you in the wilderness?

But beyond just thinking about which type of dog fits your personality, you’ll also need to weigh your living space. Whether you live in a high-rise condo or a sprawling single-family home, ask yourself the following five questions. → Keep Reading

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6 Tips for Finding a Roommate in a New City

By Paula Pant   September 3, 2014

roommate needed

When Kim Eheart moved from Denver to Austin, TX, she found herself hit with a conundrum.

She needed to live with a roommate (or two). She didn’t have enough money to rent an apartment on her own. But she was new to town and didn’t know anyone. And living with a random stranger after only a brief meeting might be risky.

“I could check Craigslist,” she said, “but I don’t know what kind of person I’ll find.”

So she brainstormed a few tips that could help her find a roommate in a new city—and might help you, as well, if you’re in the same position. → Keep Reading

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Bronko Box: Rebuilding the Packing Experience

By Kathryn Hawkins   August 20, 2014

Bronko Box

When you’re preparing for a move, a truck or van is just part of the equation. You’ll need people to lift your furniture and other items, and plenty of boxes to store all of your smaller possessions.

But packing for a move with traditional cardboard boxes can be a pain. In most cases, you’ll spend lots of money buying packaging materials, followed by hours of work taping up the boxes. Or if you manage to get some hand-me-down boxes from a friend, there’s a good chance they won’t survive another move.

Buda, TX-based startup Bronko Box has a solution to the packing problem. Founded by husband-and-wife team Bo and Brooke Cox in the spring of 2012, Bronko Box offers rentals of heavy-duty stackable plastic crates to help people with their household or business moves. → Keep Reading

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Top 12 College Towns for Commuting on Foot

By John Egan   August 13, 2014

Ithaca NY

On his several-days-a-week walks to and from work in Ithaca, NY, Tom Knipe breathes in the scent of lavender plants during temperate months. Along his ¾-mile route between work and home, Knipe also spots creatures like otters, mink, turtles, ducks and heron. Or he stops to chat with friends and neighbors. During the winter, Knipe notices the “beautiful” changes in the ice patterns in Cascadilla Creek as the water freezes and thaws.

“I typically walk when the weather makes it uncomfortable or less practical to ride my bike. So, during the winter months when there is lots of snow on the ground, I tend to walk to work on average three out of five days a week,” said Knipe, the tourism coordinator for Tompkins County, NY. → Keep Reading

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8 Tips for Saving Money on Your Move

By Allie Johnson   July 21, 2014

moving truck

Trying to stick to a tight budget for your move? You might be wondering how you’re going to transport all your stuff—from your apple corer to your zero-gravity chair—without breaking the bank.

The good news is that moving companies know all the secrets for keeping costs down. Here are eight tips from pro movers for saving money on your move. → Keep Reading

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6 Ways to Help Your Aging Parent Move to a New Place

By Rachel Hartman   July 16, 2014

daughter with senior mother

If you have a parent who’s lived happily in a spacious home for years, there’ll probably come a time when a change in living arrangements is in order. You might notice your parent has a hard time keeping up with household maintenance. A small fall—even if it doesn’t result in an injury—could be a sign that a new living situation would improve safety.

Moving an aging parent requires more than just packing up boxes, though.

“There are both physical and emotional aspects of transitioning to a new home as we age that must be addressed carefully,” said long-term care specialist Nancy Butler, author of “Above All Else: Success in Life and Business.” → Keep Reading

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Where Are the Best Hometown Fourth of July Celebrations?

By Josh Waldrum   July 2, 2014


You’ve heard of–and perhaps you’ve even seen–some of the flashiest Fourth of July celebrations in the U.S., in places like New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC. But some smaller places in the U.S. put on some big shows of their own. In this slideshow, we introduce you to seven of the best hometown Fourth of July celebrations in the country. → Keep Reading

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Unhappy With Your Mover? Follow These 5 Steps to Get Some Satisfaction

By Rachel Hartman   June 23, 2014


Relocating is no easy task. Add in a moving company that offers a final price you don’t agree with or that delivers broken furniture, and the process can turn into a nightmare.

In 2013, the Better Business Bureau logged more than 9,300 complaints against movers in the U.S.

While moving troubles can vary, some issues tend to crop up more often than others. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lists shipments being held hostage, lost or damaged goods, and delay of shipments among the most common moving complaints.

If you’re upset with the job done by the moving company you hired, you may want to take action—fast. Keep in mind, however, that quick decisions, such as running to file a lawsuit, might not bring the best results. → Keep Reading

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Going It Alone: America’s Top 15 Hubs for Solo Entrepreneurs

By Elizabeth Whalen   June 18, 2014

Solo entrepreneur

Fleeing the corporate cubicle farm sounds enticing, especially when you’ve got a bad case of the “Mondays” or feel like you cannot possibly deal with one more copy-machine paper jam. Actually leaving isn’t quite so simple, though. Unless you’re independently wealthy (which begs the question of why you’re stuck in a cube farm to begin with) or blessed with extraordinarily generous parents, you’ve got to earn a living.

One resolution to this dilemma is to start your own business, which might conjure up ideas of securing venture capital or just being free to do only the really fun stuff. In reality, it often means being a solopreneur–at least at first. → Keep Reading

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Woman’s Moving Nightmare Offers Cautionary Tale

By Deb Hipp   June 16, 2014

frustrated woman

Before hiring a mover to pack everything you own and haul it to a new home four states away, you need to do a bit of research on the company you’re dealing with. That’s a lesson Rebecca Chambers likely won’t forget.

In April, Chambers filed a lawsuit against American Knights Moving & Storage, a Houston company she hired to move her belongings from North Carolina to Florida in February 2013. The suit claims American Knights was unable to perform the job, so the company referred Chambers to a disreputable mover with a criminal history who delivered her belongings a week late, damaged every item and stole her car. → Keep Reading

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