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Austin Networking Events: Where Should You Be?

By Jenny Zhang   May 1, 2013


It’s a Tuesday night and you’re eating a TV dinner alone. It’s been a long time since you’ve gone out into that world, and you’re a little worried your skills have gotten rusty over the months. What will people think of me? What do I wear? What do I talk about? You can’t stop thinking about the networking get-together your friend told you about days ago. You know the one: the meetup that the startup you’ve been crushing on is going to be at.

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Land the Job: How to Rock Your Startup Interview

By Jenny Zhang   April 9, 2013


Interviews at startups are pretty tricky situations if you think about it: how do you present yourself as a professional and qualified candidate when everything you’ve read and heard about startups is that they’re fun, casual and love beer? It’s a dangerous balance–how can you make yourself seem like a serious potential employee, while still coming across as a cool person and someone the company could see themselves hanging out with?

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Cover Letter Dos and Don’ts: Startup Edition

By Jenny Zhang   April 4, 2013


Remember those classes and tutorials you sat through in college about proper cover letter and resume writing that included everything from using a formal, “To whom it may concern,” to including an “Objective:” section in your resume? Take everything you’ve learned and throw it out the window, because it’s wrong–if you’re applying to a startup, that is.

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Recent College Grads: How To Get A Job At A Sweet Tech Startup

By Jenny Zhang   January 7, 2013

Hey you. Yeah, I’m talking to you: recent graduate and desperately unemployed. Maybe you’re the guy who was involved in every club in college and graduated with three majors. Or maybe you changed your major in junior year from zoology to nursing. Or maybe you’re like me and spent four years listening to people tell you that your English degree would ultimately amount to nothing.

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