America’s Top 5 Under-the-Radar Tech Hubs

By John Egan   May 21, 2014

Boise ID

Last year, tech observer Dan Blacharski declared that Silicon Valley had become obsolete. Plenty of tech entrepreneurs, investors and executives—particularly those in the land of Apple and Google—would take issue with that bold statement.

Still, a strong case could be made that the universe of tech startups does not revolve around Silicon Valley. In fact, Blacharski maintains that cheap, reliable cloud-based technology has enabled tech startups to start up in a lot of places outside the cradle of the U.S. tech industry.

“When we think of high-tech innovation and startup culture, traditionally a handful of cities always come to mind. But today, there’s a different story emerging,” Blacharski, editor in chief of, said in a news release. “High-tech development and innovation is being democratized, and midmarket cities throughout the U.S. are rolling out new tech parks, incubators and programs designed to encourage tech development.”

In the spirit of the democratization of tech startups, we’ve come up with a list of America’s Top 5 Under-the-Radar Tech Hubs. Clearly, you won’t find a Silicon Valley or a San Francisco or an Austin on our list. → Keep Reading

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Nexthire CEO Bob Myhal: Traditional Résumé Soon Will Be a Thing of the Past

By Deb Hipp   May 14, 2014

Bob Myhal

Boston startup Nexthire isn’t your typical recruiter.

Rather than relying solely on résumés and interviews, NextHire works as a “digital hirer,” harvesting information from places like social media, published articles, even games you play online, to create digital profiles—warts and all—of job candidates for potential employers.

Plenty of NextHire’s first clients were startups, said Bob Myhal, CEO of Nexthire. Myhal is former president and chief marketing officer of Apollo Fitness, a packaged goods companythat he grew from a startup to more than $40 million in annual revenue in 12 years.

The SpareFoot Blog asked Myhal to share his insight into hiring practices at startups, and how the growing trend of digital hiring is changing the playing field when it comes to landing a job.

Why are digital hiring methods so appealing to startups? → Keep Reading

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Barking Up the Right Tree: 12 Really Cool Pet Startups

By John Egan   May 8, 2014

Boxer dog sitting on sofa

At SpareFoot, we love pets and we love startups. So we decided to mark National Pet Month by putting together a list of 12 of the coolest pet startups in the U.S.

These businesses on our list range from a pet-focused law practice to a tick-checking service. They’re among hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of pet startups around the country. And by no means are the startups on our list the only cool pet startups in the U.S.

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America’s 6 Fastest-Growing On-the-Rise Startup Hubs

By John Egan   April 22, 2014

John Curtis

In the startup world, places like Silicon Valley and New York City are sharks in a pond full of smaller fish. Yet despite being dwarfed by the sharks, many of the smaller fish are swimming along just fine.

“From Silicon Valley in California to Silicon Alley in New York, it may seem that those areas have cornered the market on tech genius, but don’t be fooled,” reported in 2012. “The Internet is decentralizing business, allowing entrepreneurs to build smart, lean businesses in far-flung places.”

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Top 5 Big-City Startup Hubs for Women Entrepreneurs

By John Egan   April 9, 2014

Natalie Saldana and Allana D'Antonio

The brutal Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio marked a turning point in the Texas Revolution, pitting Texas troops against Mexican troops in a clash over independence. Nearly 180 years later, San Antonio is the site of another, much more civil revolution.

For two years in a row, the San Antonio metro area has been ranked as the major U.S. metro area wielding the most “economic clout” for women-owned businesses.

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Blogging Basics: 5 Simple SEO Tips for Startups

By John Egan   March 25, 2014


Late last year, digital marketing expert Kevin Ekmark surveyed his peers to get their take on the digital marketing landscape. One highlight from Ekmark’s survey: SEO is not dead. In fact, he said, the quality of your entire Internet presence—blog posts, website design, social media and so on—matters more than ever. After all, Google is constantly watching.

“Don’t skip over the basics of optimizing your site,” Ekmark wrote.

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SpareFoot’s Advice on How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

By John Egan   March 18, 2014

job interview

Freelance writer Carolina Baker recently put out a query on Help A Reporter Out (HARO) seeking the best ways to follow up after a job interview. To respond to Baker’s request, we reached out to one of SpareFoot’s recruiters, Katie Smith, for some insights. We thought readers of The SpareFoot Blog would benefit from Smith’s advice, so we’re publishing it here. Follow Smith’s guidelines, and you just might land that oh-so-awesome job.

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12 Content Marketing Secrets From the Pros

By John Egan   December 6, 2013

Content Flow Chart Blackboard

Not all that long ago, the phrase “content marketing” didn’t exist. However, according to the Content Marketing Institute, the concept actually dates back to 19th-century tractor pioneer John Deere. Deere launched a magazine whose aim was to educate farmers, not sell them farming equipment. That, the institute says, marked the birth of content marketing.

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12-Point Guide for Millennials and Non-Millennials on How to Work Side by Side

By John Egan   November 22, 2013

millennials and non-millennials

Not too long ago, one of my Millennial co-workers asked me to help her send a fax. To my surprise, it was her first time using a fax machine. By contrast, I recall when the first place where I worked didn’t even have a fax machine. Early on in my career, faxing was somewhat of a novelty.

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Fired Up: Motorcycle Magnate Jesse James Launches Gun-Making Startup in Austin

By John Egan   November 21, 2013

Jesse James

We’ve seen all sorts of startups pop up in or move to Austin. In many cases, they make money in the software or Internet spaces. SpareFoot fits into that category.

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