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Enter SpareFoot’s Clean & Green Portland Giveaway!

By John Egan   June 27, 2014

SpareFoot Portland giveaway

A lot of cities are green with envy when it comes to Portland, OR. Why? Portland regularly pops up on lists of the greenest cities in America. → Keep Reading

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Best Cities for Dogs in the U.S.

By John Egan   May 20, 2014


Ah, a dog’s life. It’s pretty sweet, huh? You get petted. You get groomed. You get fed. You get loved.

Some dogs in the U.S. have particularly great lives, though. We’ve singled out seven cities where Fido’s life is really fine. To produce our ranking, we examined four “best cities for dogs” lists—from Forbes.com, Estately.com, MensHealth.com and NerdWallet.com. Then, we picked the best of the best. Did your city bow-wow us? → Keep Reading

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Top 5 Big-City Startup Hubs for Women Entrepreneurs

By John Egan   April 9, 2014

Natalie Saldana and Allana D'Antonio

The brutal Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio marked a turning point in the Texas Revolution, pitting Texas troops against Mexican troops in a clash over independence. Nearly 180 years later, San Antonio is the site of another, much more civil revolution.

For two years in a row, the San Antonio metro area has been ranked as the major U.S. metro area wielding the most “economic clout” for women-owned businesses.

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Infographic: Portland vs. Austin — Which One Is the Weirdest?

By John Egan   March 14, 2014

portland vs. austin weird

It’s not a Hatfields-and-McCoys feud. It’s more like a friendly rivalry. The good people of Portland, OR, and Austin, TX–and in cities elsewhere–regularly debate which city qualifies as the weirdest. It’s almost a badge of honor, as each place strives to “keep it weird.”

Well, we decided to settle this debate once and for all. Here are our unbiased results (even though we live in Austin).

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The SpareFoot List: America’s Top 15 Apartment Boom Towns

By Elizabeth Whalen   March 9, 2014

apartment building

If you live in an apartment, you could have the luxury of living across the hall from your friends or the misery of living down the hall from your nemesis (bonus points if he’s named Newman). Perhaps you enjoy the simple comfort of knowing someone else is responsible for fixing a leaky sink. Or maybe you constantly feel as though you’re trapped in a mystery novel titled “WTF Are My Upstairs Neighbors Always Doing at 2 in the Morning?”

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