Evan Huston

Host Chario 2013

By Jenny Zhang   April 16, 2013


Every year during South by Southwest, our co-founders Chuck and Mario rent out their apartment on Airbnb and solicit the generous hearts of various SpareFoot employees for lodging, in an event they dub “Host Chario.” The two rapscallions stay with a different SpareFooter every night for the length of SXSW, offering their culinary skills and good company in exchange for a warm bed at night–and tape their misadventures along the way. This is the true story of two co-founders picked to live in a house, cook together and have their lives taped to find out what happens when people stop being polite…and start getting real. This is Host Chario 2013:

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A Startup’s Guide to Staying Productive (Especially When There’s Free Beer)

By Jenny Zhang   April 10, 2013


Being productive and efficient is more than just an admirable quality for startups; it’s an absolute must, especially when most don’t have as many resources or employees as the bigger guys. But with all of the free beer, open office layouts and distractions from emails, social media and co-workers, how can a startup stay constantly productive? I asked the highly prolific employees of SpareFoot to share some of their tips and strategies for staying focused even when the email notifications just don’t stop and the Solo cup runneth over.

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Meet the SpareFeet: The Many Talents of Evan Huston

By Jenny Zhang   December 18, 2012

When I sat down to interview Evan, our senior developer at SpareFoot, I had no idea that I was about to talk to the true definition of “a jack of all trades.” In addition to allocating the dev team among different projects, running sprints, and handling his own projects as a developer, Evan has an eclectic set of skills and an amazingly interesting past peppered with chef-dom, playing in a rock band, and helping fellow SpareFeet with real estate.

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