Smithsonian Institution Museum Support Center: The Ultimate Storage Facility

By John Egan   October 16, 2013

Smithsonian Institution Museum Support Center

During a recent and long-planned getaway to Washington, DC, the signs appeared everywhere. Notices at the entrances to scores of federal buildings reminded me—not that I really needed reminding—that these places were closed because of the federal government shutdown.

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Warning: Social Media Activity Can Sink Your Job Search

By John Egan   September 24, 2013

social media job search

Beware, job seekers. Potential employers are watching your moves on social media, and they don’t always like what they see.

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How to Get Organized for the Holidays: 13 Simple Steps

By John Egan   September 23, 2013

how to get organized for the holidays

Blissful or stressful? Americans are definitely divided over whether the holiday season is the former or the latter.

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6 Signs That You’re a Hoarder

By Deb Hipp   


The blinds are closed and the curtains drawn. If someone knocks, you open the door just a crack to hide the mess inside. Is this you or someone you know? And if so, does all that stuff you’ve accumulated mean you’re a hoarder?

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University of Texas Startups: Root, Root, Root for Our Team

By John Egan   September 19, 2013

university of texas startups

By far the most famous startup born at The University of Texas’ flagship campus in Austin is Dell Inc. In 1984, Michael Dell founded the PC company in his UT dorm room, then dropped out of the university to focus solely on his startup. The company has come a long way since then—Dell Inc. racked up nearly $57 billion in revenue in fiscal 2013.

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Entrepreneurs Rely on Storage to Grow Their Businesses

By Kerry Curry   September 18, 2013

business storage unit

Entrepreneur Cheri Garcia invented a tanning bed that floats and was keeping her inventory of about 1,000 beds in a spare bedroom. But as her company grew and a major pool supply company agreed to carry her invention, Garcia needed to find another option for storing her inventory.

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How to Prepare Your Home for the Birth of a Child

By Rachel Hartman   

birth of a baby

Whether it’s a boy or girl, a new baby brings more than a series of congratulations and diaper changes. That tiny, sweet bundle will pack a great deal of change into your life.

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Organizing Your New Home: 12 Tips for Getting It Done

By John Egan   September 17, 2013

organizing your new home

Buying a new home is daunting enough as it is, what with securing a mortgage, vacating your old place and moving your belongings. So it’s understandable if organizing your new home isn’t on the top of your mind. Yet experts say it’s the perfect time to organize—when you’ve got a clean slate.

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7 Smart Lifehacks to Save Money in College

By Guest Contributor   

saving money in college

[ by Amanda Hopkins, CORT Furniture ]

Many a GIF has been made of one of Kristen Wiig’s classic lines from the movie “Bridesmaids.” During an attempt to keep her pilfered first-class airplane seat, Wiig’s character looks pitifully up at a flight attendant and pleads in the smallest of slightly medicated voices: “Help me, I’m poor.”

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10 Storage Auction Mistakes You Definitely Can Avoid

By Guest Contributor   September 16, 2013


[ Tiana Bodine, ]

Like any job or hobby, auction-hunting takes practice. Some things can be learned only through experience; practice really can make perfect.

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