How to Avoid 10 Common Decluttering Mistakes

By John Egan   April 8, 2014


Here’s a startling statistic: The U.S. has an estimated 40 million clutterers, according to Beverly Keyes Taylor, author of “Clutter to Clarity: The Easy Key to Organizing.”

Can’t wrap your brain around that figure? Then consider this: That’s about the same number of people who live in the New York City, Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth metro areas—combined.

While cluttering may not be an epidemic in the U.S., it certainly qualifies as a major headache. Of course, decluttering is the remedy, but it’s obvious that a lot of us aren’t taking the medicine.

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Can the New Clutter App Help Solve Our Clutter Mess?

By Kathryn Hawkins   October 29, 2013

clutter app

Self-storage facilities originally were intended to be short-term solutions for people who were planning to sell goods or move them into a bigger house. But for many Americans, self-storage now is a “leave it and forget it” solution–they store stuff that won’t fit into their homes and frequently leave it in storage for long periods.

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Why Millions of Us Really Do Need Self-Storage

By John Egan   October 17, 2013

why do we need self storage

Self-storage has been taking it on the chin recently, and now it’s time to fight back.

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How to Organize Your Attic

By Guest Contributor   October 11, 2013


[ by Nannette Richford, Next Door Storage ]

Attics are notorious for being cluttered with half-filled boxes and piles of unused items that are simply too good to throw away, but still get in the way. Sometimes this includes family heirlooms or old documents that, because of disorganization, end up getting lost of destroyed. Just because you use your attic for storage is no excuse for it to look like it was hit by a cyclone.

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How to Keep Your Home Tidy: 13 Fantastic Tips

By John Egan   October 4, 2013

messy house

So, you’ve got two years’ worth of Vogue magazines sloppily piled up on the floor next to your sofa. And you’ve got enough makeup scattered around your bathroom vanity to beautify the entire cast of “America’s Next Top Model.” And your kids’ toys look like they’ve been through a Toys R Us raid.

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De-Cluttering Your Home: From the Bedroom to the Garage

By Guest Contributor   September 25, 2013

decluttering your house

[ by Dina Colman, Four Quadrant Living ]

Is your garage so full that you can’t park your car in it? Are there piles of papers in your office that prevent you from finding what you need? Do you have magazines from five years ago? Do you keep every gift, even if you don’t like it? Is your closet filled with clothes that haven’t been worn in years?

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6 Signs That You’re a Hoarder

By Deb Hipp   September 23, 2013


The blinds are closed and the curtains drawn. If someone knocks, you open the door just a crack to hide the mess inside. Is this you or someone you know? And if so, does all that stuff you’ve accumulated mean you’re a hoarder?

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Organizing Your New Home: 12 Tips for Getting It Done

By John Egan   September 17, 2013

organizing your new home

Buying a new home is daunting enough as it is, what with securing a mortgage, vacating your old place and moving your belongings. So it’s understandable if organizing your new home isn’t on the top of your mind. Yet experts say it’s the perfect time to organize—when you’ve got a clean slate.

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10 Tidiest Towns in America

By Elizabeth Whalen   September 10, 2013

tidiest towns in america

When you were young, your mother tried—and hopefully succeeded at—teaching you the importance of tidiness. Although you probably ignored her advice throughout your teenage and college years, especially during finals, you eventually acknowledged she was right. If not, you risk teasing or even criticism from your roommate, spouse or boss, or even dear old Mom when she comes to visit.

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How to Actually Make Room for a Car in Your Garage

By Tim Green   July 31, 2013


When it’s a squeeze to open the door of the one car you can fit into a two-car garage, it’s time to clean out the garage.

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