SpareFoot Launches Storage Industry Disaster Relief Fund

By John Egan   April 30, 2014

Tornado Devastation

SpareFoot, which operates the country’s largest online marketplace for self-storage units, has established the SpareFoot Storage Industry Disaster Relief Fund to help victims of the recent outbreak of tornadoes in the South and Midwest and to assist victims of future disasters. 

SpareFoot invites self-storage operators, self-storage vendors and other companies in the storage industry to contribute to the fund to help victims of the recent deadly tornadoes. To donate to the fund, visit

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Introducing the SpareFoot College Cooler Giveaway

By John Egan   April 23, 2014

College Cooler Giveaway

What could be cooler than owning a cooler? Winning a cooler!

SpareFoot wants to help you cool off this summer with our College Cooler Giveaway.

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Meet the SpareFeet: Software Developer Jahn Veach Savors ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Job

By John Egan   March 21, 2014


Fresh out of the University of Texas, Jahn Veach joined SpareFoot back in February 2010, when the company truly fit the hard-core definition of a startup.

“At the time, SpareFoot was a five-person company with an uncertain future. The opportunity to help guide and build a company from the ground up was irresistible,” Veach said. “Because I had just graduated from college and didn’t have much to lose if things went south, I felt that this was a once-in-a-lifetime offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Things certainly haven’t gone south. Veach now is a member of a robust Development Team at SpareFoot, and we employ more than 120 people. By the end of the year, the SpareFoot crew should number about 160.

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Meet the SpareFeet: Yung Prospect, a Rapper on the Rise

By John Egan   March 7, 2014

Zave Crayton

Every time rapper Marzavia “Zave” Crayton performs, he wants audiences to take note of his unorthodox style.

“One thing that a lot of rappers tend to do is just recite lyrics at the crowd, with no energy or participation,” said Crayton, a native Austinite whose stage name is Yung Prospect. “On the other hand, I like to move and really engage myself into bringing that positive vibe at any venue I perform at.”

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For Second Consecutive Year, SpareFoot Scores Gold at Austin Startup Games!

By John Egan   January 27, 2014

Austin Startup Games trophy

Who needs the Winter Olympics in Russia when you’ve got an amazing gold-medal-winning team deep in the heart of Texas, where it’s typically warmer and safer?

On Jan. 25 at the Austin Music Hall, SpareFoot crushed—as in crushed like a champagne grape—the competition at the third annual Austin Startup Games to grab our second consecutive gold medal.

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The 10 Most Popular Posts on The SpareFoot Blog in 2013

By John Egan   January 2, 2014

most popular blog postsIf our most-read stories of 2013 are any indication, Americans are storing a lot of refrigerators and mattresses.

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Meet the SpareFeet: Amazing Customer Experience Team

By Jenny Zhang   December 27, 2013

ACE Team

Once upon a time, our exceptional call center team (the Customer Experience Team) clocked in at a hefty three reps: Melissa, Albert and Jenelle. How times flies when you’re a startup! Now, almost a year later, our CET team has been refurbished with a shiny new name (the Amazing Customer Experience Team, or ACE Team), a new home in our office and 18 new members, all of whom are experts in customer service and storage.

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The Big Boozy Book of SpareFoot Cocktails: Volume 1

By Jenny Zhang   December 18, 2013

SpareFoot cocktails

In honor of our epic “work hard, play hard” culture and the holiday season, we present The Big Boozy Book of SpareFoot Cocktails: Volume 1. Here you’ll find SpareFoot favorites, staples, mistakes and confections that have triumphed through happy hours, sake bombs and boat parties. Enjoy responsibly, y’all!

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Meet the SpareFeet: Cory Michner

By John Egan   December 13, 2013

Cory Michner

Cory Michner humbly shrugs off the notion that he’d qualify as a Renaissance man. But let’s examine the evidence.
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Austin Startups + Entrepreneurs You Should be Following on Twitter

By Matthew Stites   December 11, 2013


The Austin tech scene is a constant buzz of activity, and it’s a daunting task to stay current with all the startup crawls, happy hours, acquisitions and emerging companies. If you’re like me, you’re part of the growing number of Americans who know the value of social media platforms like Twitter as a fast, personalized source for news. It’s the key for every Austinite who considers him or herself in the know.

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