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Austin Startups + Entrepreneurs You Should be Following on Twitter

By Matthew Stites   December 11, 2013


The Austin tech scene is a constant buzz of activity, and it’s a daunting task to stay current with all the startup crawls, happy hours, acquisitions and emerging companies. If you’re like me, you’re part of the growing number of Americans who know the value of social media platforms like Twitter as a fast, personalized source for news. It’s the key for every Austinite who considers him or herself in the know.

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Our Favorite Austin Startups (Besides Ourselves)

By Jenny Zhang   May 13, 2013


While we’d like to delude ourselves into thinking that we’re the hottest startup around, it’s simply not true. Being in Austin means that we’re surrounded by troves of talented and genuinely awesome startups with unique histories, cultures and products. If this were high school, every startup here would be the valedictorian (or Zac Efron). Here’s Part I of our favorite Austin startups (other than ourselves).

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Our Oh-So-Close Encounter With President Obama

By John Egan   May 9, 2013


If you’ve never heard of Capital Factory, here’s the scoop: It’s the Austin business incubator program that essentially reared us. Capital Factory is one of the reasons why SpareFoot exists today, which is why we were pretty stoked to hear that President Obama would be dropping by our first real “home” (across the street from our current office) during his stop in Austin. (We weren’t so stoked about the closed streets and massive police presence, though).

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SpareFoot, A History: Our Tech Startup Over The Years

By John Donegan   July 26, 2012

Before leaving to study abroad in Singapore his junior year, Chuck realized he would need storage space for his furniture and other belongings. A traditional storage unit would cost hundreds of dollars— his dad pointed out that rent on the unit would cost more than the worth of its contents. He ended up storing his stuff in spare closets and garages of friends, including that of best friend and future co-founder, Mario. An idea was born.

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New Blog And Austin Update

By Thor Andersen   June 25, 2009

Alright, we’ve just installed our new blog, and you’re reading it.  We’ll do a better job of keeping you updated.  For starters, we’ve been working on a number of really big changes to the site, and will start rolling out the first of them in the next few days.  So hold on!

We’ve now been a full month in Austin.  Texas is hot in ways that California wasn’t.  I now understand why climate control is such an important amenity for storage.  You don’t want your belongings to fry! The Capital Factory program has been amazing so far and keeps getting better.  We worked with Clutch Creative on our rebranding.  The new name fits well and the logo looks great!  Josh Baer of OtherInbox, John Price of, Jeremy Bencken of BuzzStream, Michael Trafton of Blue Fish, the list goes on! are just a few among the mentors who have been inspiring us, tearing us apart, and showing us the light.  It’s great to have them on our team.  Though we’ve been spending most of our waking hours in the office working on taking Sparefoot to the next level, we’ve also had a chance to go tubing, eat Tex-Mex, check out the bats, and see 6th St on a weekend.

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