6 Dirtiest Places in Your Home

By Guest Contributor   September 27, 2013


[ by Mark Healey, You Move Me ]

From our normal vantage point, most living spaces appear clean and well-maintained. As long as a surface isn’t caked with mud or isn’t displaying ever-evolving mold, we generally feel secure.

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“Corporate” Chefs + Productivity: The Startup That Eats Together Stays Together

By Jenny Zhang   August 1, 2013


About 65 percent of Americans eat lunch at their desks or don’t take a break at all, according to an online survey by human resources consulting firm Right Management. For growing startups in particular, where typical days involve meetings, emails, endless to-dos and random surprises solvable only with improvisation, having a “real lunch” is a pipe dream that only ever occurs once in a blue moon–or at least when the internet goes down.

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Expert Annette Reyman Offers Room-By-Room Organizing Tips

By Allie Johnson   June 27, 2013


Getting your whole home organized can be an overwhelming task—especially if you have too much stuff. So, SpareFoot spoke with Annette Reyman, owner of All Right Organizing and president of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), to get some tips for organizing a house room by room.

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The Costs—and Cost Savings—for Home Improvement Projects

By John Egan   April 24, 2013

Courtesy of IC

From 1991 to 1999, Tim Allen–familiar to moviegoers as the voice of Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story”–starred in a TV sitcom called “Home Improvement.” Allen’s amusing and self-assured character, Tim Taylor, hosted a fictional TV show called “Tool Time.”

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A Startup’s Guide to Staying Productive (Especially When There’s Free Beer)

By Jenny Zhang   April 10, 2013


Being productive and efficient is more than just an admirable quality for startups; it’s an absolute must, especially when most don’t have as many resources or employees as the bigger guys. But with all of the free beer, open office layouts and distractions from emails, social media and co-workers, how can a startup stay constantly productive? I asked the highly prolific employees of SpareFoot to share some of their tips and strategies for staying focused even when the email notifications just don’t stop and the Solo cup runneth over.

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The SpareFoot Guide to Storing Beer

By Brian Shreckengast   March 28, 2013


Over the past decade, American beer drinkers have been fortunate enough to witness a brewing revolution, as evolving tastes and beer-making processes have pushed beer to a level of sophistication rivaling that of fine wine. As the over 2,000 breweries now making beer in America—up from 89 in 1979—compete to produce the most unique and sophisticated batches, some brewmasters have gone as far as to adopt a vital step of the winemaking process into their own craft: ageing. That’s right: while a driving force of the local-beer movement has been the need for fresh, crisp-tasting beer, some craft breweries have reversed this trend, producing beers that are meant to be kept for months or years—or even decades.

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Eat Your Heart Out, Bourdain: A Tour Of SpareFoot’s Kitchen

By Jenny Zhang   January 15, 2013

When we’re not eating Tacodeli every Monday, hungry SpareFeet can be found preparing tuna sandwiches, munching on pistachios, or waxing poetic to the coffee pot in the glorious SpareFoot kitchen. According to a survey by Staples Advantage, 73% of office workers said that a well-stocked kitchen would make them happier at work. It just so happens that 100% of SpareFeet are made happier and fuller by the SpareFoot kitchen, which surpasses “well-stocked” and more closely resembles a treasure trove of food. Welcome to paradise.

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Quick Ways To Make Your New Place Feel Like Home

By Guest Contributor   September 25, 2012

[ by Jason Clark, ] 

Moving is about so much more than just changing your address. It also means leaving the house or apartment you’ve spent years molding into a home, and starting new with a blank slate somewhere else. Settling in takes time, but you can expedite that “feels like home” feeling with these simple tips.

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