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Meet the SpareTeam: LDR

By Jenny Zhang   February 13, 2013

Throughout the SpareFoot office, there are whispers of wild creatures known as LDRs–no one knows what they stand for, what they do or when they feed, but their presence is felt and their name feared. We see them fly by with headsets askew on their heads and half-eaten squirrels hanging out of their mouths, and we can’t help but wonder–who are these mysterious beasts?

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How To Hire The Perfect Salesperson For Your Company

By Jenny Zhang   February 6, 2013

Sales is the hardest position to hire for, and with good reason–the typical day of a salesperson involves rejection, rebuttals, criticism, overall put offs, and very occasionally, a successful sale. Those who can take all of that and still come away as eager and passionate to do their job–and well–again the next day are a rare find, and few and far between.

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