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16 Reasons to Be Envious of Austin [Infographic]

By John Egan   March 4, 2015

Austin TX

Sure, we like to keep it weird here in Austin, TX. But the reasons we love Austin go well beyond the weird vibe. For instance, Thrillist recently declared Austin is the best barbecue city in America. Thrillist raved that “there’s not a city in the country doing more in both creative and classic styles than Austin, and that’s why we picked it as number one.”

Austin is at or near the top in various rankings. And it’s No. 1 in our hearts at SpareFoot. Here are 16 reasons why Austin should be No. 1 in your book as well. → Keep Reading

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SpareFoot Gears Up for Austin Startup Week

By John Egan   September 24, 2014

texas state capitol

Some of the people at SpareFoot won’t have much spare time during the upcoming Austin Startup Week. → Keep Reading

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Best Places in the U.S. to Cool Off Before Summer Ends

By Matt Schexnayder   August 22, 2014

200196324_00a68d6c74_z 2

The neighborhood pool is nice and all, but where are the really cool places you can cool off? SpareFoot was wondering this very thing, so we scoured the Internet to come up with the answer.

Taken from numerous “Best of” lists, we found the top spots all over the U.S. that are ideal for taking a dip. Find the one nearest you and go make a big splash before Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer!

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Best Cities for Dogs in the U.S.

By John Egan   May 20, 2014


Ah, a dog’s life. It’s pretty sweet, huh? You get petted. You get groomed. You get fed. You get loved.

Some dogs in the U.S. have particularly great lives, though. We’ve singled out seven cities where Fido’s life is really fine. To produce our ranking, we examined four “best cities for dogs” lists—from,, and Then, we picked the best of the best. Did your city bow-wow us? → Keep Reading

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Great 8: Top Cities for Cyclists in the U.S.

By Jenny Zhang   May 15, 2014

cyclists in austin

Austin repeatedly has been named one of the most bike-friendly cities in the U.S. by everyone from CNN to The Huffington Post, and for good reason. With a vibrant bike culture, huge student population, and citywide dedication to health and fitness, it’s hard for the average Austinite to resist the hundreds of spinning wheels that pass them by every day. → Keep Reading

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Austin Employees Are Highly Satisfied With Recognition They Receive at Work

By John Egan   May 9, 2014

smiling employee

We already know SpareFoot employees are a satisfied bunch. Last year, we were named the Best Place to Work in our category by the Austin Business Journal and the Top Workplace in our category by the Austin American-Statesman.

What we didn’t realize was how satisfied the entire Austin workforce is, at least when it comes to recognition for a job well done.

A recent study by Quantum Workplace (which runs the Best Places to Work program for the Austin Business Journal) found that Austin ranks third among the best U.S. cities for employee recognition. In Austin, 68 percent of workers are pleased with how they’re recognized. In the No. 1 spot is Huntsville, AL, at 73 percent, with Nashville, TN, in second place at 69 percent.

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Infographic: Portland vs. Austin — Which One Is the Weirdest?

By John Egan   March 14, 2014

portland vs. austin weird

It’s not a Hatfields-and-McCoys feud. It’s more like a friendly rivalry. The good people of Portland, OR, and Austin, TX–and in cities elsewhere–regularly debate which city qualifies as the weirdest. It’s almost a badge of honor, as each place strives to “keep it weird.”

Well, we decided to settle this debate once and for all. Here are our unbiased results (even though we live in Austin).

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In the Wake of SXSW Tragedy, Austin Must Rock On

By John Egan   March 13, 2014

SXSW tragedy

My heart melted a little this morning when I hopped online and checked my Twitter feed. There, on my computer screen, was a tweet that at first seemed unreal. It said that overnight, two people had been killed and nearly two dozen had been injured when an alleged drunk driver plowed through a crowd at South by Southwest here in Austin. As I quickly found out, the news was, sadly, true.

Dead are a man from the Netherlands, Steven Craenmehr, who was riding a bicycle, and an Austin woman, Jamie West, who was riding a motor scooter.

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Hey, Jimmy Kimmel! Here Are SpareFoot’s Picks for Best Barbecue in Austin

By John Egan   

Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo

On March 11, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel aired a segment featuring his trek with sidekick Guillermo to track down the best barbecue in Austin. That’s a tall order, to be sure.

Jimmy and Guillermo (pictured above) chowed down on some of Austin’s finest barbecue at four spots: Franklin Barbecue, La Barbecue, Micklethwait Craft Meats and John Mueller Meat Co. The duo porked out on brisket, ribs and other barbecued meats, with Guillermo grumbling at the final stop that he was stuffed.

In the end, Jimmy wimped out and picked all four barbecue joints as the “winner.” Here at SpareFoot, we aren’t wimpy when it comes to barbecue. We’re not afraid to say which barbecue spots we worship.

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The SpareFoot List: America’s Top 15 Apartment Boom Towns

By Elizabeth Whalen   March 9, 2014

apartment building

If you live in an apartment, you could have the luxury of living across the hall from your friends or the misery of living down the hall from your nemesis (bonus points if he’s named Newman). Perhaps you enjoy the simple comfort of knowing someone else is responsible for fixing a leaky sink. Or maybe you constantly feel as though you’re trapped in a mystery novel titled “WTF Are My Upstairs Neighbors Always Doing at 2 in the Morning?”

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