Be Prepared: Must-Have Emergency Items for Home

By Guest Contributor   August 14, 2013


When disaster strikes, being prepared for the unexpected can be a vital factor in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Life can be unpredictable, but preparing for a variety of potential disasters, such as fires and storms, can give you some peace of mind.

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Emergency Food Storage For The Zombie Apocalypse

By Tony Emerson   October 25, 2011

Emergency food storage is an extremely interesting topic for me for two reasons. First, I kind of consider myself a foodie. I’m no Anthony Bourdain, but I have read enough Yelp reviews to know what “umami” means. Second, I thoroughly enjoy playing out survival scenarios in my head. And, in my mind, the most probable survival scenario that will occur in my lifetime will be an infection that causes zombie-like behavior. Yes, zombies.

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