How to Make Your Industry Sexy on Social Media

By Matthew Stites   August 5, 2013


Let’s face it. Despite the inherent sex appeal of each and every SpareFooter (see above), self-storage can be a decidedly non-sexy industry. Just look at Darrell on Storage Wars. So how does SpareFoot get our fans and followers as excited as we are about all things storage? As SpareFoot’s Social Media Dude, I’ll answer that question with the four tenets of social media sexiness.

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18 Awesome Tips for Hosting a Successful Garage Sale

By Clarisa Ramirez   July 9, 2013


You need to get rid of some stuff and want to make a little extra cash. There’s no better way to clean out your closet and fatten your wallet than by hosting a garage sale. But staging a successful one—where you actually make money and sell the majority of your unwanted stuff—takes planning and preparation.

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Why Is It So Tough to Hire Tech Talent in Austin?

By John Egan   July 2, 2013


If you’re a software developer, you probably can write your own ticket at any number of employers in Austin, TX. Why? Because the demand greatly exceeds the supply.

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SpareFoot’s College Mini-Fridge Giveaway

By Matthew Stites   May 7, 2013


Is it summer already? With final exams and summertime plans, the month of May promises to be frantic. Fortunately, SpareFoot is making college finals and move-out season fun by giving away The Ultimate Mini-Fridge on Facebook! One lucky student will win a retro-inspired fridge designed by Nostalgia Electrics, decorated with custom SpareFoot decals and loaded with Monster energy drinks!

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A Startup’s Guide to Staying Productive (Especially When There’s Free Beer)

By Jenny Zhang   April 10, 2013


Being productive and efficient is more than just an admirable quality for startups; it’s an absolute must, especially when most don’t have as many resources or employees as the bigger guys. But with all of the free beer, open office layouts and distractions from emails, social media and co-workers, how can a startup stay constantly productive? I asked the highly prolific employees of SpareFoot to share some of their tips and strategies for staying focused even when the email notifications just don’t stop and the Solo cup runneth over.

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