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The Complete SpareFoot Guide to Storing Ties

By Brian Shreckengast   July 23, 2013


When it comes to dress wear, we men seem to be starved of options. While women have an ostensibly infinite variety of dresses and gowns available for formal occasions, men have the suit.

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It’s About Time: Our Guide to Storing Watches and Clocks

By Brian Shreckengast   June 24, 2013

sparefoot watch

Our customers know that when it’s time to find storage, plugging SpareFoot.com into your address bar will let you compare facilities in your area in the blink of an eye and shave hours off of your storage search. In addition, we’ve written numerous times on this blog about how to know when it’s time to cut the clutter and rent a storage unit. What we seem to be missing, however, is how you would go about storing time—or at least your timepieces. It’s a topic whose coverage is long overdue: How do you store watches and clocks?

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How to Store a Mattress

By Tony Emerson   May 28, 2013


It’s a common saying (especially in mattress store advertisements) that your mattress is one of your most important assets because you spend about a third of your life there. A mattress may cost you upwards of $1,000, which makes sense–a quality mattress can last more than 10 years with proper care.

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The SpareFoot Guide to Storing Books

By Brian Shreckengast   April 17, 2013


Here at SpareFoot, there’s nothing we’re more concerned with than the experience of booking storage. When it concerns the art of storing books, on the other hand, we’re concernedly less experienced—which is something we’re determined to remedy, here and now. That’s why we’ve brought in Richard Davies from Abe Books, an online marketplace that specializes in trading rare and collectible books, so that we can close the book on this missing chapter of the SpareFoot guide to storing (almost) everything.

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The SpareFoot Guide to Storing Beer

By Brian Shreckengast   March 28, 2013


Over the past decade, American beer drinkers have been fortunate enough to witness a brewing revolution, as evolving tastes and beer-making processes have pushed beer to a level of sophistication rivaling that of fine wine. As the over 2,000 breweries now making beer in America—up from 89 in 1979—compete to produce the most unique and sophisticated batches, some brewmasters have gone as far as to adopt a vital step of the winemaking process into their own craft: ageing. That’s right: while a driving force of the local-beer movement has been the need for fresh, crisp-tasting beer, some craft breweries have reversed this trend, producing beers that are meant to be kept for months or years—or even decades.

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Wiping Off the Powder: How to Store Your Snowboard

By Matt Schexnayder   March 25, 2013


Spring is upon us, and although that means flowers blooming, birds chirping, and warmer weather, it also means we are nearing the end of snowboarding season (tear). When this time of the year comes, most riders will haphazardly toss their boards aside and not think about them again until that next snowfall comes. While most of you may think there is nothing wrong with that, this practice can eventually lead to some serious problems come next season: warping, delamination, and rusting, just to name a few. Thankfully, there are a few quick and simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening. It will be a good six months at least until most of us can enjoy the pleasures of fresh-fallen snow again, so when you store your board, you want to make sure you do it right.

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Storage Rocks: Stolen Format and Alternative Storage

By Jenny Zhang   February 12, 2013

Something other than couches, coffee tables, and memory-filled boxes inhabits the depths of Affordable Storage Solutions’ storage units in Pueblo, CO. Meet Nate Alcon, Zach Young and Nate Ward, otherwise known as Stolen Format. The band, an alternative rock group similar to Chevelle and Trapt, has been practicing in a storage unit at Affordable Storage Solutions since it came together two years ago. SpareFoot loves alternative uses for storage space, whether it be for art or storing vinyl records, so when we heard of Stolen Format, we had to get the inside scoop.

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When You’re Done With Your Gun: Tips For Safe Gun Storage

By Zachary Chetchavat   January 21, 2013

The SpareFoot blog has covered a host of stored items including large boat storage, small boat storage, guitar storage and gun storage. In our first gun storage post, however, we glazed over the actual details of what happens before and after you choose a self-storage facility to store your beloved pistols, rifles and shotguns.

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Wine Storing Tips for the Wine Newbie: Ports, Cabernets and Muscatos, Oh My!

By Jenny Zhang   December 4, 2012

The first time I ever watched The Kids Are All Right, the only thing I could focus on was the wine the characters drank continuously throughout the movie. To my untrained eye, that wine looked delicious, aromatic and downright attractive. In fact, I still maintain that the red wine in TKAAR deserves an Oscar for its sexy body and tantalizing color (sorry, Mark Ruffalo). For the briefest of seconds, I considered disappearing to California to become a wine connoisseur. Obviously, that plan didn’t work out. But if you’re like me and developing an interest in wine, consider starting a wine collection. If you’re a newbie to the wine-collecting world, the first thing to account for is how to store your burgeoning wine collection.

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How To Store A Chicken Inside A Duck Inside A Turkey

By Matthew Stites   November 21, 2012

The original American holiday has arrived. The winter winds are bringing a flurry of family fun. The Macy’s Day Parade floats are out of storage and meandering through New York in anticipation of the holiday harbinger, Santa. There will soon be a parade in your own home— the relentless parade of relatives through your front door. There’s pressure to impress, but never fear! We’re here to show you how to release some of that stress by unleashing it on the U.S. bird population.

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