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Cover Letter Dos and Don’ts: Startup Edition

By Jenny Zhang   April 4, 2013


Remember those classes and tutorials you sat through in college about proper cover letter and resume writing that included everything from using a formal, “To whom it may concern,” to including an “Objective:” section in your resume? Take everything you’ve learned and throw it out the window, because it’s wrong–if you’re applying to a startup, that is.

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Does Your College Major Matter in the Real World?

By Jenny Zhang   March 4, 2013

The wealth of polarizing literature on the relative importance of the undergraduate degree has increased in recent years, with everyone from Forbes to The New York Times chiming in. The issue is so pressing that last December, Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposed a “$10,000 Degree Challenge” to 28 state colleges by asking them to charge students a frozen $10,000 tuition for three years–but only in majors deemed “job-friendly.” What exactly does that mean? Ultimately, an undergraduate would have to pay more for a degree in the liberal arts than for a degree in math and the sciences.

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