No Reality TV Here: Inside a Real Storage Auction 

By Nick DiUlio   July 22, 2014

storage auction

Patty Maddox rolled up the blue metal door of the storage unit. Sunlight washed over the piles of disorganized stuff she had just purchased for $120 at this morning’s auction. A wooden dresser. Patio furniture. An old VHS player. A pair of brown work boots. Tupperware bins. Gym bags. And boxes. Lots of boxes.

“It was the boxes that interested me,” Maddox said as she began rifling through the personal belongings left more than two months earlier by a delinquent tenant. “I was hoping they’d have something interesting in them.” → Keep Reading

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Yuuup! Dave Hester Returning to ‘Storage Wars’

By Alexander Harris   July 17, 2014

Dave Hester

Storage-auction “mogul” Dave Hester will return to the A&E reality series “Storage Wars” when the next season debuts in August. → Keep Reading

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‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Released From Hospital

By John Egan   July 1, 2014

Dan Dotson

Given a 4 percent to 20 percent chance to live after a double brain aneurysm, “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson was released June 29 from a hospital in Palm Springs, CA. → Keep Reading

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What to Do When You’re Hit By a ‘Wrongful’ Lien Sale

By Cynthia J. Drake   May 21, 2014

storage auction

Shows like “Storage Wars” have popularized storage auctions, called lien sales in the self-storage industry. But behind every posse of gleeful treasure hunters, you’ll find a small group of people who earnestly believe their items were sold wrongfully.

A lien sale is a storage company’s remedy to deal with tenants who have defaulted on their payments. Each state has its own particular laws regarding the process that storage facilities must follow in the event of a delinquent bill.

How common is this scenario? “I do not believe that wrongful sales are at all common, at least not in Texas, where we constantly educate [self-storage owners] about the legal process,” said Ginny Sutton, executive director of Texas Self Storage Association. → Keep Reading

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Dave Hester: From ‘Storage Wars’ to ‘Gypsy Auctioneer’

By Troy Anderson   April 24, 2014

Dave Hester

It easily could be the warehouse from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

In the midst of a maze of industrial buildings in East Los Angeles, former “Storage Wars” star Dave Hester is standing before a literal mountain of “vaults”—large wooden boxes containing potential “treasures” from repossessed self-storage units.

In a few minutes, Hester is going to auction off the vaults to the highest bidders.

→ Keep Reading

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Junk Owned by Shamed Ex-Sports Anchor in Philadelphia Sold at Storage Auction

By Alexander Harris   February 25, 2014


Two storage units rented by a disgraced Philadelphia TV sportscaster went up for auction Feb. 24 and fetched a grand total of $775. Not exactly the kind of haul that would excite the stars of “Storage Wars.”

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Here’s How to Ensure You Don’t Lose the Keepsakes You’ve Kept in Storage

By Allie Johnson   February 21, 2014


If you have to part with your old furniture because you didn’t pay your storage bill, some might say you’re simply out of luck. But what if you lose your family photos, high school yearbooks and love letters?

One of the ways you can try to track down those items is through a website called Founded in 2009 by Nicole Smith, the website seeks to reunite storage unit tenants with sentimental items they’ve lost. People looking for their stuff and auction buyers who have found personal possessions can post free ads on the site.

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‘Storage Wars: New York’ Star Mike Braiotta Spills Secrets

By Allie Johnson   November 13, 2013

Mike Braiotta

On A&E’s “Storage Wars: New York,” Bronx native Mike Braiotta battles other professional buyers to score the best deals—and make the most money—on storage units that are being auctioned off after the tenants failed to pay their bills. In an interview with SpareFoot, Braiotta dishes on being on TV, his best find ever, and how to make it in the business of buying and selling.

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10 Storage Auction Mistakes You Definitely Can Avoid

By Guest Contributor   September 16, 2013


[ Tiana Bodine, ]

Like any job or hobby, auction-hunting takes practice. Some things can be learned only through experience; practice really can make perfect.

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5 Secrets to Finding the Best Storage Auctions

By Guest Contributor   August 15, 2013


[ by Tiana Bodine, ]

When it comes to storage auctions, it pays to take the time to find the best opportunities in your area. Some self-storage facilities are more popular than others and will draw larger crowds, which means more competition and higher bids for units. This ultimately results in lower profit for you as a buyer. Instead, try to find the lesser-known auctions and attend those to maximize your profit.

→ Keep Reading

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