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Costume Storage For Halloween And Beyond

By Zachary Chetchavat   October 11, 2012

The SpareFoot team on Halloween 2011.

Halloween is around the corner, and costumes have become a topic of conversation around the office. Personally, I’m not a big costume guy, but I know many people who have a cache of costumes prepared for conventions, themed parties and LARPing (live action role playing). In the initial stages of costume acquisition, storage is simple. You hang the Spider-Man costume in the closet and tuck your foam swords neatly in the corner of your room.

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Emergency Food Storage For The Zombie Apocalypse

By Tony Emerson   October 25, 2011

Emergency food storage is an extremely interesting topic for me for two reasons. First, I kind of consider myself a foodie. I’m no Anthony Bourdain, but I have read enough Yelp reviews to know what “umami” means. Second, I thoroughly enjoy playing out survival scenarios in my head. And, in my mind, the most probable survival scenario that will occur in my lifetime will be an infection that causes zombie-like behavior. Yes, zombies.

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BLOOD SHED: The Horror of Self-Storage

By Rachel Greenfield   October 24, 2011

This Halloween, SpareFoot wants to remind you just how spooky self-storage can be. So we spoke with filmmaker Patrick Hasson, whose upcoming movie, “BLOOD SHED,” has 24-hour access to our climate-controlled facility of fear. And the climate, dear readers, is chilling.

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