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From the Minds of Millennials at SpareFoot: What Matters Most in the Workplace

By John Egan   December 3, 2013

Generation Y

Contrary to popular perception, the chairs at SpareFoot aren’t filled solely with members of what’s known as the Millennial generation or Generation Y. True, our two co-founders–Chuck Gordon and Mario Feghali–are Millennials and our office crackles with a youthful vibe, but we’ve got a number of folks who hail from other generations, including yours truly.

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Move Over, Spielberg: SpareFoot Made a Short Film!

By Jenny Zhang   July 18, 2013


In 1979, Francis Ford Coppola dragged his cast and crew to the sweltering jungles of the Philippines to create what would become widely acknowledged as one of the greatest films of all time, “Apocalypse Now.” In 2013, an Austin startup had the same dream. Sort of.

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How Open Is Your Workspace?

By John Egan   July 3, 2013


Here at SpareFoot, we pride ourselves on maintaining an environment that cultivates teamwork and productivity. Many of us work in open spaces that look nothing like the cubicle-filled land of the “Dilbert” cartoon or the drab space on “The Office” TV show.

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Hey, Kim and Kanye! Want Some Free Storage Space?

By John Egan   June 24, 2013


AUSTIN, TX—Even new mother Kim Kardashian knows the value of storage.

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SpareFoot Happy Hours: An NSFW Work Tradition

By Jenny Zhang   June 12, 2013


There are a lot of legendary things at SpareFoot that demand explanations: our mythical LDR team; what goes on back in the sales pit (we don’t dare to find out); how our marketing guru Rachel Greenfield stays impeccably fashionable every single day; and, of course, our notorious happy hours. Then again, maybe “happy” is an understatement or, rather, a misnomer.

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We Did It! SpareFoot Named Best Place to Work in Austin

By John Egan   June 6, 2013


We won! We won! We won!

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SpareFoot Customer Reviews: Self-Storage Is ‘Very Secure’

By John Egan   June 4, 2013


AUSTIN, TX—A new SpareFoot analysis of thousands of customer reviews shows self-storage renters believe that U.S. self-storage facilities they have used are “very secure.”

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SpareFoot Survey: One in Six Americans Moved in Past Year

By John Egan   May 22, 2013


AUSTIN, TX–According to a survey commissioned by self-storage marketplace SpareFoot, one in six American adults (16 percent) moved within the past 12 months, with 57 percent of those movers relocating to homes just 25 miles away or less. The most common reason for relocating was to settle into a bigger or better home (18 percent), and the second most popular reason was moving for work (15 percent). Both of those statistics point to positive economic movement.

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Our Favorite Austin Startups (Besides Ourselves)

By Jenny Zhang   May 13, 2013


While we’d like to delude ourselves into thinking that we’re the hottest startup around, it’s simply not true. Being in Austin means that we’re surrounded by troves of talented and genuinely awesome startups with unique histories, cultures and products. If this were high school, every startup here would be the valedictorian (or Zac Efron). Here’s Part I of our favorite Austin startups (other than ourselves).

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Host Chario 2013

By Jenny Zhang   April 16, 2013


Every year during South by Southwest, our co-founders Chuck and Mario rent out their apartment on Airbnb and solicit the generous hearts of various SpareFoot employees for lodging, in an event they dub “Host Chario.” The two rapscallions stay with a different SpareFooter every night for the length of SXSW, offering their culinary skills and good company in exchange for a warm bed at night–and tape their misadventures along the way. This is the true story of two co-founders picked to live in a house, cook together and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite…and start getting real. This is Host Chario 2013:

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