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Out-of-This-World Service Lets You Store Mementos on Moon

By Nick DiUlio   January 14, 2015


Everyone has his or her own way of storing personal mementos like family photographs and heirloom jewelry. Some of us put them in frames. Others lock them in trunks. But now, for the first time, people will have a one-of-a-kind way of preserving their cherished belongings forever: They’ll be able to send them to the moon.

For the past several months, private spaceflight company Astrobotic Technology has been selling cargo space on its upcoming lunar moon probe to anyone interested in sending small tokens of terrestrial significance to the lunar surface. The project is called MoonMail. Dan Hendrickson, director of business development at Astrobotic, said the level of demand has been surprisingly high. → Keep Reading

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How Storage Helps Homeless People Get Back—and Stay—on Their Feet

By Nick DiUlio   December 2, 2014


It might not be obvious to most folks, but the majority of homeless Americans actually haul around a lot of stuff, such as birth certificates, clothes, cellphones and keepsakes. But without safe and secure housing, these personal possessions are in constant danger of being lost, stolen or seized. That’s why many cities and organizations are offering places for the homeless to store their important belongings. → Keep Reading

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As U.S. Copes With Ebola, Are ‘Preppers’ Stocking Up on Food and Supplies?

By Nick DiUlio   October 20, 2014


With Ebola having arrived in the U.S. only recently, most Americans haven’t had much reason to fret about the potentially deadly virus until now. But for single mother Daisy Luther, publisher of the website The Organic Prepper, the virus has been on her radar for the better part of a year.

“I’ve been following this outbreak since it became a big deal in the media in March,” Luther said. “But this particular outbreak has defied all previous expectations and rules of an Ebola outbreak. So that has me concerned.”

Despite the rising tide of public concern, if not hysteria, preppers like Luther and Cat Ellis, who publishes the website, are confident that they’re prepared for even the worst-case scenario. → Keep Reading

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Facts and Figures About Pumpkins, America’s Favorite Halloween Fruit [Infographic]

By John Egan   


Pumpkins are deceiving. The orange gourds look so rough and tough, but they’re actually rather delicate.

The rind is a pumpkin’s only means of protection, agriculture experts say. Once the rind is bruised or pierced, organisms will invade and quickly eat away at the pumpkin. That’s frightening. → Keep Reading

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Inside the High-Flying World of Hot Air Balloons [Infographic]

By John Egan   October 7, 2014

albuquerque balloon festival

Soaring in the sky, hot air balloons inspire awe and exude beauty. That awe and beauty comes at a price, though. The owner and operator of a balloon easily can pump thousands upon thousands of dollars into this hobby.

“Hot air balloons are not inexpensive toys; they are vehicles that require maintenance, storage, and comprehensive insurance policies,” according to → Keep Reading

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Welcome Inside One of the Coolest Photo Storage Facilities on the Planet

By Jay MacDonald   October 6, 2014

Ann Hartman

Where’s the best place to preserve and protect your family’s photo collection? For most of us, it’s inside a dust-free protective container within a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

But if you’re Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and your Corbis Collection includes 15 million priceless photographs, negatives and glass plates dating back to the Civil War, you tuck them safely away inside a specially repurposed limestone mine 220 feet below ground in Boyers, PA, about an hour’s drive northeast of Pittsburgh. → Keep Reading

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7 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

By Anne Wynter   September 23, 2014

storing holiday decorations

You’ve eaten the leftovers, the guests have departed and the last traces of holiday cheer are fading away. The holiday season may be over, but you still have to pack up all the decorations, and that’s no small task. If storing your decorations overwhelms you, consider these seven tips for simplifying this year’s post-holiday routine—and next year’s decorating process. → Keep Reading

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Where Do America’s Diehard Fashionistas Live? The Answer Might Just Surprise You

By Elizabeth Whalen   April 30, 2014

women shopping for clothes

Pop quizzes (at least the ones in school) aren’t usually much fun, but we think we’ve found an exception—especially if you like fashion. Beware: Coming up with the right answer is not as easy as it appears.

Ready? Here goes: Where do America’s most devoted female fashionistas live? New York, right? Or perhaps Los Angeles? If not one of those two places, it must be Chicago, home to the Magnificent Mile, or Washington, D.C., where so many designer-suit-sporting female politicians and lobbyists are.


Miami? Boston? San Francisco?

None of the above.

→ Keep Reading

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6 Tips for How to Store Emergency Food

By Rachel Hartman   April 28, 2014

how to store emergency food

When a tornado, hurricane or other disaster strikes, there may be little—or no—time to visit a grocery store.

And while storing food to prepare for natural disasters is key, keeping a supply for other unexpected events, such as a job loss, also can help prevent a crisis in your home.

“Food is like money in the bank,” said Paul Purcell, terrorism and natural disaster preparedness specialist and author of “Disaster Prep 101.” Having an ample supply on hand can help maintain your family’s well-being during the days and weeks after a disaster.

→ Keep Reading

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California Cops Shut Down Marijuana-Growing Operations at Storage Facility

By John Egan   April 23, 2014

Humboldt County marijuana

Moneymaking marijuana-growing operations discovered at an industrial storage facility in Northern California appear to be going up in smoke.

→ Keep Reading

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