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How to Make Your Industry Sexy on Social Media

By Matthew Stites   August 5, 2013


Let’s face it. Despite the inherent sex appeal of each and every SpareFooter (see above), self-storage can be a decidedly non-sexy industry. Just look at Darrell on Storage Wars. So how does SpareFoot get our fans and followers as excited as we are about all things storage? As SpareFoot’s Social Media Dude, I’ll answer that question with the four tenets of social media sexiness.

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How to Actually Make Room for a Car in Your Garage

By Tim Green   July 31, 2013


When it’s a squeeze to open the door of the one car you can fit into a two-car garage, it’s time to clean out the garage.

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How to Live With Your Parents: 8 Great Tips from Experts

By Clarisa Ramirez   July 15, 2013


In 2011, Galia Abramson found herself moving back to her parents’ house in Princeton, NJ, at age 22. She spent a year living in an a studio apartment in New York City’s East Village after graduating from New York University—until her rent was raised by $750 a month.

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Organizer Lorie Marrero: How to Put Yourself on a Clutter Diet

By Allie Johnson   June 13, 2013


Clutter left unchecked can pile up all around you, causing an avalanche of stress—and a waste of time and money.

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How to Protect Your Self-Storage Unit

By Anne Wynter   June 5, 2013


Falling victim to a burglary is always devastating, but having your possessions stolen from a self-storage unit usually comes as a complete shock. “Good Morning America” recently reported that self-storage theft is on the rise and that consumers who rent storage units should be concerned about the safety of their items.

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How to Move From a House to an Apartment

By Guest Contributor   May 20, 2013

Packing, Moving, and Storage

[ by Josh Dudleston, Priority Moving ]

Change is inevitable. For example, at some point or another, you may move to a new home. The reasons are numerous: a need to cut expenses, a new job in a new city, a desire for a better lifestyle, a need for a change of scenery, the breakup of a relationship.

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Land the Job: How to Rock Your Startup Interview

By Jenny Zhang   April 9, 2013


Interviews at startups are pretty tricky situations if you think about it: how do you present yourself as a professional and qualified candidate when everything you’ve read and heard about startups is that they’re fun, casual and love beer? It’s a dangerous balance–how can you make yourself seem like a serious potential employee, while still coming across as a cool person and someone the company could see themselves hanging out with?

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How To Hire The Perfect Salesperson For Your Company

By Jenny Zhang   February 6, 2013

Sales is the hardest position to hire for, and with good reason–the typical day of a salesperson involves rejection, rebuttals, criticism, overall put offs, and very occasionally, a successful sale. Those who can take all of that and still come away as eager and passionate to do their job–and well–again the next day are a rare find, and few and far between.

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The Big Move: How to Avoid Moving Fraud

By Guest Contributor   January 28, 2013

[ by Collin Bass, uShip ]

On Jan. 14, SpareFoot marketing manager Rachel Greenfield and uShip VP Dean Xeros appeared on a HuffPost Live segment called “The Big Move.” The piece offers some valuable advice for the moving process, along with a couple of horror stories that resulted from moving fraud. Watch the piece here.

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Recent College Grads: How To Get A Job At A Sweet Tech Startup

By Jenny Zhang   January 7, 2013

Hey you. Yeah, I’m talking to you: recent graduate and desperately unemployed. Maybe you’re the guy who was involved in every club in college and graduated with three majors. Or maybe you changed your major in junior year from zoology to nursing. Or maybe you’re like me and spent four years listening to people tell you that your English degree would ultimately amount to nothing.

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