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Storing B.O.A.T.S. (Based On A True Storage) For Winter, Especially Kayaks & Canoes

By Zachary Chetchavat   November 14, 2012

If you own a boat, congratulations! Whether it is a canoe, kayak or pontoon, you are the owner of a small personal watercraft, and therefore awesome. Ignore the jeers from those who own fishing boats and yachts, because your small person-powered watercraft is better for you and the environment. Unfortunately, at press time, temperatures have dropped significantly and things are beginning to get icy out there at sea (or lake/river). You can’t be boating all year round, so here is some handy advice on how to store your shiny little boat.

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A Greener Self-Storage Experience

By Rachel Greenfield   April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day, friends. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make the self-storage experience as environmentally friendly as possible. The storage industry is actually inherently greener than many others that utilize commercial buildings. Storage facilities are made of steel, which is a recyclable material. Facility offices produce less waste, as fewer employees are needed to maintain operations. And because storage units and lockers are not accessed very frequently, they use little energy— especially those that don’t offer climate-controlled self-storage.

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Storing A Boat

By Tony Emerson   April 12, 2011

The long-term storage of a boat, much like that of a car or motorcycle, can be a time-staking process. Whether you’re storing a fishing boat, sailboat, ski boat or even a yacht, the more work you put into storing a boat, the easier it will be to de-winterize and get back on the water. If you don’t have the time or mechanical skills to winterize and otherwise prepare your boat for long-term storage,  paying a boatyard to perform the labor is an additional cost of owning a boat.

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How To Prepare Your Boat For A Winter In Self-Storage

By Keith Goode   November 10, 2010

Self storage rental units are an inexpensive place to dry-dock your boat for the winter. However, you’ll want to take a few steps to properly prepare your boat for long-term boat storage. These preparations will ensure that your boat is ready for use when the temperatures rise again.

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