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Cellphone Storage Thriving Near New York City Schools

By John Egan   April 10, 2014

cellphone storage truck

You can store furniture. You can store business records. You can store wine. You can store cars. Now, there’s a new high-tech wrinkle in the business of stashing stuff: cellphone storage.

A recent New York Times story points out that several shops near public schools in New York City’s borough of Queens are ringing up extra money by charging students to store their cellphones during the school day. In New York City, students aren’t allowed to carry cellphones in public schools.

These stores aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the cellphone ban, which took effect in 2005. The Associated Press reported in 2012 that thousands of New York City students are paying a $1 a day to leave their cellphones at gadget-storage trucks parked near schools—namely those campuses equipped with metal detectors, which can be set off by cellphones.

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Birthplace of America’s ‘Obsession’ With Storage Is Hollywood Time Capsule

By Troy Anderson   March 31, 2014

Hollywood Storage

The sign on the door is the only clue to the treasure trove of entertainment artifacts, nostalgia and history locked inside the iconic Hollywood skyscraper.

The sign simply reads: “Iron Mountain Film & Sound Archive Services.”

Whether it’s the recordings of Beatles and Elvis or films by Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Spielberg, this 14-story skyscraper from the Golden Age of Hollywood is a literal time capsule of Tinseltown. Some even say it’s the birthplace of America’s self-storage industry.

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The Increasingly Delicate Relationship Between Marijuana and Self-Storage

By Nick DiUlio   February 5, 2014

marijuana storage

To be sure, the past decade has been a good one for marijuana and its advocates. Not only is medical marijuana now legal in 20 states and the District of Columbia, but Colorado and Washington also allow the use of recreational marijuana.

While this evolution may stoke some people, it has sparked an interesting challenge for the self-storage industry.

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Century-Old Urn Found at California Storage Facility

By John Egan   December 30, 2013

cremation urn

Rose Lyons was born back in 1836, when Andrew Jackson lived in the White House, the Battle of the Alamo raged for 13 days and Arkansas became the 25th state. Her life ended 70 years later following a stroke—a week after the massive 1906 earthquake in San Francisco.

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Vintage Vino: Ancient Wine Storage Room Found in Israel

By John Egan   November 26, 2013

Israeli wine cellar excavation

At self-storage facilities from California to Connecticut, wine connoisseurs carefully stow prized bottles of vino in climate- and humidity-controlled units.

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SpareFoot’s Most Outrageous Storage Requests

By Jenny Zhang   November 15, 2013

outrageous storage requests

SpareFoot’s ACE (Amazing Customer Experience) Team, previously known as the Customer Experience Team, is dedicated to helping our customers find the best storage units for their needs. Sometimes, just sometimes, those needs are unheard of. But who are we kidding–we’re not really ones to judge.

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6 Things You Can Fit Into a Typical Storage Unit

By Guest Contributor   October 23, 2013

what fits in a storage unit

by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

Self-storage is available in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to assess what size unit you need, it can be hard to visualize your belongings in the space. Nonetheless, based on the common self-storage unit size of 100 square feet (10×10), we were able to figure out six things that you could fit into that unit.

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Smithsonian Institution Museum Support Center: The Ultimate Storage Facility

By John Egan   October 16, 2013

Smithsonian Institution Museum Support Center

During a recent and long-planned getaway to Washington, DC, the signs appeared everywhere. Notices at the entrances to scores of federal buildings reminded me—not that I really needed reminding—that these places were closed because of the federal government shutdown.

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It’s About Time: Our Guide to Storing Watches and Clocks

By Brian Shreckengast   June 24, 2013

sparefoot watch

Our customers know that when it’s time to find storage, plugging into your address bar will let you compare facilities in your area in the blink of an eye and shave hours off of your storage search. In addition, we’ve written numerous times on this blog about how to know when it’s time to cut the clutter and rent a storage unit. What we seem to be missing, however, is how you would go about storing time—or at least your timepieces. It’s a topic whose coverage is long overdue: How do you store watches and clocks?

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14 Tips for Preparing for Motorcycle Season

By Guest Contributor   June 10, 2013

motorcycle storage

The sun is out, the birds are singing and the open road beckons. You’ve been waiting all winter to take your motorcycle out for the first ride of the year, and the time has finally come. But wait—not so fast. Even if you winterized your motorcycle for off-season storage, you’ll want to check out this 14-point checklist before you take to the open road.

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