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10 Tasty Meeting Spots for Startup Folks in Austin

By Veronica Meewes   July 11, 2013


It’s clear from the proliferation of co-working spaces and coffee shops in Austin, TX, that there’s a definite (and growing) need for public workspaces. In addition to college students camping out in coffee shops and eateries throughout the school year, it’s common to see startup executives polishing their business plans, startup job seekers polishing their résumés, or both types of people meeting with prospective customers or employers.

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Get Crazy With Us At Interactive: RSVP for The SpareFoot Party!

By Jenny Zhang   February 28, 2013

We take partying as seriously as self-storage, so if you can only make it out to one party this year, make sure it’s ours. The SpareFoot Party is an unofficial Interactive party and live hip-hop/DJ showcase hosted by yours truly. Sounds range from throwback hip-hop to electronic to dancehall/reggae and beyond. Think dance party with a side of networking. 

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Storage Rocks: Stolen Format and Alternative Storage

By Jenny Zhang   February 12, 2013

Something other than couches, coffee tables, and memory-filled boxes inhabits the depths of Affordable Storage Solutions’ storage units in Pueblo, CO. Meet Nate Alcon, Zach Young and Nate Ward, otherwise known as Stolen Format. The band, an alternative rock group similar to Chevelle and Trapt, has been practicing in a storage unit at Affordable Storage Solutions since it came together two years ago. SpareFoot loves alternative uses for storage space, whether it be for art or storing vinyl records, so when we heard of Stolen Format, we had to get the inside scoop.

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Self-Storage Band Practice Spotlight: The Abstract

By Matthew Stites   October 10, 2011

The Abstract are an exciting young band comprised of five freshmen at the University of Texas in Austin. They were hard at work in their self-storage studio at AAA Storage when I dropped in for a chat, but fortunately for me, they were ready for a break.

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