Turning Memorabilia Into Home Décor: Guess What You Can Do With Your Wedding Bouquet

By Anne Wynter   December 18, 2014


Chances are, you’ve got at least a few of them. Old, dusty boxes and storage containers stuffed with baseball cards, yearbooks and childhood toys that you can’t bring yourself to toss out, but that you haven’t touched in years.

“I always tell
 clients that keeping memorabilia or collecting can be a lot of fun, but if
 you keep everything in a box in the attic that you never open, you are
 missing the whole point,” professional organizer Seana Turner said.

Instead of letting these items take up prime storage space, try the following ideas for displaying them around your home so you can enjoy them on a daily basis. → Keep Reading

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How to Organize Your Home for a Short-Term Rental

By Anne Wynter   December 12, 2014

apartment airbnb

Renting out a home on a short-term basis through Airbnb or Craigslist is a great way to earn extra cash, but too often people get stuck when trying to figure out what to do with all their stuff. If you don’t know which possessions should be moved out of sight, what should be locked away and which items definitely need to be available to your guests, keep reading for some professional tips on organizing your home before the renters arrive. → Keep Reading

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Un-Decking the Halls: Tips for Holiday Decluttering

By Allie Johnson   December 11, 2014

Christmas tree lights

Is your house overflowing with strands of lights, ugly Christmas sweaters and toys that bring no joy? Then consider a new holiday tradition: decluttering.

“The holiday season is a great time to develop a one-in, one-out mentality,” author and professional organizer Peter Walsh said. That’s because many seasonal celebrations center on receiving new gifts, but there’s no corresponding ritual for letting go of old possessions, he said. → Keep Reading

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7 Ideas for Donating Your Stuff to Charity

By John Egan   December 10, 2014

donating clothes

Around this time of year, millions of Americans are clearing out space in their homes to make room for holiday gifts they’re giving and receiving. Don’t know what to do with the stuff you don’t want anymore? We’ve rounded up seven ideas for donating your belongings to charitable organizations. → Keep Reading

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Garage Doors: How They Can Make Your Space More Efficient and Attractive

By Kerrie Kelly   December 8, 2014

garage door options

When interior designers talk about garage doors, it’s usually related to taking over the garage to add living space to the house or to add a little “fabulous” to the home’s curb appeal. → Keep Reading

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Is Your Cluttered Garage a Fire Hazard?

By John Egan   December 1, 2014

garage fire

A cluttered garage isn’t just an eyesore. It also can be dangerous.

From 2009 through 2011, an estimated 6,600 fires broke out annually in garages attached to single-family homes and other residential structures, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. Those fires caused an estimated 30 deaths a year, along with 400 injuries and $457 million in property damage. During the three-year period, the average garage fire caused $54,800 worth of damage. → Keep Reading

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5 Holiday Organizing Products Worth Celebrating

By John Egan   November 20, 2014

glass cloche christmas ornaments

When you’re shopping for holiday gifts, you’re usually concentrating on your kids, spouse, parents, friends and other loved ones. But what about what you want? What could bring joy to you during the hectic holiday season?

Perhaps it’s something as simple as a product that’ll help you stay organized—and less frazzled—during the holidays. Here, five organization professionals offer recommendations for products that you might want to put on your wish list. → Keep Reading

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SpareFoot Survey: Are Republicans or Democrats the Less Cluttered Bunch?

By John Egan   November 13, 2014

Democrat vs. Republican

In the November elections, Republicans won control of the U.S. Senate and won a slew of political offices across the country. They also were winners in SpareFoot’s recent survey about clutter in America.

In the survey, American adults were asked whether they think their house or apartment is cluttered. In all, 27 percent indicated their home is “very” or “somewhat” cluttered.

Digging deeper into the data, we found that just 22 percent of Americans who identified themselves as Republicans fell into the “very” or “somewhat” category for household clutter. Democrats came in at 27 percent, while independents were at the top of the heap (30 percent). → Keep Reading

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3 Ways to Make Money From Your Unused Items

By Jay MacDonald   November 11, 2014

trash for cash

Let’s face it: We live in a packrat nation.

According to a study by market research firm NPD Group, the average American home contains $7,000 worth of unused items. Multiply that by a storage unit or two, and you could be sitting on a first car for your teenager, a year or two of college tuition for your high school grad or even a down payment on a house for the twentysomething in your basement.

To help turn your trash into cash, we’ve enlisted the help of specialists in your three most fruitful options: garage sales, online selling and auctions. → Keep Reading

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SpareFoot Clutter Survey: Are Millennials the Messiest Age Group in the U.S.?

By John Egan   November 10, 2014

millennial clutter

Could it be that Millennials are the messiest generation in America?

In a recent survey commissioned by SpareFoot, American adults were asked whether they think their house or apartment is cluttered. In all, 27 percent classified their home as “very” or “somewhat” cluttered.

Among 18- to 29-year-olds, who make up the bulk of the Millennial generation, 30 percent hung the tag of “very” or “somewhat” cluttered on themselves. That’s the highest percentage for any of the age groups in the SpareFoot survey. It’s an interesting figure, given that digitally savvy Millennials aren’t inclined to keep newspapers, magazines and similar stuff around the house. → Keep Reading

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