Bathroom Trends for 2014: Serenity, Safety and Style

By Rhonda Owen   April 15, 2014

bathroom trends

Bathrooms always have been the place where we prepare to face the day in the morning, but they’ve increasingly evolved into restorative spaces where we retreat to unwind and recharge.

In 2014, homeowners want to steam, soak and wash their cares away in open, spa-like spaces with clean, minimalist lines, according to the 2014 National Kitchen and Bath Association trend report. This year, they’ll spend $5,000 to more than $30,000 to upgrade and update fixtures and color schemes.

While bold, bright colors are trending for other rooms, homeowners are asking for sleek, contemporary bathroom designs that sport sensory-soothing gray and white color schemes. Consumers also are attracted to Asian-inspired designs featuring warm neutrals like beige and stone with light finished wood and bamboo, according to, a home design website. What follows is a look at several 2014 bathroom trends.

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How to Avoid 10 Common Decluttering Mistakes

By John Egan   April 8, 2014


Here’s a startling statistic: The U.S. has an estimated 40 million clutterers, according to Beverly Keyes Taylor, author of “Clutter to Clarity: The Easy Key to Organizing.”

Can’t wrap your brain around that figure? Then consider this: That’s about the same number of people who live in the New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth metro areas—combined.

While cluttering may not be an epidemic in the U.S., it certainly qualifies as a major headache. Of course, decluttering is the remedy, but it’s obvious that a lot of us aren’t taking the medicine.

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Professional Organizer Bekka Fink: Clearing Space and Clearing Minds

By Jay MacDonald   April 7, 2014

Bekka Fink

Globetrotting actress, singer, composer, teacher and spiritual seeker Bekka Fink brings a world of experience to her growing San Francisco Bay enterprise, Rockstar Organizer. Clutter is only half the challenge for Fink, who embraces ancient “space clearing” techniques and “green” coaching to help clients overcome internal barriers and make peace with their surroundings.

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8 Tips for Splitting Up Household Chores

By Deb Hipp   March 24, 2014

household chores

Tired of fighting with your significant other about dirty bathtubs and messy kitchens?

Even with millions of women working full-time, only one-fifth of men do housework such as cleaning and laundry, compared with 48 percent of women, according to the 2012 American Time Use Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s easy to see how that imbalance could lead to an argument or two.

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Is a Cluttered Garage Killing the Sale of Your Home?

By Allie Johnson   March 12, 2014

cluttered garage

Did you stage your home to sell but leave the garage full of old tools, dusty bikes and miscellaneous junk? If so, that mess could drive away buyers.

A recent survey of 500 real estate pros found that four out of five think a cluttered garage creates a bad first impression that might make a buyer less likely to put in an offer. The survey was conducted in January by Whirlpool’s Gladiator GarageWorks brand.

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Organizing Expert Julie Morgenstern: How to Shed Your Stuff and ‘Get Unstuck’

By Allie Johnson   March 6, 2014

Julie Morgenstern

Is your house clogged with old paperwork, clothes you never wear and gadgets you don’t use? Then you might have a problem that’s bigger than the clutter: You could be stuck.

Organizing and time management expert Julie Morgenstern, author of “SHED Your Stuff: Change Your Life,” helps clients get rid of things that are weighing them down so they can move forward. SpareFoot chatted with Morgenstern to find out how you can get unstuck.

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The Latest Tech Trend: Cellphone Hoarding

By John Egan   February 13, 2014

cellphonesYou’ve heard of people hoarding clothes, junk mail or newspapers. But here’s an item that you may not have thought to put in the hoarding column: your old cellphone.

A study conducted for, which compares prices for recycled cellphones, shows that half of U.S. consumers have at least two unused cellphones at home. Among U.S. adults alone, that equates to nearly 398 million unwanted phones. That’s a heap of cellphone clutter.

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Getting Organized: 7 Tips for Going Paperless

By John Egan   January 17, 2014

piles of paper

Tired of tripping over those piles of magazines in your living room? Frustrated by all the old bills and junk mail that have stacked up on your kitchen table? If you answered “yes,” you’re in good company.

Millions of Americans feel like they’re buried under an avalanche of paper, even though electronic communication has cut down on the amount of paper we handle.

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PodPad: The Functional Workstation That Looks Like a Modern Piece of Museum Art

By John Egan   January 8, 2014


Talk about a cool way to clear out some clutter.

Portland, OR, design studio Ruphus has devised an elegant way to ditch the traditional—and often messy—desk. The wall-mounted PodPad workstation features a fold-down desktop, storage compartments, a charging dock for your iPhone or other devices, and an integrated sound system.

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12 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Get Organized

By John Egan   January 6, 2014

New Year's resolutions

Every time the calendar flips from one year to the next, millions of us resolve to lose weight, quit smoking or reduce debt. But have you given much thought to getting your house in order? Are you tired of staring at all of those boxes crammed with clothes you haven’t worn in 10 years or with toys your kids haven’t touched in five years?

“The new year is a perfect time to stop procrastinating, and start organizing your home and life,” said Donna David, a professional organizer in New York City.

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