Junk Owned by Shamed Ex-Sports Anchor in Philadelphia Sold at Storage Auction

By Alexander Harris   February 25, 2014


Two storage units rented by a disgraced Philadelphia TV sportscaster went up for auction Feb. 24 and fetched a grand total of $775. Not exactly the kind of haul that would excite the stars of “Storage Wars.”

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Here’s How to Ensure You Don’t Lose the Keepsakes You’ve Kept in Storage

By Allie Johnson   February 21, 2014


If you have to part with your old furniture because you didn’t pay your storage bill, some might say you’re simply out of luck. But what if you lose your family photos, high school yearbooks and love letters?

One of the ways you can try to track down those items is through a website called Founded in 2009 by Nicole Smith, the website seeks to reunite storage unit tenants with sentimental items they’ve lost. People looking for their stuff and auction buyers who have found personal possessions can post free ads on the site.

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‘Storage Wars: New York’ Star Mike Braiotta Spills Secrets

By Allie Johnson   November 13, 2013

Mike Braiotta

On A&E’s “Storage Wars: New York,” Bronx native Mike Braiotta battles other professional buyers to score the best deals—and make the most money—on storage units that are being auctioned off after the tenants failed to pay their bills. In an interview with SpareFoot, Braiotta dishes on being on TV, his best find ever, and how to make it in the business of buying and selling.

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10 Storage Auction Mistakes You Definitely Can Avoid

By Guest Contributor   September 16, 2013


[ Tiana Bodine, ]

Like any job or hobby, auction-hunting takes practice. Some things can be learned only through experience; practice really can make perfect.

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5 Secrets to Finding the Best Storage Auctions

By Guest Contributor   August 15, 2013


[ by Tiana Bodine, ]

When it comes to storage auctions, it pays to take the time to find the best opportunities in your area. Some self-storage facilities are more popular than others and will draw larger crowds, which means more competition and higher bids for units. This ultimately results in lower profit for you as a buyer. Instead, try to find the lesser-known auctions and attend those to maximize your profit.

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The Biggest Storage Auction Finds of 2012

By Jenny Zhang   December 20, 2012

Contrary to what Storage Wars would have you believe, most of the units at self-storage auctions contain tame items like mattresses and old CDs. Rarely do people find units stuffed with doubloons or original comic books in mint condition. Every once in a while, however, a lucky auction attendee will come across a unit deserving headlines. Here are some of the biggest storage auction finds of 2012.

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Don’t Believe the Hype: The Anticlimactic Realities of Storage Auctions

By Guest Contributor   December 11, 2012

[ by Susan Cohen ]

Harper Auction and Realty is the company in charge of the self-storage unit auctions that snake their way through the Charleston, S.C. metropolitan area. On the last Friday of every month, Mike Harper and his associates break the locks on units at the various Extra Space Storages in the area. The day starts in Summerville at 10 a.m., makes its way to Goose Creek, drops south to the farthest reaches of downtown Charleston, and ends in West Ashley. At each stop, Harper or another auctioneer offers up delinquent storage units to eager buyers who pay for the contents, which range from a cookie jar collection to a couple pieces of old furniture. Depending on what’s inside, the bidding can get competitive.

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Why Are People So Obsessed With Storage Wars?

By Jenny Zhang   November 20, 2012

Sunday afternoon. Possible chance of rain. Netflix.

As I hovered my mouse uncertainly between Law and Order: SVU and No Reservations, a new addition caught my eye: Storage Wars. I won’t lie— my interest was piqued based solely off the name. Storage Wars? So was this a reality show about people’s quest to store things? Did they compete over who had the best self-storage unit? Did network executives seriously just come up with yet another thing to clog up our TVs?

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The Craziest Things Found In Storage Auctions This Year

By Guest Contributor   November 1, 2012

[ by Feliks Garcia­ ]

Amidst the usual Tetris-like organization of dusty boxes and retired furniture, storage units can contain truly strange, fascinating, and even horrifying items. The most noteworthy auction wins of 2012 certainly reveal the dark side of self-storage.

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5 Antiques You Might Overlook In An Auctioned Storage Unit

By Guest Contributor   August 30, 2012

by Val Doty, Storage Unit Auction List

When searching through potential storage auction winnings, you never know what historical treasures could be waiting for you. Without a trained eye, it’s very possible you end up discarding something that’s worth more than you buy the unit for. Before you pass over a sad-looking unit or decide to donate that “junk” to a thrift store, take a look at this list and see if any of these dusty gems look familiar.

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