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7 Smart Lifehacks to Save Money in College

By Guest Contributor   September 17, 2013

saving money in college

[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

Many a GIF has been made of one of Kristen Wiig’s classic lines from the movie “Bridesmaids.” During an attempt to keep her pilfered first-class airplane seat, Wiig’s character looks pitifully up at a flight attendant and pleads in the smallest of slightly medicated voices: “Help me, I’m poor.”

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10 Storage Auction Mistakes You Definitely Can Avoid

By Guest Contributor   September 16, 2013


[ Tiana Bodine, ]

Like any job or hobby, auction-hunting takes practice. Some things can be learned only through experience; practice really can make perfect.

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Meet the SpareFeet: Benoit Baudon de Mony

By Jenny Zhang   September 12, 2013


You read that right: Someone in the world is named Benoit Baudon de Mony, and he works at SpareFoot.

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Dear Paul Resnikoff: Why Austin Isn’t ‘Very Sucky’

By John Egan   September 11, 2013

i love you so much austin

I’m not a regular reader of Digital Music News. Yes, I enjoy music, but not enough to read about it in-depth. A few days ago, I somehow stumbled upon a Digital Music News article with this headline: “10 Reasons Why Austin Is Starting to Suck.”

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Blogging for Startups: 4 Tips for Success

By Jenny Zhang   September 5, 2013


Once upon a time, there was an empty space on the Internet waiting to be filled by a scrappy startup blog. Then arose two fearless leaders to take on this challenge–and thus the SpareFoot blog was born June 25, 2009, in Austin, TX.

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How to Store a TV

By Brian Shreckengast   September 4, 2013

how to store a tv

Televisions are some of the trickiest items to store inside a self-storage unit. They’re often the size of furniture and appliances, but they’re much less sturdy. A TV has got a full face of fragile glass that can be ruined by a single scratch and complex interior electronic components that are vulnerable to temperature and humidity. In addition, TVs often are quite heavy. Meanwhile, newer sets are wide and thin, making it nearly impossible to put one in a standard moving box.

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SpareFoot Self-Storage Selfie Photo Contest

By Matthew Stites   September 3, 2013


You know we all have that one weird item, that one thing you just can’t bring yourself to throw away because it holds some bizarre memory. You know it probably should be kept out of sight, away from your home and office.

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Mario Kart, Bryan Bickell and Uncle Bob’s: It’s Game On!

By John Egan   August 29, 2013

mario kartSo, until this week, I’d never heard of Mario Kart and I’d never heard of Bryan Bickell. Now, the two—the former is a video game and the latter is a professional athlete—are colliding with the world of self-storage (which I have heard of).

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7 Brilliant Uses for Leftover Moving Boxes

By Guest Contributor   August 28, 2013

cats cardboard boxes

[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

It’s the unavoidable post-move problem: You’re all unpacked, but now you’ve got cardboard moving boxes as far as the eye can see. Unless you’ve chosen to skip the cardboard altogether, you’re looking at a sea of brown cardboard that serves no purpose but to block your TV.

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A Better Storage Experience: SpareFoot Customer Dashboard

By Jenny Zhang   August 26, 2013

We’re constantly thinking about how we can send our facility clients higher-quality leads while providing a hassle-free storage experience for customers. That’s why we’re so excited about our new Customer Dashboard!

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