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Simplify Your Life with Springtime Organizing

By Guest Contributor   February 19, 2013

[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

Spring cleaning and spring organizing go hand in hand. It’s all well and good to give your home a thorough scrub and clear up the clutter when spring comes around, but if you remain unorganized after your mop-and-broom frenzy, it can be easy to return to your old habits. Before you start, think about the problem areas in your home. Is your desk constantly a mess? Are you always searching for your keys? Concentrate on ways to solve those problems first.

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The Big Move: How to Avoid Moving Fraud

By Guest Contributor   January 28, 2013

[ by Collin Bass, uShip ]

On Jan. 14, SpareFoot marketing manager Rachel Greenfield and uShip VP Dean Xeros appeared on a HuffPost Live segment called “The Big Move.” The piece offers some valuable advice for the moving process, along with a couple of horror stories that resulted from moving fraud. Watch the piece here.

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Think Outside The Box: Shipping Container Homes

By Guest Contributor   January 22, 2013

[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

SpareFoot is a big proponent of finding new uses for otherwise traditional self-storage spaces. From turning your garage into a living space to keeping Star Wars memorabilia in check, there are all kinds of ways to get creative with how you store your stuff. The next unusual installment in that series? Shipping container homes.

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How To Choose The Right Full-Service Mover

By Guest Contributor   June 4, 2012

by Jason Clark

Moving is stressful! You spent weeks finding the perfect home, and now you have to figure out how to get all of your stuff to the new house in one piece. You might be tempted to just rent a truck and storage unit and do the move yourself, but moving a three-bedroom home can be daunting. A full-service mover does all the work, and can even professionally pack all of your belongings for you. Here are some tips to ensure you pick the right full-service mover:

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How To Throw A Memorable Housewarming Party

By Rachel Greenfield   May 21, 2012

by Nancy LaFever

Housewarming parties serve several important purposes. If you’re hosting your own party, it’s a way to welcome people into your new home, meet your new neighbors and offer a thank-you to everyone who helped facilitate the move.

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DIY Self-Storage vs. Moving Company Storage

By Rachel Greenfield   May 14, 2012

by Tim Patrick

During the process of moving, it’s not uncommon to require short-term or long-term storage for some or all of your furniture and possessions. There are two main types of storage services available to you, depending on whether you’re hiring a professional moving company or opting for a DIY move.

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Avoid Summer Damage With Climate-Controlled Storage

By Rachel Greenfield   August 1, 2011

by Abby Bramski of Storage Post

Temperature and climate conditions aren’t things most people think about before renting self-storage units, but they are crucial when you consider how long your items are going to be sitting inside a unit. The same way you wouldn’t leave perishable food items sitting out on the counter for more than a few days is the same way you should think about climate-controlled storage for your items.

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