The Best Coffee Shops in Austin

By Tony Emerson   April 17, 2014

coffee shops

If you ask a completely random Austinite about his or her favorite coffee shop, you’ll probably get a completely random answer. The cup runneth over with literally hundreds of shops in the city that get the job done. Usually, though, it’s the location, ambiance or availability of power outlets that sets these coffee shops apart. Since to most people coffee is coffee, your average Austin resident will tend to forgive–or at least place less importance on–the coffee itself and pick the nearest place to his or her home or office.

Fortunately for you, the reader, I’m no forgiving reviewer of coffee shops. To me and a small but adamant group of coffee enthusiasts (or snobs, depending on your disposition), some shops perform far above and beyond the norm in Austin.

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Fired Up: Motorcycle Magnate Jesse James Launches Gun-Making Startup in Austin

By John Egan   November 21, 2013

Jesse James

We’ve seen all sorts of startups pop up in or move to Austin. In many cases, they make money in the software or Internet spaces. SpareFoot fits into that category.

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SpareFoot Named Austin Area’s Best Small Employer in Top Workplaces Program

By John Egan   November 18, 2013

sparefoot top workplace

AUSTIN, TX—Austin-based SpareFoot, which operates the country’s largest online marketplace for self-storage, has been named the Austin area’s best small employer in the Austin American-Statesman’s Top Workplaces program.

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An Ode to Cheesy Goodness: SpareFoot’s Favorite Chile con Queso in Austin

By Jenny Zhang   November 7, 2013

torchy's queso

SpareFeet are a hungry bunch, and we love professing our love of food. After all, we are a startup bred to ox-like strength by a consistent diet of beer, champagne and breakfast tacos. Beer for our brains. Champagne for our hearts. Breakfast tacos for our bones. And the blood that runs through our veins? It’s cheese—chile con queso, to be exact. How else are we going to win the Austin Startup Games again next year?

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University of Texas Startups: Root, Root, Root for Our Team

By John Egan   September 19, 2013

university of texas startups

By far the most famous startup born at The University of Texas’ flagship campus in Austin is Dell Inc. In 1984, Michael Dell founded the PC company in his UT dorm room, then dropped out of the university to focus solely on his startup. The company has come a long way since then—Dell Inc. racked up nearly $57 billion in revenue in fiscal 2013.

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Dear Paul Resnikoff: Why Austin Isn’t ‘Very Sucky’

By John Egan   September 11, 2013

i love you so much austin

I’m not a regular reader of Digital Music News. Yes, I enjoy music, but not enough to read about it in-depth. A few days ago, I somehow stumbled upon a Digital Music News article with this headline: “10 Reasons Why Austin Is Starting to Suck.”

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3 Austin Startups Born in 2009 That Are Really Kicking Butt

By John Egan   August 20, 2013

successful austin startups

Back in 2009, two young entrepreneurs moved to Austin, TX, to nurture their young company, called Homstie. Launched a year earlier in Southern California, Homstie helped people rent spare space in places like garages to others needing to store their belongings.

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5 of Austin’s Best Business-Friendly Bars

By Veronica Meewes   July 25, 2013


Work-friendly coffee shops are scattered throughout the startup-nurturing city of Austin, TX, but sometimes a business get-together calls for something a little stiffer than Baileys Irish Cream-flavored coffee.

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Austin’s Startup Scene: The Hottest in the USA

By John Egan   July 22, 2013


When it comes to which U.S. startup hub is the hottest of the hottest, guess which city comes out on top? Our very own hometown of Austin, TX.

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Why Is It So Tough to Hire Tech Talent in Austin?

By John Egan   July 2, 2013


If you’re a software developer, you probably can write your own ticket at any number of employers in Austin, TX. Why? Because the demand greatly exceeds the supply.

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