5 Apartment-Hunting Secrets From an Ex-Apartment Locator

By Josh Waldrum   July 1, 2013


Before I got my feet wet in SEO at SpareFoot, I worked as an apartment locator in Austin, TX. Oddly enough, working in real estate was why I chose to pursue a career in SEO. It wasn’t because the job was so bad; I just discovered I had a knack for generating web leads. While I don’t miss my time as an apartment locator, I am happy that it led me to my real passion.

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Pet Protocol: Tips for Apartment Renters Who Own Dogs, Cats

By John Egan   April 29, 2013


At the Austin apartment complex that I just moved into, rarely a day goes by that I don’t spot a neighbor walking Spot (or Buster or Bella). Does everyone there own a dog except me? And what about all the cats I’m not seeing?

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