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Where Your Client Relations Friends at SpareFoot Go Home for the Holidays

By Jenny Zhang   November 25, 2013

SpareFoot Client Relations Team

While everyone at SpareFoot now calls Austin home, our team members came from far and wide to get here. Now that the holidays have arrived, many SpareFeet are planning voyages back to their hometowns to visit family, old friends and favorite nostalgic spots. This includes our Client Relations Team, the friendly folks you talk to whenever you call or email SpareFoot. They’re always here to help our facility clients, like you!

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We’re Heeeeere: Happy Halloween From SpareFoot!

By Jenny Zhang   October 31, 2013


If your office is anything like our office, you were probably a little afraid of coming into work today. Not because it’s Halloween (it’s Halloween?!), but because we had no idea what costumes the dark and twisted minds of our colleagues were going to come up with. Sure enough, SpareFeet did not disappoint.

We are SpareFoot. We bid you welcome…

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New @MySpareFoot Twitter Account Says ‘We Love Our Clients’ in 140 Characters

By Jenny Zhang   October 28, 2013


SpareFoot is dedicated to supporting our clients and building a sense of community. That’s why we recently created the @MySpareFoot Twitter account. We know what you’re thinking: Another company jumping on the Twitter bandwagon? Hear us out…

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9 Companies That Offer Great Customer Service

By John Egan   October 25, 2013

smiley face

At SpareFoot, our Customer Experience Team and Client Relations Team strive to deliver top-rate customer service. The customer group helps the people who are paying money to rent self-storage units, and the client group helps the people who are making money by renting out self-storage units that they own or operate. Through our rigorous hiring process, we recruit the best of the best to assist our customers and clients by phone and by email.

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A Better Storage Experience: SpareFoot Customer Dashboard

By Jenny Zhang   August 26, 2013

We’re constantly thinking about how we can send our facility clients higher-quality leads while providing a hassle-free storage experience for customers. That’s why we’re so excited about our new Customer Dashboard!

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New SpareFoot Hours, Same Great Experience

By Jenny Zhang   July 30, 2013


Have you ever called a company’s customer support line, only to have the worst experience ever? Maybe you were on hold for 10 minutes, then redirected to seven different people. On top of that, the representative who finally “helped” you was just plain rude.

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New SpareFoot Layout Promotes More of Your Units!

By Jenny Zhang   June 26, 2013


We’ve always worked hard to optimize the SpareFoot experience for you, but the front end of our website needed some love. We’ve been obsessively talking to our storage-seeking customers and conducting tons of surveys to figure out the best on-site experience for them. A better user experience means more storage reservations, which is why we’re excited to announce our new search results layout on SpareFoot!

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New Review Response Feature in MySpareFoot!

By Jenny Zhang   May 27, 2013


The Reviews section of your MySpareFoot account just got a facelift! We updated it to work smarter and look prettier for you. In the past, you needed to email us in order to publicly reply to a customer review. We decided it was time to simplify this process. It’s a great opportunity to show off your awesome customer service to prospective tenants! → Keep Reading

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Move-In Verification Emails + Win $75 in SpareBucks!

By Jenny Zhang   April 30, 2013


As SpareFoot has grown, we’ve been able to send more and more reservations to the facilities listed on our advertising network. More reservations means more tenants for facilities, but it also means that end-of-month statements that we send clients are longer and much less fun to reconcile. You’re probably no stranger to our move-in verification emails (with subject line: Did _____ Move In?) that we send the day after a tenant is scheduled to move into your facility. Here’s why we send them and why they’re making our clients’ lives easier!

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A Startup’s Guide to Staying Productive (Especially When There’s Free Beer)

By Jenny Zhang   April 10, 2013


Being productive and efficient is more than just an admirable quality for startups; it’s an absolute must, especially when most don’t have as many resources or employees as the bigger guys. But with all of the free beer, open office layouts and distractions from emails, social media and co-workers, how can a startup stay constantly productive? I asked the highly prolific employees of SpareFoot to share some of their tips and strategies for staying focused even when the email notifications just don’t stop and the Solo cup runneth over.

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