What Would It Take to Store Santa’s Gifts? [Infographic]

By John Egan   December 4, 2014

Santa Claus

Before and during the holiday season, Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and the elves have their hands full. At Santa’s North Pole workshop, they (mostly the elves) rack up a lot of time cobbling together toys and other gifts for kids around the world.

But when they’ve got all those presents assembled, where do Santa and his crew put them? Since we’re all about storage here at SpareFoot, we decided to do some math and figure out what it would take for Old Saint Nick to stash that stuff at a self-storage facility in North Pole, AK. → Keep Reading

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7 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

By Anne Wynter   September 23, 2014

storing holiday decorations

You’ve eaten the leftovers, the guests have departed and the last traces of holiday cheer are fading away. The holiday season may be over, but you still have to pack up all the decorations, and that’s no small task. If storing your decorations overwhelms you, consider these seven tips for simplifying this year’s post-holiday routine—and next year’s decorating process. → Keep Reading

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How to Get Organized for the Holidays: 13 Simple Steps

By John Egan   September 23, 2013

how to get organized for the holidays

Blissful or stressful? Americans are definitely divided over whether the holiday season is the former or the latter.

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4 Cheap Summer Trips for College Students

By Guest Contributor   June 17, 2013

Wish you were here

[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT ]

In the words of Alice Cooper, school’s out for summer. If you’re a college student, you’re relieved to be finished with finals, rid of your weird roommates and away from the book-laden world of academia—at least for a while.

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From The Archives: Our Top Holiday Storage Tips

By Jenny Zhang   November 28, 2012

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could rent out a self-storage space for your stomach? Then you could eat all the stuffing you ever desired. In fact, you could compartmentalize and rent out a self-storage unit for each type of food you wanted to consume. Okay, you’re probably done thinking about food for a while after Thanksgiving, but why not learn some tricks for making a Tur-Duck-En as the next round of holiday feasts begins to rear its beautiful head? As you bemoan the woes of eating too much candied yams (or too little), look forward to the festivities by looking back at some of our top holiday storage tips.

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How To Store A Chicken Inside A Duck Inside A Turkey

By Matthew Stites   November 21, 2012

The original American holiday has arrived. The winter winds are bringing a flurry of family fun. The Macy’s Day Parade floats are out of storage and meandering through New York in anticipation of the holiday harbinger, Santa. There will soon be a parade in your own home— the relentless parade of relatives through your front door. There’s pressure to impress, but never fear! We’re here to show you how to release some of that stress by unleashing it on the U.S. bird population.

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After Hello Kitty Goes Rogue, Where Is She Stored?

By Jenny Zhang   November 7, 2012

Halloween has passed and your body is nursing a hardcore candy hangover, but don’t slack off now: It’s time to start training your stomach for the inevitable overdose on Thanksgiving food that’s about to go down. What better way to give thanks than by stuffing yourself to maximum capacity with yams and watching huge balloon incarnations of Hello Kitty and Spiderman leave their storage unit homes and float through Manhattan?

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Haunted Self-Storage Facilities Go Bump In The Night

By John Donegan   October 31, 2012

It’s Halloween time, so we’re going on a virtual ghost tour of self-storage facilities. Not surprisingly, warehouse rooms full of memories and heirlooms aren’t immune to the supernatural. Here are some of the best real-life scary storage stories we’ve heard.

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The Scariest Real-Life Horror Movie Houses

By Rachel Greenfield   October 25, 2012

[ by Deanna Lawley, Homefinder ]

Buying a home can be scary enough— loan applications, bidding wars, closing costs and moving can make you want to pull the covers over your head and hide. And according to a Gallup poll, 37% of Americans believe houses can be haunted. As you navigate through the homebuying process, have you checked to see if your new neighborhood is home to any infamous haunted houses? We’ve compiled a list of the scariest real-life horror movie home addresses; are any of them your neighbors?

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Home Staging Tips for Fall

By Guest Contributor   September 13, 2012

by Sarah Kolb, CORT Furniture

The leaves on the trees are slowly beginning to turn, fireplaces are finally finding themselves useful, and it’s almost cold enough to break out your impressive scarf collection. Autumn means apple pie, football, plaid, and relief from the summer heat. The cooler season is also the perfect time to successfully stage your home to sell before the new year. Here are three tips to make your home look perfect to any buyer this fall:

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