Can You Do Your Holiday Shopping at Storage Auctions?

By Allie Johnson   November 17, 2014

holiday gifts

You could battle crowds at the mall or just shop online. But how about heading to a storage auction to find cool holiday gifts at bargain prices?

That shopping tactic really is practical only for regular buyers at storage auctions, said Rich Schur, chief operating officer at The Storage Auction Kings, which handles auctions at self-storage facilities in four states.

“As you’re going through units in your normal course of buying, you’ll find items that would make good gifts,” Schur said. Those items could include antiques, coins, collectibles, jewelry, tools and watches. → Keep Reading

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SpareFoot’s Ultimate Guide to Storage Auctions

By Nick DiUlio   October 30, 2014

storage auction

Thanks to shows like “Storage Wars” and “Storage Hunters,” millions of Americans have been introduced to self-storage auctions, yet very few truly know what they entail. So if you’re thinking of getting into the storage auction game, turn off the TV and follow this expert advice on what to expect. → Keep Reading

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After Health Scare, Dan and Laura Dotson of ‘Storage Wars’ Tout Importance of CPR

By Allie Johnson   October 3, 2014

Dan and Laura Dotson

When “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson collapsed at home from a double brain aneurysm on a Monday morning in June, cameras from the A&E reality show missed his brush with death.

But later, Dotson’s wife and co-star, Laura Dotson, invited a camera crew to the hospital to do some filming for an episode titled “The Daneurysm,” which premiered Sept. 8.

In that episode, Laura told a doctor she performed CPR on her husband after he fell. She learned the lifesaving skill as a Girl Scout in the sixth grade, she told The SpareFoot Blog. Now, the Dotsons have become CPR advocates.

“I owe her my life,” Dan Dotson told The SpareFoot Blog. → Keep Reading

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‘Storage Wars’ of Words: Dan Dotson Says Dave Hester ‘Is Definitely a Villain’

By Allie Johnson   September 29, 2014

Dan Doston Dave Hester

It’s not just fans of the A&E reality show “Storage Wars” who love to hate cast member Dave Hester. Another star of the show, Dan Dotson, can’t stand the belligerent buyer either.

“Dave is definitely a villain,” Dotson (at left in top photo) told The SpareFoot Blog. → Keep Reading

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Video Game Lets You Bid at Virtual Storage Auction

By Jay MacDonald   September 12, 2014

Auction Wars video game

Intrigued by the adrenaline rush of “Storage Wars” and other auction-themed reality TV shows but need a little practice before you put your own hard-earned cash on the line?

A new British video game called “Auction Wars: Storage King” can help you hone your storage auction skills at home or on the go. And it won’t cost you a dime, thanks to the free app available online at iTunes for Apple devices and Google Play for Android devices. → Keep Reading

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Storage Auctioneer Shannon Schur: How ‘Storage Wars’ Changed the Business

By Allie Johnson   September 11, 2014

Shannon Schur

The A&E show “Storage Wars” thrust storage auctions into the spotlight and brought out newbies hunting for deals. But what’s a storage auction really like, from the viewpoint of an insider who was in the business long before the show debuted? The SpareFoot Blog decided to find out by talking with professional auctioneer Shannon Schur, president and CEO of Monument, CO-based Storage Auction Kings. → Keep Reading

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Harris Twins From ‘Storage Wars’ Land Their Own Show

By John Egan   August 19, 2014

Mark and Matt Harris

“Storage Wars” has launched the careers of reality TV personalities like recently returned Dave Hester, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz. Now, two more stars have been born.

Twin brothers Mark and Matt Harris, appraisal experts who’ve been semi-regular cast members of “Storage Wars,” are starring in their own TV show, “The Harris Brothers’ World Of Wow!” The online show recently debuted on the Network. A news release says the brothers “have turned into famous pop culture icons.” → Keep Reading

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Contents of Former NFL Player’s Storage Unit Auctioned Off

By Alexander Harris   August 18, 2014

Terry Glenn

An Ohio auction company has sold off the contents of a storage unit that had been rented by former NFL player Terry Glenn.

An unidentified storage hunter bought all of the contents of the unit at an auction in Columbus, OH. On Aug. 13, Auction Ohio conducted an item-by-item sale of the contents. → Keep Reading

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In ‘Storage Wars’ Return, Dave Hester Declares: ‘Time to Remind Them Who’s in Charge’

By Nick DiUlio   August 13, 2014

Dave Hester

Everyone who tuned in to the Aug. 12 season premiere of “Storage Wars” was waiting for it—the deep, resonant, antagonistic “Yuuup!” that would officially signal the return of storage auction “mogul” Dave Hester. And it didn’t take long for fans to get what they came for.

In the episode’s opening shot, Hester took a seat, looked straight into the camera and let his trademark cry echo through the homes of everyone who eagerly awaited his unlikely return from a two-season hiatus and highly publicized feud with A&E. And as he burst into a maniacal laugh before the opening montage rolled, there was no doubt about it. “The Man in Black” was indeed back, and the tension surrounding his return would dominate the majority of the show’s 30-minute season debut. → Keep Reading

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Exclusive: What’s Next for Brandon and Lori Bernier After ‘Storage Hunters’ Cancellation?

By Deb Hipp   August 11, 2014

Brandon and Lori Bernier

Brandon and Lori Bernier made a living as bidders at storage auctions for 15 years before reality shows like TruTV’s “Storage Hunters” convinced cable TV viewers that treasures await crafty bidders in the most unlikely storage units.

The Berniers, the stars of “Storage Hunters,” spent four drama-filled seasons bidding against a cast of oddball characters intent on outbidding and outsmarting “Team Brandori,” the couple’s television moniker. Now, it looks like Brandon and Lori Bernier are heading toward new entertainment ventures. → Keep Reading

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