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8 Tips for Saving Money on Your Move

By Allie Johnson   July 21, 2014

moving truck

Trying to stick to a tight budget for your move? You might be wondering how you’re going to transport all your stuff—from your apple corer to your zero-gravity chair—without breaking the bank.

The good news is that moving companies know all the secrets for keeping costs down. Here are eight tips from pro movers for saving money on your move. → Keep Reading

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6 Ways to Help Your Aging Parent Move to a New Place

By Rachel Hartman   July 16, 2014

daughter with senior mother

If you have a parent who’s lived happily in a spacious home for years, there’ll probably come a time when a change in living arrangements is in order. You might notice your parent has a hard time keeping up with household maintenance. A small fall—even if it doesn’t result in an injury—could be a sign that a new living situation would improve safety.

Moving an aging parent requires more than just packing up boxes, though.

“There are both physical and emotional aspects of transitioning to a new home as we age that must be addressed carefully,” said long-term care specialist Nancy Butler, author of “Above All Else: Success in Life and Business.” → Keep Reading

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Unhappy With Your Mover? Follow These 5 Steps to Get Some Satisfaction

By Rachel Hartman   June 23, 2014


Relocating is no easy task. Add in a moving company that offers a final price you don’t agree with or that delivers broken furniture, and the process can turn into a nightmare.

In 2013, the Better Business Bureau logged more than 9,300 complaints against movers in the U.S.

While moving troubles can vary, some issues tend to crop up more often than others. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration lists shipments being held hostage, lost or damaged goods, and delay of shipments among the most common moving complaints.

If you’re upset with the job done by the moving company you hired, you may want to take action—fast. Keep in mind, however, that quick decisions, such as running to file a lawsuit, might not bring the best results. → Keep Reading

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What You Need to Know About Moving Brokers

By John Egan   June 17, 2014

moving truck

Every year, thousands of Americans entrust their household moves to moving brokers. These brokers don’t have moving trucks, moving equipment or, in many cases, moving experience. They’re merely the middlemen between you and the company that actually will end up moving your belongings—a moving company that you’ve likely never done business with.

Far too often, consumers don’t learn that a broker isn’t the actual mover until it’s too late—once they’ve coughed up a lot more money than they’d envisioned. Figures aren’t available regarding how often this happens, but experts say it’s not terribly common. → Keep Reading

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Woman’s Moving Nightmare Offers Cautionary Tale

By Deb Hipp   June 16, 2014

frustrated woman

Before hiring a mover to pack everything you own and haul it to a new home four states away, you need to do a bit of research on the company you’re dealing with. That’s a lesson Rebecca Chambers likely won’t forget.

In April, Chambers filed a lawsuit against American Knights Moving & Storage, a Houston company she hired to move her belongings from North Carolina to Florida in February 2013. The suit claims American Knights was unable to perform the job, so the company referred Chambers to a disreputable mover with a criminal history who delivered her belongings a week late, damaged every item and stole her car. → Keep Reading

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5 Tips for Protecting Yourself Against ID Theft During a Move

By Anne Wynter   June 13, 2014

identity theft

Even when a move goes off without a hitch, it still can be one of life’s most stressful events. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard by a case of identity theft just as you’re settling into your new home. Unfortunately, moving can put a big target on your back for identity thieves.

“Transporting documents and electronic devices that contain sensitive personal information, leaving a residence unoccupied and [losing] misdirected mail are all risks associated with moving,” said Stacey Vogler, managing director of insurance company Protect Your Bubble.

If your stress levels are skyrocketing at the thought of having your identity stolen in the middle of your next move, take a deep breath and follow these five tips for protecting yourself against identity theft. → Keep Reading

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SpareFoot Offers Moving Tips on ‘Today’ Show

By John Egan   May 28, 2014

Julie Loffredi

SpareFoot got some time in the spotlight May 28 to share moving tips with viewers of NBC’s “Today” show. → Keep Reading

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Has a Mover Held Your Belongings ‘Hostage’? Here’s What You Can Do

By John Egan   May 27, 2014

Hands tied up with rope

You’ve packed up your household belongings, and the moving company has loaded up practically everything you own for the journey from Houston to Denver. But once you arrive in the Mile High City, you learn that you can’t get your stuff unless you cough up an extra $760. Surprise! Your possessions likely are being “held hostage” by a shady mover.

While numbers are hard to come by regarding how many people are victimized in this way, it’s safe to say that many of the thousands of complaints lodged each year against moving companies involve “hostage situations.” → Keep Reading

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The Importance of Making a Home Inventory

By Guest Contributor   April 15, 2013


How many belongings do you have? Do you know? Think about every piece of furniture, every book, shoe, dish and MP3 player. Now, ask yourself this: How much money are all of those belongings worth? What would it cost you to replace everything you own?

→ Keep Reading

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The Big Move: How to Avoid Moving Fraud

By Guest Contributor   January 28, 2013

[ by Collin Bass, uShip ]

On Jan. 14, SpareFoot marketing manager Rachel Greenfield and uShip VP Dean Xeros appeared on a HuffPost Live segment called “The Big Move.” The piece offers some valuable advice for the moving process, along with a couple of horror stories that resulted from moving fraud. Watch the piece here.

→ Keep Reading

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