Deluxe Dumpster Diving: Matt Malone’s 8 Fascinating Finds

By Lauren Everitt   May 6, 2015

dumpster diver matt malone

Need to furnish a new apartment? Equip your office? Buy a wedding gift? What if you could do it all for free?

Turns out, you can. All you need a little gumption, a strong stomach and a decent dumpster. Still, digging through other people’s refuse can be a hard sell, which is why we’ve brought in a pro. Matt Malone, an IT consultant in Austin, TX, has financed his startup, gifted his friends, decorated his house and outfitted his office—all with stuff from dumpsters.

His hotspot for the best items? Self-storage facilities. Read on for Malone’s top tips and best finds. (Disclaimer: This journalist walked away with a Pier 1 vase and several picture frames.) → Keep Reading

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Professional Organizer Linda Rothschild: Keep an Inventory of Items You’ve Stored

By Allie Johnson   April 25, 2014

Linda Rothschild

Overwhelmed by stuff and just want to toss it in storage? First, you should sort, properly pack and label your things, according to professional organizer Linda Rothschild, founder and chief executive organizer at Cross It Off Your List. Rothschild is an organizer to the stars and is an organizing expert for TV personality Heidi Klum.

The SpareFoot Blog asked Rothschild for some tips and tricks on organizing items that are headed for storage.

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Here’s How to Ensure You Don’t Lose the Keepsakes You’ve Kept in Storage

By Allie Johnson   February 21, 2014


If you have to part with your old furniture because you didn’t pay your storage bill, some might say you’re simply out of luck. But what if you lose your family photos, high school yearbooks and love letters?

One of the ways you can try to track down those items is through a website called Founded in 2009 by Nicole Smith, the website seeks to reunite storage unit tenants with sentimental items they’ve lost. People looking for their stuff and auction buyers who have found personal possessions can post free ads on the site.

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Lars Fisk of ‘Phish’ Explores Self-Storage

By John Donegan   December 16, 2013


Given the ubiquity of self-storage, it’s no wonder that Lars Fisk, the former creative director for Phish, chose it as the subject of his latest art project.

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SpareFoot’s Best of 2013: A Look Back at Our Year

By Jenny Zhang   December 10, 2013


What a year. It seems like the tail end of 2012 was just yesterday and we were walking into the kitchen to find five pies waiting for us, courtesy of our ACE Team rockstar and baking goddess Melissa van de Putte. We ate with gusto and looked forward to celebrating the advent of 2013 in style. How much a year has changed…

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Unveiling 3 Tips for Storing a Wedding Dress

By Tamara E. Holmes   December 9, 2013

wedding dress

With all of the excitement surrounding your wedding day, it’s easy to get so caught up in the planning that you ignore one important post-wedding detail—what to do with the wedding gown after the big day.

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Slicing Into the World of Cheese Storage

By John Egan   December 4, 2013

cheese storage

When you’re immersed in the world of storage, pretty much anything related to storage catches your eye. We’ve explored gun storage, decoration storage and wine storage. So when we recently spotted an online article about a massive cheese storage system in the United Kingdom, we had to dig further.

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One Woman’s Journey from Living in a Storage Unit to Living a Life of Stability

By Nick DiUlio   November 20, 2013

Becky Blanton

For Becky Blanton, the journey began when her father died of brain cancer in 2006.

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SpareFoot’s Most Outrageous Storage Requests

By Jenny Zhang   November 15, 2013

outrageous storage requests

SpareFoot’s ACE (Amazing Customer Experience) Team, previously known as the Customer Experience Team, is dedicated to helping our customers find the best storage units for their needs. Sometimes, just sometimes, those needs are unheard of. But who are we kidding–we’re not really ones to judge.

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Are Storage Facilities Really a ‘Haven for Thieves’?

By John Egan   November 14, 2013

khou self-storage crime

Back in May, ABC’s “Good Morning America” aired a report suggesting that self-storage units are “easy prey” for thieves. Now, a Houston TV station has taken its turn at “investigating” self-storage break-ins.

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