The Ten Commandments of IKEA Furniture: Part 2

By Tony Emerson   August 19, 2013

Man breaks overtigthening IKEA commandment

This is Part 2 of a two-part series about IKEA and other brands of flat-pack, ready-to-assemble furniture. For commandments 1 through 5, please refer to Part 1.

6. Thou shalt employ only one assembler per piece of furniture.
The idea that IKEA ends relationships is certainly overblown, but it’s rooted in a harsh truth: You’re better off alone. Adding another person to the mix creates an unnecessary layer of coordination and cooperation on top of the already stressful task. Because of the high likelihood of errors, tag-teaming an IKEA assembly project is tantamount to hosting in-laws for an unspecified period of time–you’re just asking for a disagreement.

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The Ten Commandments of IKEA Furniture: Part 1

By Tony Emerson   August 8, 2013

10 IKEA Commandments

This is part one of a two-part series about how to build IKEA and other ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture. Click here for Part 2.

When it comes to budget furniture, nobody does it better than IKEA. But part of that cost-saving is labor–the labor that you put in to turn that flat-pack box into a piece of furniture. As with any DIY project, ready-to-assemble furniture is an adventure; a composite of tribulations and accomplishment.

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Quick Ways To Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

By Guest Contributor   September 25, 2012

[ by Jason Clark, Moving.com ] 

Moving is about so much more than just changing your address. It also means leaving the house or apartment you’ve spent years molding into a home, and starting new with a blank slate somewhere else. Settling in takes time, but you can expedite that “feels like home” feeling with these simple tips.

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5 Supplies Make Self-Storage Easy

By Matthew Stites   January 16, 2012

Ready for your move? SpareFoot is here to make sure your self-storage experience goes as smoothly as possible, so we’ve prepared a top 5 list of the most important components of an organized, safe storage unit.

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