SpareFoot Partnership With Uboxes Helps DIY Movers

By John Egan   November 5, 2014


When you’re in the midst of a DIY move, it’s easy to overlook some of the seemingly little yet important things: moving boxes, packing tape, furniture-hauling straps, disc locks and so forth.

SpareFoot has teamed up with a company called Uboxes to help DIY movers purchase those and other moving supplies with just a few clicks of a mouse or a few taps on a smartphone screen. → Keep Reading

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6 Tips for Finding a Roommate in a New City

By Paula Pant   September 3, 2014

roommate needed

When Kim Eheart moved from Denver to Austin, TX, she found herself hit with a conundrum.

She needed to live with a roommate (or two). She didn’t have enough money to rent an apartment on her own. But she was new to town and didn’t know anyone. And living with a random stranger after only a brief meeting might be risky.

“I could check Craigslist,” she said, “but I don’t know what kind of person I’ll find.”

So she brainstormed a few tips that could help her find a roommate in a new city—and might help you, as well, if you’re in the same position. → Keep Reading

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Bronko Box: Rebuilding the Packing Experience

By Kathryn Hawkins   August 20, 2014

Bronko Box

When you’re preparing for a move, a truck or van is just part of the equation. You’ll need people to lift your furniture and other items, and plenty of boxes to store all of your smaller possessions.

But packing for a move with traditional cardboard boxes can be a pain. In most cases, you’ll spend lots of money buying packaging materials, followed by hours of work taping up the boxes. Or if you manage to get some hand-me-down boxes from a friend, there’s a good chance they won’t survive another move.

Buda, TX-based startup Bronko Box has a solution to the packing problem. Founded by husband-and-wife team Bo and Brooke Cox in the spring of 2012, Bronko Box offers rentals of heavy-duty stackable plastic crates to help people with their household or business moves. → Keep Reading

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Has a Mover Held Your Belongings ‘Hostage’? Here’s What You Can Do

By John Egan   May 27, 2014

Hands tied up with rope

You’ve packed up your household belongings, and the moving company has loaded up practically everything you own for the journey from Houston to Denver. But once you arrive in the Mile High City, you learn that you can’t get your stuff unless you cough up an extra $760. Surprise! Your possessions likely are being “held hostage” by a shady mover.

While numbers are hard to come by regarding how many people are victimized in this way, it’s safe to say that many of the thousands of complaints lodged each year against moving companies involve “hostage situations.” → Keep Reading

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How to Organize Your Move in 6 Steps

By David Shapiro   May 12, 2014

organizing your move

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving near or far—it’s important to stay organized during your move. And that doesn’t just mean making a schedule and sticking to it. You’ll need to figure out a system for organizing, packing and storing your belongings. Use these six steps to create a plan that will keep your move organized from start to finish. → Keep Reading

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‘Ms. Fix-It’ Jennifer Phelps’ Tools for Staging a Home

By Jay MacDonald   May 2, 2014

Jennifer Phelps

Looking for a picture-perfect home makeover? Jennifer Phelps brings an art history degree and a love of power tools to Ms. Fix-It Home Solutions, her Tucson, AZ-based home-staging and organizing business. Her minimalist approach to the form and function of fine living can help transform even the most disheveled dump into a modern masterpiece.

The SpareFoot Blog asked Phelps to share some of her tools for home staging, organizing, decluttering and storage.

→ Keep Reading

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New York vs. LA vs. Chicago: Which One Is America’s Best Big City? [Infographic]

By John Egan   April 10, 2014

city skyline

The Big Apple seems to have everything you’d ever want, from bagels to Broadway to the Bronx Zoo. In the City of Angels, you’ll find beaches and sunshine and stars. The Windy City offers deep dish pizza and Michigan Avenue and Wrigley Field.

Of course, the best qualities of each city go beyond these. But if you were considering a move to either New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago, how would you choose which of America’s three biggest cities to call home? This infographic may help answer that question.

→ Keep Reading

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New buddyTruk App Connects People With Moving Helpers

By Kathryn Hawkins   February 19, 2014


Unless you own a truck, you’ll probably need to call on others for help when you’re planning a move or purchasing bulky furniture for your home. You have a few options: Hire a moving company, rent a truck or ask a friend who owns a truck to help you move.

But in some cases, none of these options holds much appeal.

→ Keep Reading

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Census Bureau: Americans Sticking to Short-Haul Moves

By John Egan   November 27, 2013


Americans who are on the move aren’t going very far.

→ Keep Reading

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Doing Your Homework Can Help You Find the Best Movers

By Guest Contributor   November 11, 2013


[ Manuella Irwin, ]

Working with an unprofessional or even shady mover can add stress to an already stressful situation. To ensure a smooth move, you should do your homework to find the best moving company. Skipping the extensive research can result in lots of problems.

→ Keep Reading

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