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4 Cheap Summer Trips for College Students

By Guest Contributor   June 17, 2013

Wish you were here

[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT ]

In the words of Alice Cooper, school’s out for summer. If you’re a college student, you’re relieved to be finished with finals, rid of your weird roommates and away from the book-laden world of academia—at least for a while.

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4 Things Every Renter Should Know About Renter’s Insurance

By Guest Contributor   June 11, 2013


[ by Jamie Shalvey, GradGuard]

When renting an apartment, have you ever considered how much all of your belongings are worth? If they were damaged or stolen, would you be able to pay to replace them? If not, a renter’s insurance policy could help. For around the cost of a once-a-month pizza delivery, you could protect your personal property.

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College Students: What Will You Do With Your Stuff?

By Jenny Zhang   May 6, 2013


Let’s face it: The last thing you want to think about when you’re flooded with end-of-the-year finals, essays and tutorials is what you’re going to do with your stuff over the summer. You might be studying abroad, signing a new lease or even going back home to live with your parents, but the question still remains: Where can you store your stuff? Don’t stress out, collegiate masses: Here are some options to consider while you still have the time and energy left to think.

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Spare Funds Scholarship Winner Joyce Kim Is Saving The World

By John Donegan   August 28, 2012

We received 89 applications to our Spare Funds scholarship from all over the world, including hopefuls from Pakistan, China, Ghana, Tunisia and India. They ranged in age from 18 to 59, majoring in everything from dance to microbiology. With so many interesting candidates, it was a difficult choice, but there was one clear winner. A rising junior at the University of Kentucky, the amazing Joyce Kim is our recipient of $5,000 for tuition and a semester of free self-storage.

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