Which Metro Areas Spend the Most on Moving and Storage?

By John Egan   October 8, 2013

moving and storage

In Connecticut’s Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk metro area, you’ll spot lots of mansions. After all, it holds the distinction of having the highest concentration of wealthy households (17.9 percent) among all U.S. metro areas. The local town of Greenwich, less than an hour’s drive from New York City, boasts some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the U.S.

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10 Awkward Stock Photos of People Moving

By Jenny Zhang   August 7, 2013


If you’ve ever moved in your life, then you know that all of the stock photography out there featuring young, happy people lifting boxes and flashing exaggerated smiles is just photographic propaganda. No one can look that enthusiastic while lifting a sinking mattress. No one drinks wine in a fort of cardboard boxes while cradling the head of a generically attractive significant other. Oh, and packing peanut snow angels? They’re a lie.

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3 Packing Mistakes You May Not Know You’re Making

By Guest Contributor   July 24, 2013


[ by Carter Schimpff, Simple Moving Labor ]

It’s three days before your move, and amid all the chaos, you realize that you haven’t started packing up the house. Some moving companies will help you pack, but if you prefer to do it yourself, you need to be aware of some common mistakes almost everyone makes when packing for a move.

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How to Live With Your Parents: 8 Great Tips from Experts

By Clarisa Ramirez   July 15, 2013


In 2011, Galia Abramson found herself moving back to her parents’ house in Princeton, NJ, at age 22. She spent a year living in an a studio apartment in New York City’s East Village after graduating from New York University—until her rent was raised by $750 a month.

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Organizer Lorie Marrero: How to Put Yourself on a Clutter Diet

By Allie Johnson   June 13, 2013


Clutter left unchecked can pile up all around you, causing an avalanche of stress—and a waste of time and money.

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4 Secrets That Local Movers Don’t Want You to Know

By Guest Contributor   May 30, 2013


[ by Carter Schimpff, SML ]

When you open up the Yellow Pages and … Oh, wait a second. No one does that anymore. Let me rephrase: When you hop on Google and search for local moving companies to help with your move, you’ll probably be presented with plenty of choices. There’s a relatively low barrier of entry to calling yourself a mover; just about anyone with a moving truck can do so.

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9 Ways to Save Money on a Storage Unit

By Guest Contributor   May 29, 2013

Piggy Bank with savings message

[ by Brian Spero, ]

While extra storage space appeals to millions of Americans for a variety of reasons, it’s an expense that needs to be justified, especially for people on tight budgets. To ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for the buck, try these nine smart tips for saving on self-storage.

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SpareFoot Survey: One in Six Americans Moved in Past Year

By John Egan   May 22, 2013


AUSTIN, TX–According to a survey commissioned by self-storage marketplace SpareFoot, one in six American adults (16 percent) moved within the past 12 months, with 57 percent of those movers relocating to homes just 25 miles away or less. The most common reason for relocating was to settle into a bigger or better home (18 percent), and the second most popular reason was moving for work (15 percent). Both of those statistics point to positive economic movement.

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How to Move From a House to an Apartment

By Guest Contributor   May 20, 2013

Packing, Moving, and Storage

[ by Josh Dudleston, Priority Moving ]

Change is inevitable. For example, at some point or another, you may move to a new home. The reasons are numerous: a need to cut expenses, a new job in a new city, a desire for a better lifestyle, a need for a change of scenery, the breakup of a relationship.

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist for Startups

By Guest Contributor   May 16, 2013


[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT ]

If you’re seeing a lot of moving trucks these days, it’s no accident. May is National Moving Month and marks the beginning of the peak moving season in the U.S., stretching from May through August.

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